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Walkthrough Part 7

Balir Castle, again


Grand Magnum


Walk up the the Elder above you, then head right and talk to Keele and his family, then go down and talk to Farah. Go down to Max's office and meet the others on the way. Leave and go to Balir Castle. On the way out talk to the man who gave you the Plasma Cannon. Donate another 40,000 Gald for the Grand Magnum.

Go right and then head through the hole in the wall. Go to where everyone is. Climb the ladder, go around and fight.

After the scene, talk to Farah, then Max, then leave. Go back to Inferia.

Regulus Knoll


Mythril Plate
Flame Spear
Mythril Mesh
Shadow Crystal
Volt Crystal
Mystic Symbol
Mythril Bracelet
Diamond Fist


Head southeast from Rasheans to reach Regulus Knoll. Watch the scene when you approach. Head the way you did in the dream until you reach the campsite. Be warned, enemies are not as weak as in the dream. Watch the scene when you reach the camp. After you leave, go towards the door and enter.

Examine the writing on the wall then head down. Head down the right, along the corridor, and get the Mythril Plate before going down some more. Get the Exiler after the scene and go right. In this area, different auras on the ground have an effect on your TP. When it's blue it'll slowly increase, and when red will slowly decrease, so keep an eye on it as you travel here.

Head up first to find a Flame Spear, then go back to the start and go down then left for a Mythril Mesh, then far right for a Shadow Crystal. Go right and get the Volt Crystal and Mystic Symbol, then go back to the start. Head right. When you reach a fork, take the right path, knock down the boulder (examine it) and grab the Mythril Bracelet. Go up and eep heading around until you find another boulder, and push that in as well. Go all the way back and take the left cave. Travel around until you reach the chest with the Diamond Fist in it, then go left and down. Examine the Load Point, equip any Dark weapons you may have and go through the doors when you're prepared.

After everything happens, go back to Balir's Castle in Celestia and go through the ruined wall. After the scene, go to the Observatory. After the scenees, approach the Dark Matter. Now is the perfect time to do the final sidequests before the end.

Shizel's Castle


Mystic Sword
Mythril Mesh
Demon's Seal
Luck Bag
Eternia Melody
Red Lavender
Red Sage
Red Ballebane


Enter the castle and go up the stairs. Take the right door and follow the path around, under the bridge, and onto the next screen. Grab the Mystic Sword then go up using the round elevator below you. The chests in the next area have a Mumbane, Mythril Mesh, Demon's Seal and Luck bag. Go up and get the Dark Sphere in the chest* then go back to the elevator and go down twice. Now, go all the way down to meet Sekundes, the Time Craymel, to complete your collection (you can
fight him here if you want as well). Go back up and take the elevator up once. Don't get the chest (it's a Fake), but go right, and when you get the chance go down to be back at the start. From now on you can use this door.

Go back up, then up onto the teleport to find a campsite. Camp. Then go back and left and back to the area with the Fake chest and take the elevator down. Get the Eternia Melody from the chest above you then head down. Go into the cave and walk to the back. Now, head all the way back to the campsite.

Each of the six pillars has a challenge within it. Examine one to activate it. We'll do this left-to-right.

Go down. First step on the left platform of the two closest to your, then the one below you. Get back on this one, then when it stops go down and get on the one along the path. Finally go to the one below that to reach the switch. Step on it. Get back on and then the one above you. When you're nearly back, make sure to step off the teleporter on it's right edge, not it's left one. Step on the one above that one to be back at the start. Step back on it to take it right, then take the one closest to the entrance. After it stops take the one on your upper-left. Take the one below-right to get back to the entrance, then take the same one again. Finally take the one on your left to the door. I'll eventually do a map for this. Examine the boss. Fight.

Extremely easy. Examine the first staff to send a fireball out, and keep the doors down by standing over them, and touch the staffs in grooves to move them until it reaches the final one. Go through the door and fight.

You have to move the block into the holes. Here's the solution I used;
Right block: Left, down, left, down, right, down, left, up.
Middle Block: Up, left, down left, down, right, up, left, up.
Left Block: Up, right, up
Go and fight.

Here you have to cross bridges. To be honest I have no idea how this section works. If you know, e-mail me please. I think you're only allowed to along once per row, and you're not allowed back down. When you finally reach the other side, fight.

Move all the blue galciers to the right and all the red ones to the left, then shoot the clock. Push them all into the holes to win. Go and fight.

Simple. Get on the upper level and shoot the circling shapes with the Ring when they're above their other half. When all four are done, go back down the stairs, continue and fight.

Now that all are done, this would be a good time to go out and do the remaining sidequests, now that you have the Dark Sphere. Or, if you think you're tough enough; step into the teleport and fight the final battle.

The End

*If you got the Light Sphere from Tomb of Aifread already, go to the Conversion Dock in the Relay Point and insert them both.