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Disc 3
GPS Co-ordinates
Max's Skills
River Pier
Mitche/Barole Ports
Inferia City
Inferia City
Luishka Station
Barole Luishka
Hidden Areas
Chambard Chat's Hut

Peruti Tinnsia
Race Around Celestia Katz Village

Seven Treasures of Celestia
Mintche Exams

Disc 1

Go back to the crashsite and explore there for a Lens.

River Pier
Play the game as many times as you want for Apple Gels

Mintche/Barole Ports
Take a 2nd-Class trip. Go to the room behind yours and inspect the pots at the back for a Lens, then go on deck for an Ahmet Helm and Crescent Axe on one screen, and a Chain Mail and Bird Whistle on the other. Head back down the stairs, throug the door, and go through the first door for a White Cloak. Go to the back room for a little event.

Go back on and take the 1st-Class option. Check your room for a Savoury and a Melange Gel on your shelves (these aren't here on a 2nd-Class trip) and a Fire Crystal on the dresser. Go to the cafeteria and get the Tuna Gel from the chest. Inspect the tables at the back for seven random food items. Sleep when you're done.

Inferia City
Talk to the old man outside the Arena. Go to the area outside the playhouse and talk to everyone until someone tells you of a lost item.Go into the playhouse and talk to the guy standing near the theater door. Head out, down one screen, and talk to everyone. Someone will mention a sword. Go into the Arena and talk to the soldiers. Head outside and give the item you receive back to the old man for a Smash Cape.

Go slightly west of the fountain and talk to the kid mostly hidden by the white canopy. Go after him. Check the blue-and-white patterned canopy near the top to find him again. Now go into the In one screen right and check the dresser at the bottom-right. Go back to the guy cooking the giant stew and check the red-and-white canopy under it. Now chase and kid and catch him. Now, go back to outside the Inn and talk to the kid again for a Rune Bottle.

Hidden Areas:

Behind Regulus Dojo
Range Attack command
West of continent, across from Mt Mintche
Rune Bottle

Northwest of Morle where the mountains stop
Focus command
North of Undine Stream
Poison Charm
Northernmost from Undine Stream, across mountains
Tales of Eternia: The Animation reference

Open plains at the end of stream running alongside Barole
West side of continent, northwest of Barole
Wind Crystal, Wind Shard
Plus-shaped island northeast of continent
Pine Gel, Lemon Gel
Small island south of Efreet's Gorge
Life Bottle, Syrup Bottle
Northwest corner of large island northwest of Chambard
Front Attack command, Lens

Disc 2

GPS Data:
15, 10
Northeast of Balir, small island
52, 153
Forest between Ruins of Volt and Jini
Snow Crystal and Snow Shard
60, 126
Between two mountains at the end of stream near Jini
72, 48
Forest northeast of Imen
81, 38
Forest far northeast of Imen, east of previous hidden area
Rush Attack command
131, 118
Forest at end of stream near Chad's Hut
Quick Attack command
177, 31
Bottom-left of star-shaped island, north of Tinnsia
4000 Gald
187, 14
Island far southweat of Tinnsia
Toss Hammer skill for Chat
203, 76
uppermost tip of star-shaped island north of Tinnsia
Thunder Cape
217, 70
Bottom of mountains southwest of Tinnsia
Volt Shard and Volt Crystal
227, 162
Lower-rightmost island of Celestia
Rune Bottle
228, 120
Small island southwest of Peruti
Miracle Charm.

You can take the Intermediate and Expert exams now.

Talk to Mazet for a small scene.

Inferia City
You can now sleep on the second floor rooms for a couple of extra scenes.

Go into the Shop of Need and talk to Tim twice to get a Donies Potpourri, then head to the bar for a nice little scene. ;)

The Chamballoon incidents are different now, and you get a Step Ring for winning. You can do this infinte times and sell them on. Talk to Aya after winning the first time for an Uchiwa, and check the changing room in Bikini for a Button. Also talk to Irene for a prize if you have enough Lens.

Examine the Miacis at the entrance with Max in your party to get the Air Blade skill for him.

Race Around Celestia
Talk to Captain Mach on the pier to be challenged to a race around Celestia (the GPS makes this so much easier). The Checkpoints are;
31, 75
84, 29
150, 41
170, 60
158, 89
161, 139
122, 148
61, 161
12, 146
0, 110
43, 100

Disc 3

Max's Skills
Go to Tinnsia and examine the pink Miacis near the Gnome staue to get the Aqua Spiral skill. Go to Cape Fortress (above Imen) and examine the Miacis on the top to get the Rage Laser skill. Now go to Luishka , up one screen and check the left side near the ruined house to learn Dark Laser. Go to Peruti docks and examine the Miacis for Air Blade. Now go back to Tinnsia and to Max's office (donate 80,000 Gald here to the same guy as usual for a new weapon).  Drop Max off here. Now, head to Cape Fortress, Luishka and Jini at night, and find Lestitia the painter. After you've talked to her in all those places and got the Canceler (don't equip it), go and get Max. Now, go back to Jini (yes, at night) with Max and head owards the Auction House to learn Elemental Master.

Talk to the Elder, and learn about the task ahead. Talk to the guy outside the barn to find out that one ingredient is an insect that likes firewood, and that is found in Nostos Cave. The farmer below Farah's house says another is a Goat Horn. The guy in Keele's house says the third ingredients is Dried Peels.' Fight Falsea Horns on Mt Farlos until you get a Goat Horn. For the Firewood Bug, go to the camping spot in Nostos Cave and camp to get the bug. Now for the last ingredient.

First, make sure you have 15 Kirimas. Then fly to 209, 109 in Inferia and land and enter the forest. Check the barrel at the entrance for a Lens and go inside. Go in the room through the upper door and check the mirror in the upper corner for another Lens. Go back and pay the guy 600 Gald to take a rest in the springs. The first time you do so, Chat learns the Para Ball skill from the statue in the men's room. The second time you rest, if you have 15 Kirimas, Farah, Meredy and Quickie will soak them in the spring and you'll get Dried Peels. Now that you have all three ingredients, go back and talk to the old guy outside the barn in Rasheans. He'll make you the Banrea. Give it to the Elder and he will give you the Wind Bell.

Go talk to Zosimos at Balir Castle. Then go talk to Sagura in the weapons shop in Imen. Now, leave and enter Imen five times. On your sixth time, go back to Sagura and get the Last Fencer.

Luishka Station
Talk to the conductor. Then go and talk to the conductor in Imen Station, and he'll say a word that Meredy can't understand. Go to the library in Imen, and Meredy will take out a book to translate it. The answer is;
1, 1, 3, 1, 3, 2.
Go back to Luishka Station and return the item and you'll get a Sephira.

Go into the roomdown the stairs with the stuffed animal and inspect twice it for a Baby Bush. No use.

Chat's Hut
Go back to the Hut and approach the statue outside. Go to 120, 128 and enter the forest there. Go back to the hut, inside and down the stairs. Now go to the hideout at 204, 98 and head inside. These are the answers: 5, 6, 5, 4, 6, 3, 4, 1, 5, 6. Go on.  Chat will learn Eternal Hammer, and who challenged her. Unlike Max, you don't need to have all Chat's other skills (see Skills page) before getting this.

Just in case you missed them, here are the 'prices' for Max's weapons:
Plasma Cannon: 40K Gald
Grand Magnum: 40K Gald
Impulse Cannon: 80K Gald
Photon Ray: 160K Gald
Mega Launcher: 320K Gald

Katz Village
Go to 120, 100 in Celestia and land near the small forest surrounded by mountains. Go in. After the events is over and you leave, re-enter. Cross the bridge to watch an amusing little scene. Go inside the house here and check the pots to the left of the entrance for a Lens.

Seven Treasures of Celestia
These are;
Bush Baby (Tool)
Colain's Pot (Tool)
Deck Brush (Weapon)
Katz Village (Location)
Resume Ring (Accessory)
S.D. (Key Item)
The Van Eltia (Huge-Ass Ship)

Mintche Exams
The Beginners Exam can be taken as soon as you get to Mintche, but Intermediate and Expert exams can only be taken on dics 2 and 3.

What color are the eyes of Pac-Man?
Which one of these titles was not produced by Namco?
Fighting Calibur
What is the name of the sea dragon that gave Philia a ride?
Of the 7 Generals of Seinegald, who was the only female General?
What is Philia's rank at Straylize temple?
Why did Alba request for Chelsea to return?
Sew buttons on his pants
Which character does not belong in the list?
Stahn Aileron
Which game does not belong on the list?
Air Combat
Which one of these is not a Namco arcade hit?
Dragon Valor
What happened to Marian in Mikhail?
Escaped in the lower pod
Which one of these titles was not produced by Namco?
Tales of Dragon
Who is Stahn's sister?
Who stirred up hatred in Junkland?
What does Rembrandt of Mikhail often say?
Hee, hee!
Of the many shops that migrated from Darilshield to Radisrol, which was the first to settle?
What item is needed at the Frozen River north of Snowfria?
Fur Cape
At Cloudius, what does Baruk reveal about his intentions for the world?
Reduce the world to zero
What color is the ribbon on the head of Ms. Pac-Man?
Which game was not featured in Namco Museum Volume 3?
Which one of these does not belong on the list? Target Zone
What is the name of the navy that resides in Aquaveil?
Black Cross Navy
To where below the anti-grav elevator of Radisrol linked?
In the castle, what item possessed by Stahn's party was used as a homing beacon?
What is the name of the bio-alloy found at Trash Mountain?
How many doors in the Hidden Temple can be unlocked with a Swordian?
Which character is the official mascot of Namco?
When Karyl appeared in Moreau, she said People call me --.
Blue Lightning
Which game as not featured in Namco Museum Volume 3?
Mr. Driller
What is the mini-game played at Cherik?
Name the artist who designed the characters in Tales of Destiny.
Mutsumi Inomata
How many bikes and riders are featured on the cover of the MotoGP instruction manual?
3 bikes, 3 riders
Who is the bad guy in Time Crisis 2?
Ernest Diaz
((123+200) * 2 + 123) - 4 = ?
Which character has the biggest ears?
Members of the Dark Wings are John 'The Beast', Whirlwind Milly, and Grid the -----.
What is the name of the heavily wooded aeropolis?
After the fall of Belcrant, what can you play after winning 5 times in the Arena?
Ghost Hunt
Which game title is correct?
Cyber Sled
Which Namco character performs the Rising Impale?
Clovis Barclay
In Tekken 3, who's death did Jin Kazama wish to avenge?
What is Mr. Driller's tool of choice?
In which game would you burn rubber on a real racing circuit?
What did Alba give Stahn when he returned with Chelsea from the mountain?
Melange Gel
In a bar at Janos, a stranger says 'Let's make a toast to your beautfiul ----------'.
sparkling eyes
What is embroidered on Klonoa's hat?
Which game was not featured in Namco Museum Vol. 1?
What is the name of the player's ship in Xevious?
Which one of these cars was not featured in Ridge Racer V?
Ziblant XS
What is Mary's specialty dish?
Beast Meat Supreme
Which Doctor does not work for Namco?
Dr. Right
Symphony, Samba, March and Rambo. These are the skills of which character?
Who is Stahn's childhood friend?
For whom did Karyl have feelings?
What did Chelsea cook for Alba when he feigned his illness?
What is the name of aeropolis where the Antigrav Cruiser can be found?
In which game might you encounter Heaven and Hell?
Which fruit is Pac-Man most likely to eat?
How many force fields are there in Straylize Shrine? 5
For how long does the Neutralizer effective against the poison in Junkland?
60 seconds
Which one of these is a Namco game?
Cutie Q or Warp & Warp
Which one of these is NOT a Namco game?
Pac-Man Ex, Lightning & Thunder,
Pac-Sac, Blah Blah, Final Lap 1,
Dragon Knight, Drag Racer,
Pot Holes, World Kicks, Flip Flop or The End
Which one of these is a Namco arcade hit?
Jackpot2, Ninja Assault,
Horse, Pac-Man's Ticket Factory
or Pinpoint Shot
When was the original Tekken first released?
Which one of these is not a character from Dig Dug?
Which ghost in Pac-Man is the color Orange?
How many mazes were featured in the original Pac-Man game?
Which ghost in Pac-Man is the color Pink?
Cyber Sled is a game that takes place in the year -----.
The Tower of Druaga board game was released in the year ----.
What color is Mr. Driller's Helmet?
My name is Mappy. I am a -----.
Which one of these is not a Tekken character?
In MotoGP, you might call your 'ghost' a -----.
Trail Image
In which game might you find yourself in the Creepy Catabombs?
Pac-Man World