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Walkthrough Part 6

Luishka, again


Plasma Cannon

Go back to Luishka. After the scene, go back to Tinnsia and dock. Watch the scene (STOP SAYING THAT CRY!), then leave. On the way out, talk to the man standing near the Cannon and donate 20,000 Gald twice, then talk to him again to get the Plasma Cannon. Now get back on the boat.

Follow the light to reach your next destination. Remember you can re-check the location using the Key at any time. Your first destination is north of the the Ruins of Volt, so head south-east and land onthe coast.

Seyfert Shrine

Approach the doors. Watch the scenes. Go up the stairs. Examine the Load Point then step into the circle to continue. You're in for a surprise. Go down, then down again. Try to leave through the left exit. Defeat the enemy. Now, leave through the left. Go through the bottom exit. After the scene, you'll receive your first Aurora Arte. Leave and go back to Chat's Hut (go into the center of the dounut that is Inferia's left-hand continent and look near the bottom-left). After that, go to the co-ordinates specified. Go into the place that appears.

Aifread's Cavern


Lens (No 33 and 34)
Flame Sword

Get the Flame Sword and go up. I hate this place.

Avoid Timebomb traps by moving around until it explodes. In candle ones light them all with the Sorcerer's Ring. One of these panels is even an item shop. Gas traps and pitfalls ar unavoidable. Battles won't kill you, but they wil reduce you to 1 HP and make you start again. Trasure chests are Fakes.

When you finally reach the end (goddamn pirates!) leave via the upper-right. Examine the statue, go through the door that opens. Get on the Van Elita. After CHat leaves, examine the barrel near the table for a Lens. Go down the ladders and check the cockpit of the green Aifish for another Lens. Examine the statue at the top of the room.

City of Joy, Jini


Lens (No 35, 36 and 37)
Celesea Map
Rune Bottle
Light Crystal


Hot Pot
Hoy Curry
Chili Potato

Go underwater and head to 35,14. Look for a hole in the wall and go into it to find yourself surfacing at Jini. When you enter walk forwards to get 10 Jini.

Now, either go outside (you can leave Jini by land, but you can't go anywhere else) and come back in, or sleep at the Inn. Check the bookshelf on the second floor for a Rune Bottle. Sleep. Now that it's night, you can go places. Go into the building nearest your entrance by the Aifish and check the right-hand slot machines for a Lens. You can also play WHIS here for Jini, and swap Gald for Jini. Check the machine in the upper-left for Wonder Chef.

Up the stairs and into the building next to the Inn check the flowers for a Light Crystal. Talk to the man standing near the counter and pay him for the Celesea Map. Go right. The next building is the Dance Hall. Check the right-hand heater for another Lens, and play if you want (get over 8.0 and you you get a title, 100 Jini and a Technical Ring).

The building right of the Hall is a bookstore. Examine the frog for Wonder Chef. To the right of the Bookstore is the auction hall. Examine the curtains at the top-left for Wonder Chef again. Check the upper-right table on the inside for a Lens. Auction some stuff if you want, although nothing is really worth the price they ask for.

Aifread's Platform


Lens (No 38)

Go underwater to 100, 92. Examine the central device for a Lens. Inspect the device to the left that contains something. Now you have to hunt down the remaining five;

227: 40

When you find one of the Hideouts, head to the back and collect the Cage there (ignore the sword in Hideout 1 for now). After you have them all, head back and insert the Cages. head back up. Go into the shining symbol and press Square, then 'Enter Relay Point'. After a fairly involved scene you'll be back in Inferia. Where the sun actually shines. Now, continue to underwater 166, 18.

Seyfert Garden

Watch the scene when you enter, then go up the stairs and inside. Go across the small bridge and up the stairs through the door. Go around, down the stairs and down onto the next screen. Head around to the Gateway. Watch the scene, head up the stairs, then take the second Trial, just like the first.

Head down the stairs. Follow the kid and go outside and leave the village. Go inside the Knoll. If you get into any fights; run. take the left path, then the left path again to meet the kid (see, no spoilers whatsoever). Take the lower-left exit and keep going until you reach the way down. Keep going down until you see the kid. Talk.

Take the path back out to meet Meredy and Keele. Watch the scene. Board the Aifish and leave.

Seyfert Observatory

When you're free, head out of the castle and to the dock. Go left and defeat the Inferian Guard, and board the Van Eltia. Go back to the Platofrm (north of Farlos). Go to the Inverse Dome, Turn 180 Degrees, Celestia Port, then finally Barrier Surface. Head east to the Observatory.

Go right, and examine the small box in the doorway. Go to the Observation Room first. After the scene get back on and enter the Gateway for the last trial.

Go down and around, then down. Beat the four guards, then beat whatever else comes at you. Get to the Elara Phone in Galeno's lab. Try to leave then watch the scenes. Enter the glass container and examine the circle on the floor. Go back out and examine the machine to the right to open it, then go back in. Go through the sewer and up the left ladder. Try to leave the town. Watch the scenes.

Leave. Go back to the Observation Room. Insert the Key where Keele indicates. Watch the scene, then go back to the Van Eltia. Head towards the Seyfert Ring and cross through.

Walkthrough Part 7