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Walkthrough Part 5

Peruti, again


Lens (No 27 and No 28)


Cold Noodles

Bit of a difference huh? After your welcome and the scenes are over, leave the Inn. Go left and around until you see a black statue carrying a staff. Examine it for Wonder Chef. Now search the trees. There's supposed to be a Lens here, but be damned if I can find it. If you do, drop me an e-mail. Go back towards the Van Eltia and talk to the group of three you see on the way. Search the box of crabs for a Lens. Go right and talk to the woman painting to be introduced to a new incidental character. Go back onto the Van Eltia, and use the map to head back to Imen.

It's worth noting that from here you can have Chat in your party by taking to her and saying you do.

Imen, again


Lens (No 29)


Don't go to the Library right away. Explore first. Hidden behind the Lightning Craymel machine at the entrance is a vendor selling weapons, items and food so buy what you want. Go into all the houses. There is a Lens inside the weapons shop inside the broken glass case near the upper man. Now head to the Library. Beat Hyades. Go to the weapons shop. After everything, leave and go to Tinnsia and dock using the port.

Tinnsia, City of Artisans


Lens (No 30 and No. 31)
Rune Bottle


Broiled Sandwich
Sweet Parfait

Shiny. Take the farthest elevator (brown thing), then take the two moving walkways, then the farthest elevator again. Go up to find Lesitia. Check the statue of Gnome next to her for a Lens. Check the Weapons shop to the left (up the stairs) and buy what you need, then go down to the next screen. The shop next to you contains...


Anyway, do that if you want to, then go down the escalator and check all the shops you didn't before. Irene is one of them, and if you have more than 30 Lens (you should) she'll give you the Celesti Cape. CHeck the boxes in that shop for a Rune Bottle. Check the building to the lowe-right of this shop (the one facing left) and examine the Miacis statue for Wonder Chef. Go right from here to the next section of town.

In the first building you come across (it's the Inn) search the red dragon statue near the reception for the Wonder Chef. Sleep at the hotel if you want (there are a few funny events). Continue right and try to board the boat by climbing the boxes. Follow the directions than fight the fight (you won't lose if you die, so don't worry, and the experience isn't that great). Follow Ayla, and keep doing so.

After that, you'll be introduced to the worst revolutionary cry in history. I repeat;

Worst. Revolutionary cry. In. History.

After you finish talking to the greatest revolutionary leader in history (I mean it, this guy is awesome), head out, then back in and examine the chest behind where the Miacis was to get another Lens, then head back to the ship and to Volt

Ruins of Volt


Lens (No 32)
Stun Charm
Pine Gel (2)
Big Bag
Pirate's Hat
Panacea Bottle
Voltic Sword
WakeUp Charm
Thunder Cape
Rune Bottle
Red Sage
Holy Staff


You will see why max is awesome. Go inside. Head past the electric barriers when they're down. Examine the stone tablet for a Lens. Go up the middle door. This is a number puzzle. You need to have only three buttons pressed to make up a total to open a door. The answers are;
White: 11, 4, 2
Blue: 6, 5, 3
Red, 5, 4, 3
Bear in mind stepping on it again will display a negative number, but this does not take away from the total. Open the blue door first.

Go down the corridor and get the Stun Charm before heading onward. Head up for a Pine Gel, then take the bottom-right exit (near where you entered). The door will close behind you. Enter the other door and follow the path to get the Big Bag. Go down-left and step on the big switch in the next room. Take the door going down-right, then follow the corridor. When you get a choice go down and take the door going down-left. Get the All-Divide here and the fuse (the sparkling thingie).

Now, go back into the hall and go all the way around to take the easternmost door. Take the lower exit and get the Pirate's Hat, then head down. Here, inch as close as you can to the barrier and fire your Freeze Ring at the flames. Follow the path down to find yourself back at the start. Take the middle path again, but this time use the numbers to open the white (lower-left) door. Head up when you reach the intersection. Head around and put out the flames with the Ring. When you reach the next room, step over the empty-looking hole to insert the fuse. Now comes the annoying part. Step on the block, then the right-most of the two blocks, then the upper block, then the upper block, to end up at the other side. You'll be at a campsite next screen.

Now take the left exit and travel until the chests with a Pine Gel and Panacea Bottle. Go through the big doors to be at a control room. Examine the centre of the devcie. Leave and take the first exit you see (not the one back to the campsite). When you see them, step on the blue and red buttons, then head up. Get the Voltic Sword, then head right, then left in the next screen for a WakeUp Charm. Take the closest door and follow the path, then when you reach a long hallway take the nearest door to be back at the buttons. Deactivate the red and blue and switch on the green. Head through the bottom door. Get the Thunder Cape and head around. Grab the Rune Bottle and Red Sage as you go. When you reach a split head right for a Holy Staff and inspect the glowing thing for the key to the device from earlier.

Now, go all the way back to the control room and examine the device again. When it's over, go back to the campsite and after camping go through the upper-right door. You'll eventually reach a room full of electricity. First step on the middle switch closest to you, then then one to the lower-right of the middle, then the right-most one, then the bottom one (trust me). Finally, without stepping on the others, step on the top-most one to go through the door. Eventually you'll reach a room containing Volt.

Do not
approach the Load Point. Heal first, switch off all your Artes except Water and Healing ones, and then walk up to Volt to watch a funny scene (Max rocks so damned much), and then fight.

After you've beat him, go around to the right and press the shining white switch. Now, go and talk to Meredy. You hav to match up the three letters of Melnics Meredy says with the slot machines, which isn't easy. After you do, Volt will join up, and you'll get the Excalibur from... someone. Head back to Tinnsia.

Tinnsia, Again

Head back to the HQ and go down to the Cannon. After the scene, go to the Dock (one screen down from the Hote, building facing left) and go down the stairs. Now go back to the Hotel. When you get up, check Meredy's room, then take the elevator to the Rooftop. After this, go and see Max in the HQ. Go back to the Dock after talking to Ayla and go down the ladder.

Balir Castle


Lens (No 32)
Pretty Ribbon
Dragon Vein
Rare Shield
Dragger Lance
Scale Robe
Lapis Bracelet
Silver Cloak
Silver Plate
Black Onyx
Mythril Arms

    Not Gonna Spoil

Play the incredibly easy minigame. After you win, head right. This area contains an inn, item shop and weapon shop. When you're ready, head inside. Go left. Grab the Ribbon at the top of this room. Don't activate the elevator, but head up the stairs on the right. Go down the right door and all the way to the end to get a Dragon Vein. Go back left and up the stairs on the upper-left. Take the lower-right door. You'll eventually be in a large room full of doors. Take the upper-left room going up (you'll see what I mean) for a Rare Shield. Now go to the upper-right-hand side of the room and go into the two doors here for a Scale Robe and Dragger Lance. Go into the bottom-right room and along the huge corridor. Camp if you like then go down the stairs. Get the Lapis Bracelet in the chest. Now hit the blue thing on the wall with the Freeze Ring and go down the way that opens up. Hit the second blue thing you see and get the white object on the table.

Head down, along the huge corridor, then go up until you geta  Silver Cloak. Go one down and take the left door. Take the bottom-left door for some Silver Plate, then go back and examine the miniboss.

Go down the path that opens after you beat him. Take the first left and get the Black Onyx (remember this place? I wonder why they didn't they climb over...). Go back and take the right door. Travel up the corridor. Examine the machine on the desk on the right to insert the white thing from earlier. Go and examine the elevator on the other side of the room to be back at the campsite. Shoot the red thing on the wall with your Sorcerer's Ring and go up the stairs. Collect the chest, then go up and examine the machine to activate it. Now, go back down the tower and head left all the way, going through the long corridors, until you reach a similar room to the campsite. Do the exact same thing with the Ring and the room, then go back down. Now go right to the room with the huge double doors and go through them. Watch the scene, lose against the boss, and continue onwards...

Walkthrough Part 6