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Walkthrough Part 1

City of Craymels, Imen


Lens (No.22 and No. 23)
Melange Gel (2)
Orange Gel
Striped Ribbon
Apple Gel


Sweet Rice
Fruit Cocktail

Go inside the house first and get the Melange Gel, and a free bed. Back outside, check the foilage on the right side for a Lens, then head out and south-west to reach Imen.

When yu have control, go up and check the pot next to the food-seller for a Melange Gel. Go left and inside the first house you come to. This is the weapon shop. Watch the cutscene, then buy what you want. Go down and to the pumping machine for a little scene (you can have another after if you examine it) and then head down onto the next screen. Go into the building behind you for a little scene. This will be the item shop later. Directly across from here is a set of pots containing an Orange Gel. Go down to the Lightening Craymel machine. Now, go back to Meredy's house.

When you wake up, go to Farah's room for a scene. Before you go check the shelf for a Striped Ribbon. Downstairs check the machine for Wonder Chef (I think he and Stiltzkin share travel agencies) and the inside-curved side of the glass table for a Lens. Go outside, one screen right, then down. There's a set of stairs almost-hidden behind a purple light, so go there, and inside the Library. When you have control, go back to the Library and check the open book above the man for Wonder Chef again. When you're stocked up, head out.

Ruined Village, Luishka


Bitter Tofu
Hot Borsch

Head south-west until you reach Imen Station. After the cutscene, head back to Imen and go to the weapons shop. Examine the large tube there and buy it by talking to Sagura. Go back to the station and talk to the station controller. Go inside the train. Now begins a little minigame. I usually add one to the brake bar when I'm just past the halfway point, another when Meredy says she sees it, then another when Keele tells you to brake, then the final ones when I'm almost on it.

When you exit the train, watch the scene, leave the platform, then go back and buy what you need from the shops here. Head west to Luishka. Watch the scene then head up and onto the next area, then inside the large house. Head through the door on the right and go through the room with the broken cage to meet Galenos. After the scene is over, go out and back to the room he was first in.

Before you leave, go through the door we ignored when you first came in. Go up the stairs and around and through the green door to reach the place where Farah and Meredy slept. Check the green trashcan for Wonder Chef. Go out. When you reach the screen with the smashed-up house on your left, go up the pathway and find a small space into it. Check the brown box that looks a little different from t's surroundings (it's a sprite, not painted on) and examine it for another Wonder Chef. Leave and go back to the station. Take the train and play the minigame.

Mine of Gnome


Lens (No. 24)
Gold Bracelet
Ruby Wand
Miracle Gel
Rune Bottle
Red Shield
Colain's Pot
Pine Gel
Lemon Gel
Gnome Pick
Bear Claw
Ogre Lance
Mythril Circlet
Rabbit's Foot


As soon as you have control get the Gold Bracelet in the chest, then head up to the next screen. Go right into the first door you see. As well as being a campsite, you'll come back here a good few times. Examine the slightly-open cabinet on the wall and pick the Dynamite. Leave the room and head right onto the next screen.

Examine the boulder and use the Dynamite to blow it away, then go to the bottom-right for a Savory. Go back to the office and grab the Shovel (I bet you're annoyed already). Go down past where the boulder was. Examine the lever of the railtracks and get the Hourglass from the chest. The upper left corner of this room has a Rube Wand, so grab it then head down and left from the machine and onto the next screen.

Go down until you reach an intersection, then go left, up for a Miracel Gel, and then down from that  for a Bellebane. Go back to the intersection and right for a Rune Bottle. if you haven't already done it, turn a Reverse Doll into a Sephira, 'cause there's good money to be made in these Mines. How appropriate. Anyway, go back to the intersection and down onto the next screen.

Here, go all the way left and then up for an Elixer. Go back to the entrance and go right to the next screen. Go up and pull for lever for an All-Divide, then down and examine the pile of dirt blocking the way to have the 'team' remove it with the Shovel. When it's clear go to the next screen, then immediately head down, past the exit to the left, and down onto the next screen.

Here, go down and right and get the Red Shield in the chest (the lever here does nothing). When you have it go back, then left and up onto the next screen, then the first left (yes, yes, you've been here before) then down onto the next screen. Go left (since it's the only way you can go), remove the gravel, then go up. Go right at the first turning and get the pine Gel. See that crack on the wall? Examine it. Yeah. Go up, then right and up, then up again, then up and then finally left back to the office. Rest and take the dynamite/

Now go back rigth and head aaaall the way down. Eventually you'll reach a boulder. Blow it up. Grab the Lemon Gel, then head back to the office and get the Key. Come back. Get onto the lift and you will use the Key and travel down. Get on the lift and go down. Here you'll play Whis, which is annoying. ANNOYING. When it's over, go straight down and pick up the Gnome Pick. Go out, then down and around to get some Bear Claws. Go down into the next area and right to get an Ogre Lance. Cometinue around to get a Mythril Circuit.

Go back up to where you got the Bear Claws and this time, go right and take the upper-right path. Take the dynamite, then do down then right along a long corridor. Blow up the boulder. Get the Rabbit's Foot from the uppe-right, then go down. Finally.

the Gnome below the Load Point will heal your wounds. Another two are a food shop and an item shop, respectively. Check the area around the lower-left Gnome (behind the houses, you may have trouble getting to it since the Gnomes tend to block the way) for a Lens. When you're ready, go right and meet... er... Gnome. Again. Yeah.

After you beat him, leave, heal, buy what you need, then head left. Watch the small amusing scene, then leave through the hole created to be back on the world map.



Lens (No. 25 and  No. 26)
Pine Gel (3)
Panacea Bottle
Ghost Shell
Bloody Robe
Lemon Gel
Melange Gel
Blue Talisman
Emerald Ring
4000 Gald
All Divide


Honey Ramen


This. Is. Annoying. Not quite as annoying as WHIS, but pretty close. Try to inside, then try to exit to the world map. Then go inside (sounds weird, but you'll see). Go down the stairs and through the door. Watch the scene, examine the ticking clock for Wonder Chef, then exit. Go up the stairs.

After the scene, head left. Go all the way down the corridor through the door and examine the computer. Head back to the main room and go through the right door and all the way through to the back room. Get the Pine Gel and the Toy Duck (rubber ducky :O~~). Leave and go through other door. Follow the path aropund and eventually you'll reach a room with several totems and arrows on the floor. Light all five totems. A Panacea Bottle can be found in the upper-right. After that make it point to the lower-left. Grab the spinning spring. Leave the room via the bottom and head back to the Main room. Examine the waterway to unlock the door. Exit through the top door.

Now let's do it seven more times!

Namco hates you.

Go left, knocking the knight over as you do. Do in the first door and collect the Ghost Shell, and exit right. Exit right again, then go down. COllect the Ducky (Ducky! :D) that fell out of the knight. Enter the final door for a Mythril Helm. Go back through the door you knocked over to get the duck, and go left then up. Follow the path along to eventually emerge to knock over another knight containing the spring. Head right and grab the Soul Eater from the next room before going back to the main room and using the Duck.

When you arrive, go left and through the first door. Examine the machine on the left. Go out and through the door at the end. See the waving bit of paper? Fire the Ring at it and go through what appears, and get the Bloody Robe and Duck. Go back to the main room and fire the Ring at where the right-hand door would usually be. Go through the first door, fire the Ring at the waving bit of paper on the wall, not the door, and go through. Grab the Spring. Go back and use them to move to the next floor.

Go right, take the first door and go around. Step on the question mark. The answer is 'fog'. Get the Melange Gel and go right. The answer is 'a joke'. Get the spring and go down. Go into the furthest door and answer 'a sweater' for the Duck. Go out iand into the first door you see. Answer 'a mop' for a Pine Gel.  Head into the last door at the end of the right hallway. The answer is 'a map' for the Lemon Gel. Go back and use THE DUCKINATOR.

Here, head to the bottom-left. Go into the metal door for the Duck. Examine the kettle at the bottom of the kitchen-like room for another Lens, then head back to the main room. Take a right and go into the farthest room. Go into the cloest (stop laughing) and get the Spring. Head back and use the Incredible Combo on the waterway.

Three to go. Go left and into the first door for the spring. Head left for a Pine Gel and Blue Talisman. Now go down. Technically you need tp push the knight onto the conveyer belt in order to get past said belt, but in fact if you just place yourself above it as close to the lowest door as you can, walk onto the belt, and then immediately start running towards the door, you can make it easily. Get the Duck Go back and use it. Rar.

Go into the farthest room from the left and examine the picture of the black-haired woman until it faces right (hair to the right I mean). Go into the last room on the right of the main room and make the blonde-haired man face left. Finally go out here, through the door leading upwards, follow the path and make the green-haired woman (recognise these people yet?) upside down. Something will happen. Head left and get the Emerald Ring (see? it was worth it). Go back the main room, do your waterway-thang, and go up to the last section.

Head left and all the way to the last door that leads up. Get the semi-hidden bag of 4000 Gald. Now go out and head to the last door. Pick up all the books on the floor and put them back into their places (ust examine random shelves, you'll get them eventually, although some must be examined twice). Go through the door that opens and get the spring. Head to the far-right room of the far-right corridor. Here you have to move barrels out of the way to reach the duck perched on the barrel at the back. Just move them out of the way until you get it. Use the waterway-mojo for theboss to appear. KILL. Then leave. At last.

Anyway, after all the scene ends, head back to where you were originally gassed and talk to the girl. Agree. After you get control, go up the moving ladder. Head to the back of the engine on the left-hand side and examine around there for a Lens, then follow her. talk to her again and say 'yes'. Watch the pretty pictures.

Port City, Peruti


Spicy Shrimp

Go left and go into the first house you come to. Check the stove-like machine at the back to see Wonder Chef. Go up the stairs and into the larger building. Talk to the pink-haired man above you. Rest is you like, and check the snowman in the second upstairs room for Wonder Chef (could the man be more obvious?). Go outside and head left. Go into the building the man comes out of.

Clothing here is picked up from the racks. Talk to everyone to send them into the changing rooms, then begin to choose. Most of the choices have small eevnts. The correct clothes here are Meredy & and, Keele & Heavy Cloak, and Farah & Poncho. When you have them talk to the man to get your own. The man is also an item shop, so get what you didn't find at the Inn (I recommend Freeze Charms). When you're ready, leave and head north-west to the Mt.

Mt. Celsius


Elixer (2)
Aqua Cape
Rune Bottle
Syrup Bottle (3)
Freeze Charm
Life Bottle (2)
Silver Cloak
Battle Pick
Miracle Gel


If you kept a Flamberge from Efreet's Gorge this level will be so much easier.

Luckily there isn't a limit on Efreet's power here, unlike with Undine. Go up. Go under the tree and grab the Elixer and Aqua Cape. Go back right and up the stairs and follow the path around the screens for a Rune Bottle. Go back to where you got the Elixer and go under the ice and go right. Go around and then up. Rest inside the Igloo and get the Syrup Bottle, then go bakc outside and get the Freeze Charm. Continue up.

Get the Syrup Bottle from here and take the left path. The Glacier-like things like block your way can be melted by the Ring, so use it on the lower one for a Life Bottle, then on the upper one to continue up. Melt the glacier and get another Life Bottle. Keeping heading right for a Silver Cloak, then go up and right, melting the (enemy-less) glacier to continue. Melt the glacier you're facing for the chest with the Sage, then the one above that for a Battle Pick and Miracle Gel. Now, here, take the middle of the three paths heading left and get the Syrup Bottle. Go back right and take the path at the top. Stay to the right here, or the path will collapse and you'll have to go back. Examine the box and get the Toto Oil.

Now go back, take the lower of the three paths, then use the upper-left path. Inspect the reddish ice-spike then cross it. Use the upper-right path for an All-Divide, then go back and take the upper-left one to reach the summit. Use the Load Point, then fight. After you win (if you win) collect the Elixer, Lavender and Hourglass, then leave and head back to Peruti.

Walkthrough Part 5