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Walkthrough Part 3

Chambard, City of Scorched Sand


Lens (No. 19)
Elven Boots
Rune Bottle


Carbonara Pasta
Seafood Pasta

Now you have the Aerialboard you can go practically anywhere, so head to the desert continents, and the town there.

It's hot here. Very nice grapical effect as well. The woman in the top of this screen will give you gifts for every ten Lens you have. Right now you should be able to get a Combo Command. In the building next to her, check the pot for a Rune Bottle. At the Inn, examine the upper bed to find Wonder Chef again. Go to the left screen and check the Fountain for Lens 19. Check the right  for a semi-hidden chest with Elven Boots. The Bikini shop also contains a familiar face. Go inside the Bistro and check the tall bottle on the left near the stairs for another Wonder Chef.

There's two minigames to be played here; Chambad Bistro and Chamballoon. Check the minigames section for tips on playing them. When you're fully outfitted, talk to everyone outside the Bistro to hear abot Efreet's Gorge, then head out.


Lens (No. 20)
Flare Cape
Life Bottle
Lemon Gel
Square Shield
Cross Helm
Blue Ribbon
Rune Bottle
Fire Shard


Go south-east and head between the two volcanoes to find the entrance to the Gorge. As the first scene ends the dungeon will be on a not-so-lethal timelimit. When Undine's HP drops to zero, you will begin to take damage.

Head straught up for a Venom, then head around the curve and up onto the next screen. Get the Sage from the chest and continue up. Head staight u[ here for a Flare Cape, then head back to the entrance of this room. Go left and get the Lemon Gel, then go back until you see a path with no flames, go up. Now, head left, through the flames (it's the only way) to reach a campsite.

Head past all these doors (we'll get back to them) and head into the next area. Head all the way right for a Life Bottle, then go back and all the wy up and right for a Lavender. Go back and down one 'row' then right. Head through the flames to pick up the Square Shield and Cross Helm. Go back through the flames and up into the next area. In this place, head through the flames when they're at their lowest. Pick up the Bracelet and Blue Ribbon and continue up.

Afrer you defeat Efreet and are heading back, aim at the stone doors you couldn't open before and fire the Sorcerer's Ring at it. They will each open to show a room with a small gem-like thing at the back. Shoot this with the Ring also for a battle and a chest. You'll get, going up-to-down, a Rune Bottle, a Fire Shard and a Lens. Back at the campsite there'll be another scene, then you're free to leave.

Now you can either continue the plotline and go to Mt. Farlos, or do the first part of the sidequests. I suggest going to Farlos and getting the Sidequests only on the final sections of Disc 3, to avoid messing up the Lens'counting (unless you want to keep your own).

(Note; the islands to the west of Chambard are a good place to level. Just make sure you keep stocked up on Gels)

Farlos Sanctuary


Lens (No. 21)

Head to the island just below the centre of Inferia, and head into the Sanctuary through the entrance to the north. Watch the scene, then head inside. At the back of the room go left for an inn (you have to sleep here, but hey, at least it's free). Check the dresser for a Lens before you leave. After the scene, either go out (Farah will get the Life skill) or head into the right room for a little personality quiz (be warned, it's kinda long). The nun near the entrance is also a shop. Head up the mountain.

Mt. Farlos


Crystal Robe
Omega Shield
Duel Helm
Flare Bottle
Apple Gel
Emerald Ring
Warrior's Symbol
Orange Gel
Lemon Gel
2600 Gald
Life Bottle


Well, here we go. Cross the path and go up. Watch the scene, use the Load Point, then up again. Head up and get the Crystal Robe to the right, then go up some more for a Duel Helm. Take the lower path for the Omega Shield, then go back and take the upper one. Go up. Go around and get the Flare Bottle then keep heading up until the scene starts.

After they're both over, head down and right across the newly-formed bridge.

The pathway from here on is very linear. You'll have to trouble continuing up the mountain, collecting the items as you go. Eventually you'll reach a campsite.

In this next section you'll have to order Quickie to do various actions for you to proceed. Do this;
Right, Go, Now, Now, There, Now, Go, Now, There, Go, There, There.
Climb around and get to the next screen. Keep following the path until you finally reach the summit. Fire the Sorcerer's Ring at the stone tablet, then enter. Watch the scene, then fight.

Walkthrough Part 4