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Walkthrough Part 2

Forest of Temptation


Lens (No. 11)
Iron Arms
Misty Robe
Life Bottle (2)
Pine Gel (2)
Syrup Bottle
Flare Bottle
Iron Wrist
Silk Cloak
400 Gald
Silk Cloak
Reverse Doll
Panacea Bottle
Lemon Gel
Charm Bottle
Water Crystal
Orange Gel (2)
765 Gald
Wind Crystal
Rune Bottle
Bastard Sword
Miracle Gel

You will hate this place before you are done. I guarentee it.

Go south from Undine Stream and across the bridge. Approach the forest and enter.

This place is one huge maze. The path in this guide will get you through the entire map with all the goodies, ut feel free to skip most of it if you want, as you can get all of these items (except the Lens!) in another places.

Examine the Load Point. Go up one screen, then right to collect some Iron Arms. Go back one right, then go one up, two right, collect the Melange Gel, then back two left.  Go one more up, then right.  Get the Silk Cloak, then go back left. Go two up (collect the Feather Cloak on the way), then twice right and collect the Iron Wrist. Go back again and keep going up to be in an area called the 'Deity of Confusion'. Examine this until it faces right. Go back down and left past the Reapers. Pick up the Life Bottle. Go back right, then right through the Reapers, then right again. Pick up the second Life Bottle then go up. The Pool here restores HP if you examine it.

Go back down, then right and pick up the Holy Bottle. Go down then right again to be at the 'Deity of Order'. Pick up the Syrup Bottle there but leave him the way he is. Go back left, then down. Pick up the Pine Gel and go right to be at the 'Deity of Creation'. get the Flare Bottle and make him face left. If you got all these correct, the screen will rumble and a mesage will appear saying 'the forest path has opened'.

Now follow these directions; left, up, up, left, left, left, down. Quickie will run off, and Meredy will follow. Go right, right, down, pick up the 400 Gald. Go down once more to meet Meredy again. After you camp, head back left, then go down, left, left, up, right, up. This will get you to a room filled with statues (you should have come here earlier, but it doesn't matter at all. Check the roots behind the middle statue for the precious Lens. Now, go back to the campsite by reversing the previous directions.

Go south of the Load Point and onto the next screen for a Reverse Doll. Go back up, then right for a Panacea Bottle. Go down two screens for a Lemon Gel, then head right. Kill the Jungler (they call these things bosses, but I'm not convinced) and collect the Charm Bottle. Go left, up, right and collect the Water Crystal. Go right and grab the Pine Gel, then down for an Orange Gel. Go right, kill the Jungler, take the Apple Gel. Now go left, up, then right and get the Spectacles. Go up then right and get the 765 Gald. Go up once more and kill the Jungler. Get the Wind Crystal it was guarding.

From here go down, then; left, left, left, up, up. Grab the Orange Gel. Go left and get the Rune Bottle (tip; covert the Reverse Doll into a Sephira as soon as you get this, and equip it). Go up, fight the Jungler, and get the Bastard Sword (you may already have one, but meh). Now go; down, right, down, right, and up to face the last Jungler. Grab the Miracle Gel he was guarding. Finally, go; down, right, down, right, right, up. Watch the statues disappears, then head up and up to exit the Forest of Temptation.

Inferia City


Lens (No. 12, 13 and 14)
Pine Gel (2)
Dark Bottle
Lemon Gel


Cream Stew

(Note that the Food seller here is not a shop, but a man dressed in white in the northern part of the city).

Rar! Outside at last! Head north and enter Inferia City. Watch the scenee. Now's your chance to explore. Directory above you is an item shop, so get what you need. Head left past the man for a little scene, then head onto the next screen for the weapons shop. Inspect the plant near the entrance for a Pine Gel. Two screens right is the Inn. Go up to the first floor and anime the table at the back of the corridor for Wonder Chef! Spending the night here in both rooms gives two funny little events. Examine the other table for a Bellebane.

The Arena (left of the weapon shop) costs too much money to enter. We'll leave this to another section of the shrine. Same for the Royal Playhouse (from the Inn go up one screen and past the Seyfert Shrine), but don't forget to check the plant near the left entrance (Wonder Chef) or the one near the stairs (another Lens). There are a few events around the city, so see them if you want by talking to the people. When you're ready, walk through the Archway at the north.

Approach the guards and talk with them to be thrown out (u commoners lolzes). Head to the building Farah indicates. Go al l the way up and enter the closed area to be thrown out (u dum lolzes). Go right one screen and into the blue-roofed building. Approach the alter to be thrown out (u pagans lolzes) and arrested. Well, it got you inside the castle, anyway...

Watch the long scene. Now, this is the only chance you'll get to enter the castle for a while, so make sure you get everything before you rest. Go back right, then right, and get the Dark Bottle hidden in the vase. Go back the way you came, then down-left, through the garden, then down the stairs to the basement with the suits of armoud. The opened chest here has a Lemon Gel. Go up two floors and enter the kitchen (door across from the gossipping maids) and examine the fruits basket for a Pine Gel. When you have these, go up one floor and into the door near the Angry Old Man and watch the scene.

When you have control, examine the dresser near the fireplace for a Lens, then go down the stairs and outside. Head rigth to see a small scene, then head in through the main entrance to watch the cutscene. You'll get the Boarding Pass and be sent on your way. Go back into the observatory and head all the way to the top. Examine the papers on the shelf, below the telescope, for another Lens.

Now, after you've done all your shopping, leave Inferia City.

Port of Inferia


Lens (No. 15)
Water Shard
Water Crystal
Fire Crystal.


Fish Stew

Before you go here, head north to the tip of the continent for a hidden area with a Water Crystal and Water Shard.

Head back to the Port of Inferia and talk to the guard. The Boarding Pass will see you safely through the gate. Head left into the shop and examine the anchor for Wonder Chef and his Fish Stew. Check the barrels near him for a Fire Crystal. This shop is a Ship Outfitting shop, but since you don't have a ship it's useless to you. You will later though...

Go up the stairs and right. Grab the Lens at the small barrels in the alcove above you, then talk to the sailor. Watch the scene, then board. Unfortunately this boat-ride is no-where near as funny as a certain other boat-ride, but hey.

Barole Port


Lens (No. 16)
Water Shard
Ahmet Helm (400 Gald)
Kite Shield (1440 Gald)



Watch out for the treasure chests here, as a merchant will make you pay for them after you take them. Buy the Kite Shield (chest on the upper level, go under the pavillion) but leave the Ahmet Helm alone. Go to the lower level and inspect the box to meet Wonder Chef again. Inspect the grassy area between the boxes and the stairs for Lens 16. The building above you sells exclusively Fish ingredients, and has a Water Shard on the table below the vendor. When you're done, leave via the exit to the left of the shop.

City of Trade; Barole


Lens (No. 17)
Holy Bottle
Dark Bottle
1000 Gald


Pot Pie

Wait until the scenes are over. In the food shop above where you enter, check the lower-right post for a Holy Bottle. In the bar (building with the bottle above the door) take the stairs up to the roof and talk to the man to meet Wonder Chef. Go back outside and left onto the next screen. In the building here (Heavy Arms) take the back exit to get a Shamsel. Talk to the girl here to receive an Elixer. Back outside, check the fountain for 1000 Gald. Go left onto the next screen and watch the cutscene

After it's over, go to where the event happened and examine the purple flower-box outside the top-most shop for a Water Crystal, then go inside and examine the gold vase for a Lens. Go right from here to meet Ras. Head into the Bookstore (with the book over the entrance) to meet a certain person again. Go into the Inn and check the spae between the desk with the flower on it and plant for a Dark Bottle. Head to the back room and check the Wardrobe for another Wonder Chef guest-appearance (I love this guy). When you've stocked up and prepared, head outside.

Sylph Cavern


Lens (No. 18)
Melange Gel (2)
Assault Dagger
Storm Shield
Orange Gel
1800 Gald
Lemon Gel
Arc Wind
Needle Glove
Life Bottle
Mental Ring


Leave the city and go south across the bridge, then south-east until you reach the cavern. Go up twice and watch the cutscene, then enter.

Follow the path and go upwards using the insanely annoying air-jets, then head left and get the Storm Shield (Equip it!). Go back right and pass through the two mini-hurricanes (apparently it's possible to pass these without taking damage, but since said damage is negligable, there's not much point bothering) and fall down the hole. Examine the post here for Ras to string a rope, then examine it again to cross. Go left and up the air-jet.

Grab the Melange Gel here and fall down the hole (the real hole, not the burrow-lookalike). Go left and down the stairs for a campsite and cutscene. Go right then right. Don't take the first path here, but instead go left and up through the airjet. On this screen go around the chasm and get the Melange Gel from the chest at the bottom, then go all the way up and fall down the hole. Go right, and up the 'jet.

Here, don't take the middle path to the chest! Go up and around and collect the bag with 1800 Gald first, then go down and right to collect the chest with the Assault Dagger (don't equip this). Before you go down the hole, search the top-far-right area for your 18th Lens. Fall down. Go left,get the Orange Gel on the way and the Lemon Gel on the upper path. Go up the airt-jet. Go around and down and fall down the hole.

Follow the path to the Needle Glove, then go down and right under the pathway you first came in from. Take the upper path and the air-jet. Get the Arc Wind and go back down. Take the lower pathway and go into the arch. Get the Life Bottle on your left and follow the pathway around to reach the boss.

Now that you have Sylph, head back outside (fall down the middle path I told you to avoid earlier for a quick way out and a Mental Ring). Watch the cutscene, then leave. Sylph will give you the Aerialboard, allowing you to cross oceans and explore the rest of Inferia.

Walkthrough Part 3