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Walkthrough Part 1

Rasheans Forest

(This walkthrough will be mostly spoiler-free. If I give anything away, be sure to tell me so)


Apple Gel
Apple Gel
Wooden Shield    

The game opens on your not-so-heroic hero, Reid, walking through the forest. Sit through the cutscene with Farah until you get control then head down to the next screen. Head down again, then left. Go around to the Load Point and the chest and bag, which contain a Wooden Shield (equip it) and Spectacles respectively (since the Point restores HP when you examine it, this may be a good time to get a couple of levels). Go up from the Load Point onto the next screen for a bag containing an Apple Gel, then head back to the Point. Go South-west onto the next screen, then all the way left. Follow the path to reach a screen with a statue and a pool, and grab the Apple Gel in the northeast corner. Go back to the Poitn again. Head right onto the next screen for a little surprise. Talk to it, then follow it up to the next screen. Cutscene time!

Far-Away Village Rasheans


Collecter's Book (Valuable)
Lens (No. 1 and No. 2)
Short Spear/Short Sword/Hand Axe
500 Gald
Apple Gel (4)




Watch the cutscene with the Elder, then fight your first boss fight (he's more of a mini-boss, but meh). Watch the scene in Farah's house afterwards, then take control. Go outside and start exploring the village. And by exploring I mean stealing! Check the ground below and to the left of the farmer for a Kirima. Go into the house to your left and inspect the piggy bank to meet... Wonder Chef! He'll give you the Sandwich recipe.

Exit and go up and left to the next screen. Every barrel here has an Apple Gel, so take them. Go past the first dwelling (it's just a barn) and into the house below it. This is Reid's house. Go downstairs and check the chest at the back for your first Lens. I'm keeping count of how many you SHOULD have at the top of each page. You get some nice rewards for collecting enough, so grab 'em all. Check the open countainer below it for an Apple Gel, then leave.

Go the southeast house (Elder's). Check the south-eats vase for 500 Gald, then head up the ladder. Check the bookshelf for the Collecter's Book, which is handier 'n hell. Leave and go south to the next screen. Talk to the guy slightly to the right of the windmill if you want to exchange your Hand Axe for another weapon, then check the mossy door of said windmill for your second Lens. Go right into the shop. The man walking around is named Widdock (tee hee) and you'll meet him a lot. Get advice if you want it, then buy what you need. Buy whatever armour you want/need and then buy some extra ingredients (cooking will save a LOT of Gels in this game, trust me). If you want a Sword, sell your current weapon and buy the Long Sword. Before you go, check the suit of armour in the back to meet Woder Chef again, and receive the Omlette recipe. Leave, and head south to the bridge. Watch the cutscene. then leave your village for the first time.

Head south and across the bridge. Watch the cutscene to finally know your travelling companion better.

Rasheans River Pier

A simple section. After you've left the village, follow the river and path towards the mound of rocks blocking the way. Go in, and follow the path for the next two screens. Watch the cutscene, then head back to the world map.

Regulus Dojo


Manual (Valuable)
Lens (No.3 and No. 4)
Lid Shield
Leather Helm
Orange Gel
Apple Gel (2)


Beef Stew

When you're back on the world map, head around the mountain to the large building. Before you go inside though, go behind and to the left of it and head south towards the apex of the plains to find a spot not on the map, where an old man will teach you the Range Attack command. Now head back and go into the Dojo.

First head to the bottom-right building to buy what you need, the go to the left building. Go to the second floor and check the yellow kettle to find Wonder Chef. Also check the desk with the pinkish vase for a Lid Shield. Go back outside and approach the stairs for a small scene, then go up to the next screen. Head inside the dojo.

Now you must face eight Monks at once. Luckily they're fairly weak. So long as you rested before you came in here you should have no problems. When you get back control, you can sart exploring. First check the two red... things... on either side of the entrance for an Apple Gel and a Leather Helm. Check the uppermost of the pots on the left-hand side for another Apple Gel, then head to the backrooms, and into the room Franco is standing beside. He will teach Farah the Healer skill. You'll use this a lot. :eave the room and head not to the next one, but to the one after it. Talk to the right Monk and say 'Manual Mode' when he asks to receive the Manual. Examine the table before you leave to receive another Lens, then finally go to the last room.

Paollo will explain about the Craymel Artes, then leave. Examine the large cabinet for a scene, then check the vase near the entrance for an Orange Gel. Fianlly, check the small gift-box beside the caminet for Lens No 4. leave the Dojo.

Rasheans River

Go back to the River Pier and head down. Go onto the bridge and address Paollo. Watch the scene, then begin the minigame. Unfortunately there are no pickings to be had the first time you do this. There are also no rewards for a perfect run. Come back later though, and you can reap Apple Gels.

After the minigame is over, head east and enter the Town of Academia, Mintche.

Town of Academia, Mintche


Lens (No. 5 and No. 6)
Melange Gel



Rest at the Inn to your left if you were poisoned. Head directly up for a Student Store. Outside, head up the stairs into the Cafeteria and check the pink flower at the back to meet Wonder Chef. Head outside and onto a new screen. Enter the first building you see if you like to be in the Library. You can read the books here to get some background on the world. Outside, head right onto the next screen and approach the couple for a nice little scene. Go up the stone stairs and check around the area hidden by trees to find Lens number 5. If you like you can talk to the pair to play Craymel Ball, a fin little minigame.

Go back a screen, and this time take a left to be at the University. Approach the receptionist for a little scene with Meredy, and you'll be in the back. Check the second door (you have to actually examine it for something to happen). Talk to the woman at the back of the room for stuff to start exploding. After the scenes are over, go outside and find the Water Craymel Lab. Examine the machine on the western wall to find a 6th Lens. Now you can either leave or take the stairs up twice to be at the Exam Room - Beginner, where you can take an exam on Namco games for a Melange Gel and a title. For now though, leave the Town.

Mt. Mintche


Apple Gel
Orange Gel
600 Gald
Pole Axe

Back on the world map, head south and through/around the forest to reach the entrance to the Mt.

This level comtains many caves and boulder, and also flashing shapes of boulders. You can either place the boulders onto their shapes (using the use button to push/drag them) and knock said boulders down and block the caves, or just dodge/fight all of the enemies here. I advise blocking the caves then killing all of the enemies that originated from it. Head left for a Saber and an Orange Gel then continue up and around to the next screen.

This is a campsite, one of many. There's usually one in every 'dungeon' you enter, and they restore HP but not TP. Head onto the next screen and get the Apple Gel in the bag. There are two more cave/boulder events here, so do them, then kill the enemies if the fancy strikes you. A Pole Axe and 600 Gald are on the level above you. When you're finished here, go up and left to the next screen. Cross the bridge to emerge on the other side of the path.

Mt. Mintche Observatory


Lens (No. 7)
Holy Bottle

Enter the Observatory.

This whole area is basically one big plot-driven cutscene. Once it's over, go back inside the Observatory. Examine the four (empty) chests for a little scene, then go down the stairs and get the Holy Bottle. Examine the chest next to it for another Lens, then head back down and back to Mintche. On the way you'll camp, and Keele and Reid will have a little exchange.

Nostos Cave


Lens (No. 8)
Orange Gel (2)
Panacea Bottle
Chain Arms
Battle Axe
Life Bottle

Walk towards the cave for a slightly strange scene. She's then open a shop, so buy what you need before you head in.

This cave is deeply annoying. Head right past the Load Point, down the stairs and through the small gap to trigger a small event. Head right for a Panacea Bottle, then grab the  Protector below and slightly to the left. Now go right and up and take the right-most exit from this room to the next screen. Go around and collect the Chain Arms, then head down (you can reach them, the path is just hidden) for a buckler. Go upwards to the next screen for a Campsite and a scene.

When that's finished, head up and collect the Battle Axe from the chest, then wlak around until the message "it's high tide" appears. Go back the way you came and use the floating log to access the chests you couldn't reach before. You'll get a Circlet and a Life Bottle. Go back to the Load Point using the logs and take the left path up to get an Orange Gel. Now go back to the Point again and walk around until the message "it's now high tide" appears again. Go back to where the Orange Gel you just got was and cross the log to reach the Rapier. Go back to the Point and walk around until "the tide is falling". Go back to the room past the campsite.

Head up the ramp and go right when you see the blood to the next screen. To up past the dead bodies into the next screen and get the Orange Gel on the way. Head up into the next room. Examine the logpile at the back to get another Lens. Head back to the bloody room and exit via the brightly-lit archway.

Back on the world map, head East towards Morle. First though, go up and hug the moutainside. Eventually, just before you reach the shoreline, you'll encounter a small hidden area containing a man who will teach you the Focus Attack command. Now, head to Morle.

Treetop Village, Morle


Lens (No. 9)
Holy Bottle
Knight Saber
Chirp Whistle
Iron Helm


Garden Salad
Fruit Juice

Big place this. Go up until you can see a ladder. Up there is the Town of Morle, so head up. The first shop you come across is the item one. The next two are the Inn and Food shops, in that order. After the cutscene in the Food shop, check the barrel with the blackboard on top for a Holy Bottle, then check the Pumpkin below it for Wonder Chef. Go back down all the ladders, then head up and right. At the intersection, keep heading right, then go up to reach a large house. Approach it for the next scene. Go inside and watch the cutscene.

Remember that intersection? Go back and follow the signpost. Examine the Load Point, just in case, then follow Meredy. Grab the Knight Saber on the next screen, then head left. Camp if you want, the continue. Get the Chirp Whistle, then follow Meredy up. Grab the Iron Helm just before you go down, then head right. You'll find Meredy, and the boss. Kill it, watch the scene, use the Load Point to restore your HP, then head back to Mazet's house via a Campsite-cutscene.

You'll get a new skill for Farah, Detoxify, which cures Poison. After you regain control, go back inside the house. Examine the fireplace for another Lens, then head upstairs. The treasure chest is none other than Wonder Chef. Talk to Mazet again to receive the Monster Collection (God looks after RPGC shriners). Now that you have everything, go back down the tree and leave Morle. There are few reasons to return.

Undine Stream


Lens (No. 10)
Poison Charm (3)
Silk Cloak
Feather Robe
Iron Wrist
Melange Gel (2)
Hydra Dagger
Apple Shield


Before you go to the Stream, head above it. Keep heading north until you reach a small hidden area pas a narrow passage that contains a Poison Charm. Equip it, the head back and enter Undine Stream.

After using the Load Point, head up and get the Poison Charm from the chest. Head across the shallow water, up across some more, then head left to get a Feather Robe. Head back and down and collect the Silk Robe, then head right. Just before you cross the shallows, head up until you can't see your character, then examine around that area to find your tenth Lens. Cros sthe river and head up onto the next screen.

Head up and left across the first three small islands. When you get to the log, head down across it then right to reach a chest containing a Mace. head left past the log and around the pool. Cross the shallows and go right under the foilage to grab the Iron Wrist, then go back and up to reach the next screen. Cross the small islands to get the chest with the Poison Charm (equip it) and continue up. Go into the cabe behind the waterfall to watch the scene, grab the Melange Gel, then go out and down-right to the next area.

When you enter this place, head right, across the shallows. Don't go up, but head down-right, then up and collect the Hydra Dagger hidden under the foilage. Head up (the north-west chest contains another Melange Gel) to the largest part of water (right of the island bigger than the others). From here do down-left then down to reach the chest with the Apple Shield. Head back up then go left and up to reach the Load Point and the first 'real' boss you'll encounter.

After you beat her, use the Load Point, the leave. You have the first of the three Greater Craymels. Congratulations.

Walkthrough Part 2