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Mini Games

Defend Fort Condor!

Cost: Varied
This minigame allows you to buy units with the gil that you have in stock and put them on a map. Shooters fire a projectile at a spot you indicate continuously, Attackers and Fighters go up to the enemy and attack, Defenders defend any position, and Repairers repair any unit.

The best strategy is probably to put all your units in the middle and move your attackers, defenders and fighters southwards as soon as possible to cut off the enemy at the point where all the paths meet. Have all the Shooters attack somewhere at the one spot and try to have a huge, confused melee. Bring back any hurt units to your Repairers (which you should have positioned a little bit further back from the melee). If you lose, your party will have to fight a boss. If you win, you get some of your gil back. This game depends mostly on how much money you have to hire units.

Chocobo Racing

Important Prizes: Magic Counter (materia; counters an attack with paired magic or summon materia), Final Attack (materia; casts paired materia when character is KO'd), Enemy Away (materia; decreases random battle frequency), Cat's Bell (accessory; recovers HP as you walk). When you win your first race in a new class, always ask for GP as the prize instead of whatever item you are about to receive (except the above mentioned) because you will get 300-400 GP. Subsequent chocobos who get into this class and win a race will not get the 300-400 GP offer.

These prizes can be won either by racing or by betting, as the prizes become available to be won. Both games require a lot of luck on your part, so you'll have to many times both betting and racing (even if you come first in a race you may not get the prize that you wanted).

When racing, use stamina immediately (at the beginning of the race) to get a head start and try to keep immediately in front of the chocobo following you. If you find yourself lagging behind, try to get ahead by boosting at appropriate times when turning corners. The computer will usually tell a chocobo to hug an inside corner, but it will duck away from the corner a few seconds too early. Use this stamina when this occurs in order to get ahead. Do not try to circle around chocobos ahead of you. Try to pace your stamina so that you still have half of it for the last 5-10 seconds of the race (at which point you can simply hold boost until you reach the finish line), because you will be hard-pressed to keep first place). Never, ever use up all your stamina (except at the end), or your chocobo will go a lot slower than its normal pace.

If you have Cid in your party after you've raced a bunch of times in S-Class, he will sometimes come out and ask if he can have a turn racing. If he wins, then you are more likely to get one of the important prizes. Note that you will still control your chocobo, only this time with Cid on its back instead of Cloud. Take up Cid's offer whenever he decides to try.

Chocobo Gambling

Cost: 200 Gil registration fee plus a fixed cost per card depending on rank: 100 Gil for C-rank, 200 Gil for B-rank, 300 Gil for A-rank, 500 Gil for S-rank
When betting, 24 different cards will be available to you. Each card has 2 numbers, and these numbers represent the number of the chocobo you think will get first and second. One card will always be correct, but there are 24 different cards. It is probably best to buy 3 cards per race (the maximum amount of cards you can bet per race), as they are not very expensive. When picking a winner, you can gauge the chocobo's chances of winning by looking at its stamina and max speed stats. Max speed is the most important, but stamina also affects winning. Out of the six racers, pick three that you think stand the best chance and buy all the cards that have a number corresponding to the three chocobos that you picked. This still takes luck, however, so you're still not guaranteed to win even if your chocobos you bet on seems superior to the others. When betting you will see 3 items that you can win. If there is a good item there, bet on a lot of cards. If there is no good item, then just don't place any bets (you will lose the fee you paid). Once the race is over, the winning card will have a symbol on it relating to the item that the card allows you to receive. So, for every race you only stand a 33% chance of getting the item you want, even if you do pick the winner. If you don't get your item, just ask for GP (or the item if it seems useful).

Wonder Square

The woman standing behind the Arm Wrestling Mega Sumo game will give you a prize based on how many GP you give her.

  • 1 GP - Potion
  • 20 GP - Ether
  • 80 GP - X-Potion
  • 100 GP - Turbo Ether
  • 300 GP - Gold Ticket (lifetime pass to the Gold Saucer)
  • 500 GP - Carob Nut
  • 1000 GP - Gil Plus Materia
  • 2000 GP - EXP Plus Materia

Super Dunk
Cost: 200 Gil
Hold the O button for about a second to charge your shot, and release the O button to shoot. If you hold it for the correct amount of time, you will get a basket and get 1 point. If you miss the game ends. For each basket you get you will receive 1 GP. Score 10 baskets in a row to score "Double Chance". When "Double Chance" is activated (which is for all shots after 10 points have been earned) each shot you make will double your GP amount. If you miss, you get only 1 GP, and the game ends.

Wonder Catcher
Cost: 100 Gil
Put in 100 Gil to receive a potion, some GP, or nothing.

Arm Wrestling Mega Sumo
Cost: 100 Gil
You have a choice of wrestling either a Wrestler or a Sumo Wrestler (the Wrestler is slightly harder). You get 1 GP for beating the Sumo Wrestler and 2 GP for beating the Wrestler. Tap O repeatedly to win.

Mog House
Cost: 100 Gil
Help Mog fly and get a girlfriend by giving him Kupo nuts. When you feed him nuts you will hear a noise that sounds like a growling stomach. Keep feeding him until you hear a chirp and see him dance. Then leave the controller alone for about 30 seconds. After you beat this you will get no prize, but the man standing behind you will give you 30 GP for showing him how to play. This game is only good to play once, as the man does not offer the GP again.

Fortune Telling
Cost: 50 Gil
You receive a random fortune. There are no real benefits to paying this fee.

3D Battler
Cost: 200 Gil
This game plays exactly like rock-paper-scissors. Triangle is the upper body attack, Square is the mid-body attack, and X is the lower body attack. Upper body attack beats a lower body attack, lower body attack beats a mid-body attack, and mid-body attack beats a upper body attack. The first person to deliver 10 successful hits wins. There is no prize for winning.

Torpedo Attack
Cost: 200 Gil
There are 5 different levels. Level 1 is called "Underwater Mako Reactor", level 2 is called "Level 1", level 3 is called "Level 2", level 4 is called "Level 3", and level 5 is called "Level 4". Confused yet? Anyway, you cannot play this game until you steal the submarine from the Shinra. During battle you cannot shoot more than 4 torpedos at the same time. Initially, the fat red submarines take 12 torpedos to destroy and the normal red/yellow ones take 4 torpedos to destroy. Wait until there is a red square around the enemy before shooting. The enemies will take more torpedos to destroy as your progress through the levels. All levels have mines, which take out 2 HP and enemy take out 1 HP each (you have 20 HP). R2 gets you a bird's eye view of the map. Wait 3 seconds in this screen for enemy locations on the map. The prize for winning is 20 GP no matter what the difficult level. This is the cheapest and easiest way to get a lot of GP other than Chocobo Racing.

Cost: 200 Gil
There are 3 different levels for this game: beginner, expert and crazy. An increased difficulty rating increases the amount of obstacles on the course, the speed, and decreases ease of handling. The point of this game is to hit balloons (green balloons are 5 points, blue balloons are 3 points, and red balloons are 1 point). There are also points awarded based on how well you perform on the course. You will lose points for wiping out, and you will lose points for taking too long on the course. If you go through the entire course without hitting a wall, you will get a perfect score. Some of the obstacles you hit will not reduce your points but will slow you down, so try not to hit any obstacles at all. Having your course run timed is an option: if you hit the yellow balloon at the beginning, your couse will be timed, and the next time you do a timed course, a ghost-mog will do what you did last course (and you can try to beat him).

G Bike
Cost: 200 Gil
You are on a motorcycle protecting an armoured car. The purpose of the game is to knock the motorcyclists off before they start hitting your escort car. There are red bikers and orange bikers. The red bikers deal a lot more damage to the car than the orange bikers, and they are better at dodging your attacks. The orange bikers are not as skilled, but they dive right at the car instead of trying to dodge your attacks. The red ones will try to draw you away from the truck while the orange ones attack the car. Always stay close to your car and only attack bikers when they come to you. The Square button attacks left and the Circle button attacks right. One attack is sufficient to knock off any bikers in the vicinity. If you knock off a leading bike it will trip up all bikers behind it. Each bike you hit is worth 500 points, and each time your car is hit gets you -25 points. Depending on your score, you will get an item plus some GP, some GP, or nothing.

Speed Arena

Cost: 10 GP
Shoot moving targets to get points. You are on a train and are also moving. If you get more than 3,000 points you get a prize. Holding the trigger button too long will decrease the gun's power. The best way to keep maximum power is to tap the trigger button. Here are the targets and their approximate points:

  • Wheel - 1
  • Balloon - 30
  • Ghost - 40
  • Star - 40
  • Blue Plane - 50
  • Cactus - 50
  • Helicopter - 50
  • Icicle - 50
  • Jet Plane - 50
  • Rocket - 50
  • Yellow Ship - 50
  • Lava Rock - 60
  • Small UFO - 60
  • Ball - 70
  • Big Balloon - 70
  • Yellow Boulder - 200
  • Big UFO - 1000
  • Engine - ?

Battle Arena

Cost: 10 GP
In the battle arena, you will fight 8 battles consecutively. The more severe the handicap put on you and the faster you finish the battle, the more BP you will receive. The battles get progressively harder and a handicap is put on you after each battle (the handicap may have already been in place, so if you get a handicap twice, it does nothing new, and you may consider yourself lucky). Be at least level 60 (if you want to do well) and make sure you put on all your best materia before you go in, but after a few battles you won't be able to depend on them, as they may be broken. Always equip a Ribbon before you go into battle because this item prevents all status aliments. Some handicaps _are_ status aliments, and some enemies cast death and whatnot on you, so this will save you a lot of hassle. Try to choose an armour that drains or blocks magic and your most powerful weapon. Only equip 1 or 2 levelled-up summons and try to have Mega-All or Slash-All. Counter-Attack is also really helpful. Cure2 or Cure3, Remedies and X-Potions are must-haves. The handicap placed on you is determined by a reel. What's on the reel is a random picture, and it's possible to have the following handicaps (the first item is the picture that appears on the reel):

  • Sword - Weapon is broken
  • Bracelet - Armour is broken
  • Ring - Accessory is broken
  • Bag - Cannot use items
  • Poison - Character is poisoned
  • Frog - Character is turned into a frog (attack for 1 damage, cannot use abilities)
  • Mini - Character is shrunk (attack for 1 damage, but can use abilities)
  • HP - HP is halved
  • MP - MP is halved
  • HP/MP - Both HP and MP are halved
  • MP 0 - MP is completely drained
  • TIME - HP is drained depending on how much your ATB is filled. The more filled it is, the more damage you take. This can, at most, reduce the character to 1 HP.
  • LV with a big arrow down - Lose 10 levels (for the rest of the battles)
  • LV with a small arrow - Lose 5 levels (for the rest of the battles)
  • Green Materia - All Magic Materia broken
  • Blue Materia - All Support Materia broken
  • Red Materia - All Summon Materia broken
  • Yellow Materia - All Command Materia broken
  • Purple Materia - All Independant Materia broken
  • All Materia - All Materia broken
  • Cure - Character is fully cured
  • Lucky 7 - No handicap

If you are killed at any time, you will lose all the BP for that battle. When you leave the Battle Arena your BP will not be saved. Always try to go to the end of all 8 battles, because you do not get any benefits for dropping out.

The prizes for the Battle Arena are:

  • 100 BP - Remedy
  • 250 BP - Enemy Lure Materia
  • 500 BP - Right Arm Materia
  • 1000 BP - Pre-emptive Materia
  • 2000 BP - Reagen Greens
  • 4000 BP - Speed Plus Materia
  • 8000 BP - Stardust
  • 16000 BP - Championship Belt
  • 32000 BP - Omnislash (once only) (Level 4 limit break for Cloud)
  • 64000 BP - W-Summon Materia (once only)

See the Gil Exchange section in the Secrets Section.

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