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Limit Breaks

Roman numerals indicate the level of the limit break and the numbers indicate different limit breaks of the same level. Each character (except for Cait Sith and Vincent) have three levels of limit breaks with two limit breaks in each level plus a fourth level with just one limit break (for a total of seven limit breaks); each character starts out with the first limit break of the first level. To get the second limit break in each level you just have to use the first limit break in that level several times (specifically, eight times for the second limit break of level one, six times for the second limit break of level two, and four times for the second limit break of level three). To get the first limit break in levels two and three a character has to kill 80 enemies in battle (that character has to kill them personally, not just be in a party where other people kill enemies). Each character has to do something different to get their level four limit break and that process is explained below.

Aeris Gainsborough's Limit Breaks

I-1: Healing Wind
Aeris creates an encircling wind that restores a large amount of lost HP to herself and her friends.

I-2: Seal Evil
Purple lights fly into all of Aeris's opponents. This attack causes no damage but has the same effect as "Stop" and "Silence" on all of them.

II-1: Breath of Earth
Streams of blue light wrap around the allies, curing status ailments.

II-2: Fury Brand
Aeris waves her staff, causing blue lightning to hit herself and her allies, followed by yellow, circular lights. This will instantly max out the other characters' Limit gauges.

III-1: Planet Protector
Stars rotate around Aeris and her friends as the screen turns yellow, making them invincible for a short while.

III-2: Pulse of Life
Aeris kneels and prays; every ally's status ailments are cured and they gain back all lost HP and MP.

IV: Great Gospel
Rain falls upon Aeris and her companions. It is replaced by a bright sky where three angels can be seen floating around. All allies have their HP and MP restored, and are made invincible for a short time.

Getting Aeris' Level 4 Limit Break

Get 1xx wins in battle (where xx are two matching digits such as 00 or 11). Then go to the cave where the sleeping man is and he'll give you Mithril. Head to the blacksmith's house by the Gold Saucer, give him the Mithril, then climb up the stairs and examine the metal lid at the end of the walkway. In order to do this on disc one you must ride the Buggy into Costa Del Sol. When you cross the sea, the Buggy will come with you and you can ride it to the sleeping man.

Barret Wallace's Limit Breaks

I-1: Big Shot
Collecting energy, Barret fires a huge fireball at one opponent.

I-2: Mind Blow
Similar in appearance to the Heavy Shot, Barret launches a ball of azure energy at one opponent. While it inflicts no damage, it completely drains that enemy of MP.

II-1: Grenade
Barret fires an invisible shot that explodes into a huge hemisphere of fire that damages all opponents.

II-2: Hammer Blow
Barret dashes forward and punches one enemy as purple waves emanate from his arm. If it misses, this attack causes no damage, but if it hits, the enemy is instantly killed.

III-1: Satellite Beam
Barret locks on to his enemies and calls down beams of blue light to fry the opposition. This attack hits for special damage.

III-2: Ungermax
Using his weapon like a machine gun, Barret fires repeated rounds of ammunition at all opponents.

IV: Catastrophe
Steam erupts from Barret's weapon as he leaps into the air and fires an earth-scorching beam of yellow light at all his enemies. This attack hits ten times in all for special damage.

Getting Barret's Level 4 Limit Break

Get it from a lady wearing a hat in one of the buildings in North Corel after the train ride in disc two.

Cait Sith's Limit Breaks

I-1: Dice
Cait's stuffed moogle throws several dice to the ground. The score that is rolled determines how much damage the targeted enemy will receive.

II-1: Slot
A slot machine appears. Depending on what you pick, a different result will occur:

  • 3 bars = Cait Sith randomly calls upon a summoned monster.
  • 3 crowns = Six toy soldiers appear and fire at all enemies for special damage.
  • 3 stars = A moogle (from the "Summon Chocobo and Moguri" Spell) appears and does a dance that completely restores each members' HP and MP.
  • 3 hearts = A cat-girl appears and all allies have a 100% hit rate (no chance of missing) for the rest of the battle.
  • 3 moogles = Cait's allies disappear and his moogle grows twice as large, gaining 9999 HP and 999 MP. In this form, he can do anything but use limit breaks, and his attacks cause more damage. When the battle is over, everyone's current HP and MP drop to 1/3rd their former amount. He can't use this ability if there are less than 3 allies.
  • 3 faces = All enemies facing you are instantly killed. This ALWAYS works against any enemy.
  • Face, face, bar = All allies are instantly killed. There's no way to avoid this, even with the help of accessories like the Safety Bit or an Enemy Skill such as Death Force.
  • Any other combination = A random object is dropped on one enemy, inflicting physical damage. It can be a Hell House, Debu Chocobo, Magic Hammer, icicles, a boulder, or a Comet 2-like meteor attack. Just like when you attack normally, it's possible to hit for extra damage (like making a critical hit attack).

Cid Highwind's Limit Breaks

I-1: Boost Jump
Cid performs a diving slash to one enemy.

I-2: Dynamite
Using his cigarette, Cid lights a stick of dynamite and tosses it at his enemies, causing a damaging explosion.

II-1: Hyper Jump
Cid spins into the sky and drives his weapon into the ground, which is covered in a blue light. Upon pulling it out, all enemies are damaged.

II-2: Dragon
A serpent-like dragon flies from behind Cloud and encircles one enemy before flying away. HP and MP stolen from the target are given to Cid.

III-1: Dragon Dive
Cid leaps in the air and comes down with his weapon 6 times, creating a column of multi-colored energy each time he lands that causes damage.

III-2: Big Brawl
Cid pokes and impales opponents with his weapon 8 times while dust rises around him.

IV: Highwind
Cid calls down a barrage of missiles from the Highwind to strike all enemies repeatedly.

Getting Cid's Level 4 Limit Break

After you get a submarine, go underwater and search for the wrecked plane near the southern part of the world map, between the Western and Eastern continents. His manual is in one of the treasure chests inside the plane.

Cloud Strife's Limit Breaks

I-1: Braver
Cloud dashes forward and performs a diving slash against one opponent.

I-2: Cross Slash
Cloud's three slashes create a symbol over his enemy. When it fadesaway, that enemy is hit once. It also has a chance of paralyzing the hit foe.

II-1: Blade Beam
Cloud sends a wave of green energy at the targeted foe. When it hits, smaller waves shoot outward to hit each remaining foe, although the damage is less than the first, big wave.

II-2: Climhazzard
Cloud sticks his sword into an enemy and then yanks it upwards while jumping for heavy damage.

III-1: Meteorain
Cloud twirls his sword and leaps into the air. With one swing, he sends a shower of meteors down upon his foes, hitting 4 times.

III-2: Finishing Touch
Creating a light at the tip of his sword, Cloud throws a funnel of risingair that sucks in all opponents for an instant kill attack. Those that survive are dropped to the ground for further physical damage.

IV: Omnislash
A column of wind surrounds Cloud and his sword lights up. He thenattacks all enemies for a total of 15 hits, finishing with a diving sword slash. The sword strikes cause physical damage, while the last strike hits all foes.

Getting Cloud's Level 4 Limit Break

You must earn 32,000 battle points at the Gold Saucer in one visit. You can then trade them in for the manual.

Red XIII's Limit Breaks

I-1: Sled Fang
Swirls of blue energy surround Red XIII, who tackles his opponent for physical damage.

I-2: Lunatic High
Sheets of yellow vapor shoot up from around Red XIII and his companions. It has the same affect as "Haste". Each ally's evade is also up by 50% temporarily.

II-1: Blood Fang
Swirls of energy surround Red XIII, who tackles his opponent. In addition to striking for physical damage, Red XIII is healed for a small amount of HP and also gains back some MP as well.

II-2: Stardust Rain
A field of stars replaces the background. Red XIII howls and a shower of blue lights rain down on all opponents striking twelve times.

III-1: Howling Moon
A full moon appears, making Red XIII leap up and howl at it. He is affected by Berserk and Haste at the same time.

III-2: Earth Rave
Red XIII attacks the enemy with jumping bites and claw scratches. Each time he attacks, balls of fire burst forth and shower over the enemy. This attack hits five times for physical and fire damage.

IV: Cosmo Memory
Red XIII summons a flare into which a field of stars and balls of fire are absorbed. The flare then explodes in a ray of Fire followed by an explosion that hits all foes for fire damage.

Getting Red XIII's Level 4 Limit Break

Go to Nivelheim and unlock the safe in the right wing of Sephiroth's Mansion (check the secrets section if you don't know how). You'll receive Red XIII's manual from the boss when you defeat him.

Tifa Lockheart's Limit Breaks

The more Limit Breaks she learns, the more slots appear in the slot machine that picks the skill she uses (the abilities listed above). When she gains a new Break, she is able to use a new attack. She can learn up to 10 slots total. When picking a slot, there are three outcomes: HIT, which makes Tifa perform one of the above attacks, YEAH!, which works like HIT but increases the damage inflicted, and MISS, which makes Tifa do nothing. Tifa will then proceed to perform all the moves you end up with in a row. She will randomly switch to a new enemy (or stay with the one she's attacking) for each new move.

I-1: Beat Rush
A quick combination of punches.

I-2: Somersault
A somersault kick.

II-1: Waterkick
A sweep kick that hits for water damage.

II-2: Meteodrive
A back-slam.

III-1: Dolphin Blow
A rising uppercut accompanied by a geyser of water with a dolphin riding on top of it.

III-2: Meteor Strike
Tifa grabs her opponent, jumps in the air, and body-slams them as a huge explosion appears.

IV: Final Heaven
Tifa strikes her enemy with a huge, exploding attack.

Getting Tifa's Level 4 Limit Break

Go to Nivelheim and play the "Highwind" theme on the piano in Tifa's house on disc 2 or 3 (X-Square-Triangle-R1+Triangle-R1+Square-X-Square-Triangle-R1+X-O-X-Square-X) followed by Start (see the secrets section details).

Vincent Valentine's Limit Breaks

At the start of any of Vincent's Limit Breaks, his HP is doubled and is filled up to it's maximum amount. It returns to normal afterwards. Also, Vincent can still be affected by status changes while in another form (such as Mini or Poison). While transformed, Vincent is uncontrollable and will randomly perform one of his form's two attacks when his time bar is maxed out.

I: Galiant Beast
Vincent alters his form and becomes a horned, purple monster. Vincent claws and bites one opponent. Vincent throws golden orbs at all foes that hit for ice/lightning damage.

II: Death Gigas
This Morph changes Vincent into a Frankenstein's Monster. Vincent jumps and punches one enemy. Vincent pounds his chest and fires electricity at all enemies, which strikes for lightning damage.

III: Hell Mask
Vincent transforms into a Jason look-alike, complete with chainsaw and hockey mask. Vincent attacks 5 times with his saw. A poison gas with skulls flying out of it appears and afflicts an enemy with Silence, Sleepel, and Toad ailments in addition to causing poison damage.

IV: Chaos
Vincent turns into a skull-faced demon with bat wings.

  • Chaos Saber - Vincent slashes all foes with his wings.
  • Satan Slam - The ground rises in the shape of a skull and it's eyes flash, causing an instant death attack. The survivors are attacked by orange skulls that hit for special damage.

Getting Vincent's Level 4 Limit Break

Once you have the submarine or a Green, Black, or Gold Chocobo, go to the waterfall in the middle of the Western Continent. If you enter the waterfall from the left side with Vincent in your party, he'll meet a girl from his past (Lucrecia). You have to visit the falls twice, once during disc two and again in disc three; it's during your second visit that you'll get his manual.

Yuffie Kisaragi's Limit Breaks

I-1: Greased Lightning
Yuffie slashes once with her weapon, causing no damage. A second slash mark then appears and her opponent is hit for physical damage.

I-2: Clear Tranquil
Globes of water surround Yuffie and her companions. When they pop open, each character regains some HP.

II-1: Landscaper
Yuffie hits the ground and a line of blast waves heads towards her enemy. The ground buckles, then explodes, inflicting earth damage.

II-2: Bloodfest
The screen turns red and Yuffie hits all enemies with her weapon 10 times for physical damage.

III-1: Gauntlet
Yuffie creates a blue light beneath all her opponents. A column of blue light bursts upward, hitting every one for special damage.

III-2: Doom of the Living
The screen turns blue as Yuffie leaps from enemy to enemy, striking for a total of 15 hits. With each hit, purple light flashes from her weapon.

IV: All Creation
Yuffie creates a swirling circular mass of red, purple, and white light.Out of it fires a large beam of white light that damages all enemies for special damage.

Getting Yuffie's Level 4 Limit Break

Return to Wutai after completing Yuffie's sub-quest. Head to the pagoda and beat the five bosses within - she'll get her manual once Godo is defeated in battle.

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