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Symbol Meaning
1 Affects one target only.
A Affects all targets (all allies or all enemies).
C Only Affects chocobos that you've captured in Disc 2 or 3. If used in battle, these items restore 100 HP to the target.
N Only affects chocobos that you capture in disc 2 or 3
M This is the manual required for a character to learn his or her 4th Level (also called Ultimate) Limit Break.
* This item has no effect when used on Chocobos, but it can be used to get the Contain materia and can be used in conjunction with a Enemy Skills materia to learn the Enemy Skill 'Chocobuckle'.

Name Range Effect
1/35 soldier - Part of a set of twelve.
8inch Cannon 1 Heavy special damage
All Creation M Lv.4 Limit Break - Yuffie
Antarctic Wind A Casts 'Ice 2'
Antidote 1 Cures 'Poison' status
Autograph - (no purpose)
Battery - Used in Midgar, Disc One
Bird Feather A Inflicts Wind damage
Bolt Plume A Casts 'Bolt 2'
Carob Nut N Used to breed chocobos
Catastrophe M Lv.4 Limit Break - Barret
Cauldron 1 Casts 'Smelly Breath'
Chaos M Lv.4 Limit Break - Vincent
Cornucopia 1 Cures 'Minimum' status
Cosmo Memory M Lv.4 Limit Break - Red 13
Curiel Greens C Stamina up, Speed up
Dazers 1 Causes 'Paralysis'
Desert Rose - Trade for the Gold Chocobo
Dragon Fang A Causes lightning damage
Dragon Scales A Casts 'Aqua Breath'
Dream Powder A Casts 'Sleepel'
Earth Drum A Casts 'Quake 2'
Earth Harp - Trade for the Master Materias
Earth Mallet A Casts 'Quake 3'
Echo Screen 1 Cures 'Silence' status
Elixir 1 Restores all lost HP/MP
Ether 1 Restores 100 MP
Eye drop 1 Cures 'Dark' status
Fight Diary - (no purpose)
Final Heaven M Lv.4 Limit Break - Tifa
Fire Fang A Casts 'Fire 2'
Fire Veil A Casts 'Fire 3'
Gambler - (no purpose)
Ghost Hand 1 Gain MP stolen from target
Graviball 1 Casts 'Demi'
Great Gospel M Lv.4 Limit Break - Aeris
Grenade 1 Minor special damage
Guide Book - Trade for the Underwater Materia
Guard Source 1 'Guard' up by one point
Gysahl Greens C Stamina up
Hazardous Waste A Casts 'Bio 2'
Hero Drink 1 Casts 'Mighty Guard'
Hi-Potion 1 Restores 500 HP
Highwind M Lv.4 Limit Break - Cid
Holy Torch A Casts 'Dispel'
Hourglass A Casts 'Stop'
Hyper 1 Causes 'Fury' status, cures 'Sadness' status
Ice Crystal A Casts 'Ice 3'
Imapler 1 Casts 'Toad'
Ink 1 Causes 'Dark'
Krakka Greens C Intelligence up
Kiss of Death A Same effect as 'All Over'
Lasan Nut N Used to breed chocobos
Light Curtain A Casts 'Barrier'
Loco weed A Casts 'Confuse'
Luchile Nut N Used to breed chocobos
Luck Source 1 'Luck' up by one point
Lunar Curtain A Casts 'MBarrier'
M-Tentacles A Casts 'Bio 3'
Magic Source 1 'Magic' up by one point
Maiden's Kiss 1 Cures 'Toad' status
Masamune Blade - (no purpose)
Megalixir A Restores all lost HP/MP
Mimett Greens C Stamina up, Speed up*
Mind Source 1 'Mind' up by one point
Mirror A Casts 'Reflect'
Molotov 1 Causes fire damage
Mute Mask A Casts 'Silence'
OmniSlash M Lv.4 Limit Break - Cloud
Pahsana Greens C Intelligence up
Phoenix Down 1 Revive with 1/10th HP
Pipio Nut N Used to breed chocobos
Porov Nut N Used to breed chocobos
Potion 1 Restores 100 HP
Power Source 1 'Power' up by one point
Pram Nut N Used to breed chocobos
Reagan Greens C Stamina up, Speed up
Remedy 1 Cures any status ailment
Right arm 1 Heavy special damage
S-mine 1 Medium special damage
Saraha Nut N Used to breed chocobos
Save Crystal - Make a Save Point once in the Northern Crater
Shrapnel 1 Medium fire damage
Shrivel A Casts 'Minimum'
Smoke Bomb A Escape from battle if used on allies or enemies
Soft 1 Cures 'Petrify' status
Speed Drink 1 Casts 'Haste'
Speed Source 1 'Speed' up by one point
Spider Web A Casts 'Slow'
Stardust A Casts 'Comet 2'
Super Sweeper - (no purpose)
Swift Bolt A Casts 'Bolt 3'
Sylkis Greens C Speed up, Stamina up, and Intelligence up
T/S Bomb 1 Casts 'Demi 2'
Tantal Greens C Speed up, Stamina up, and Intelligence up
Tent A Restores all HP/MP (Save Point or World Map)
Tissue - (no purpose)
Tranquilizer 1 Causes 'Sadness' status, cures 'Fury' status
Turbo Ether 1 Restores all lost MP
Vaccine 1 Prevents status ailments
Vagyrisk Claw 1 Causes 'Petrify'
Vampire Fang 1 Gain HP stolen from target
X-Potion 1 Restores all lost HP
War Gong A Casts 'Berserk'
Zeio Nut N Used to breed chocobos

Story Items
Name Location
Pharmacy Coupons Wall Market
Cotton Dress Wall Market
Satin Dress Wall Market
Silk Dress Wall Market
Wig Wall Market
Blonde Wig Wall Market
Dyed Wig Wall Market
Disinfectant Wall Market
Deodorant Wall Market
Digestive Wall Market
Cologne Wall Market
Flower Cologne Wall Market
Sexy Cologne Wall Market
Glass Tiara Wall Market
Ruby Tiara Wall Market
Diamond Tiara Wall Market
Member's Card Wall Market
Keycard 60 Shinra Tower Level 59
Keycard 62 Shinra Tower Level 61
Keycard 65 Shinra Tower Level 62
Midgar Parts Shinra Tower Level 65
Keycard 66 Shinra Tower Level 65
Keycard 68 Shinra Tower Level 68
PHS Kalm Town
Basement Key Shinra Mansion
Keystone Gold Saucer
Black Materia Temple of the Ancients
Glacier Map Icicle Inn
Snowboard Icicle Inn
Mythril Sleeping man (eastern continent cave)
Leviathan Scales Underwater Reactor
Huge Materia North Corel
Huge Materia Fort Condor
Huge Materia Shinra no. 26 (rocket)
Huge Materia Sunken Submarine
Key to Ancients Underwater

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