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Enemy Skills

The Enemy Skill Materia (a yellow command materia) gives you the ability to use the attacks of some enemies. In order to use these attacks you must first have the attack cast upon a member of your party equipped with the Enemy Skill Materia. Below is a list of all the enemy skills you can use, what they do, and where you can get them. Note that sometimes you have to use manipulate on an enemy to get it to cast one of these attacks on you.

Name Effect Enemy Learned From Enemy Location
???? A weight drops and hits for special damage. The amount of damage is equal to the amount of damage the caster has received so far in that battle. Behemoth Sector 8, Underground
Jersey Mansion, 2f; Mansion, Hidden Steps
Angel Whisper Brings dead allies back to life, relieves status ailments, and dispels bad effects. Also restores HP to the amount shown during the skill's use (lowers HP if it's already above the amount shown during the skill's use). This cannot be used to lower the HP of an enemy. Pollensalta Inside Northern Cave
Aqualung Blue bubbles strike all enemies for water damage. Serpent Cargo Room (in Gelnika, the sunken plane)
Griffon Gold Saucer Area (mostly in desert pit area)
Malboro Gaea's Cliff; Inside of Gaea's Cliff; Inside Northern Crater
Jenova Life Forgotten City
Bad Breath Inflict multiple status ailments (confusion, frog, minimum, mute, poison, and sleep) upon all enemies. Malboro Found in Gaea's Cliff, Northern Crater
Beta All targets are hit for magic damage. Midgar Zolom Marsh in the Grassland Area
Big Guard Has the same effect as casting Haste, Barrier, and MaBarrier on all your allies. Beachplug Corel Area; Gold Saucer Area; Gongaga Area. Always by the shore
Wolfmeister Corel Train (during Corel Huge Materia quest)
Chocobockle A fat chocobo bounces around and hits one for for special damage. This attack gains strength each time you flee from a battle. Chocobos whose levels are divisible by 4 (the ones at level 16 and 32) (you also have to use Level 4 Suicide on the Chocobo for it to use the skill) Grassland Area
Chocobo (the one at level 36) Mideel Area
Death Force One ally becomes immune to instant death attacks. Adamantaimai Wutai Area (on shore)
Death Sentence One enemy is condemned (they die when the counter over their head reaches zero). Boundfat Corral Valley; Corral Valley Cave; Forgotten City
Gi Spector Cave of the Gi
Sneaky Step Cave of the Gi
Dragon Force Increases your physical and magical defense. Dark Dragon Inside Northern Cave
Blue Dragon Inside of Gaea's Cliff
Flame Thrower A stream of fire burns one for for fire damage. Ark Dragon Mythril Mine
Dragon Mt. Nibel; Mt. Nibel Cave
Frog Song Transforms all foes into frogs and puts them to sleep. Touch Me Jungle (in Gongaga Area)
Toxic Frog Temple of the Ancients
Christopher Northern Cave
Goblin Punch One foe is hit for physical damage. The damage is multiplied if your opponent has the same level as you. Goblin Goblin Island; Round Island
L4 Suicide Enemies whose level is a multiple of 4 lose almost all their HP and are sometimes inflicted with minimum status. Mu Grasslands Area
Trickplay Icicle Area; Forgotten City
L5 Death Enemies whose level is a multiple of 5 are instantly killed. Parasite Inside Northern Cave
Laser Reduces an enemy's HP by half. Dark Dragon Inside Northern Cave
Death Claw Corel Prison
1st Ray Sector 1, No. 1 Reactor.
Bull Motor Corel Prison
Magic Breath Rainbow orbs hit all foes for fire, ice, and lightning damage. Stilva Inside of Gaea's Cliff
Parasite Inside Northern Cave
Magic Hammer You absorb up to 100 MP of the enemy. Razor Weed Wutai Area; Wutai,Da-Chao Statue
Matra Magic Fire a pack of missiles at one enemy for magic damage. Bull Motor Corel Prison
Custom Sweeper Midgar Area (near Midgar City area)
Death Machine Junon Path
Pandora's Box A star field and question mark appear and hit all enemies for physical damage. Dragon Zombie Inside Northern Cave
Roulette One ally or enemy is randomly killed. Death Claw Inside Northern Cave
Shadow Flare A black flare hits a single opponent for magic damage. Dragon Zombie Inside Northern Cave
Ultimate Weapon (last battle) Cosmo Canyon Area
Safer*Sephiroth Inside Northern Cave
Trine A Delta Force-like attack that hits all enemies for lightning damage. Stilva Inside of Gaea's Cliff
Materia Keeper Nibelheim Mountains
Godo Wutai Village
White Wind Each ally regains lost HP and their status ailments are cured and dispelled. The amount of HP recovered depends on the current HP of the caster. Wind Wing Whirlwind Maze
Zemzelet Junon Area

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