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Some people have reported problems with these codes (such as, these codes don't work with a PAR). FYI, I made these codes using a Game Shark with PAR software (version 1.98), so I really don't know why it wouldn't work on both devices.

All of the codes in this FAQ were made by me, unless otherwise stated. If you want to reprint, submit, or display these codes, please give credit where it is due. If you want to submit a code, just tell me the code itself, what it does, and include any glitches/problems with the code. Oh, and please tell me the code's creator if you didn't make it yourself. Remember, these codes were made to work on the Japanese version of FF7 - they _may_ work on the English-text version or Japanese re-released version, but I don't know for certain.

FF7 MASTER CODE (80000000 - 0000)
This is the cheat that lets you use other codes with this game. I don't know if it (and the other codes listed here) will work on every disc, but if a code doesn't, then I'll let you know.

With this code, anyone in the first position always has a full Time bar. This means that he or she can repeatedly choose commands and will do them as fast as he is able. The other two characters act normally.

The plus side to this is that you can attack many times in a single turn of combat. Also, if you reach your limit break, you can repeatedly activate it as long as you start doing so before the first limit break begins. (As an example, I used an old file and was able to kill the boss of the Shinra Boat in the first round. This was possible because Barett already had a full Limit bar when the battle began. I rapidly selected Barett's Heavy Shot whenever the menu popped up. He did something like 20 Heavy Shots in a row.) While this is obviously useful when attacking or using Limit Breaks, you can't "stockpile" summon uses or magic casting. Even if you select to summon, say, Ifrit, nine times, you'll only get a message for the subsequent 8 summons and nothing will happen. Similarly, if you choose to cast a spell five times but don't have enough MP, then you'll only use the spell until your MP runs out, at which point you get a message telling you so and nothing happens until your commands "run out". Just because you have a full time bar doesn't give you extra initiative, either; enemies will still attack you when they are able (once you've stopped performing a command), and your allies will do whatever you told them to do (once again, as soon as you stop doing something). This code is especially useful if you're using the Control Enemy Materia, since you can have them do whatever you want as many times as you want (as long as they don't get hit).

Enter this code, but replace the last digit (x) with one of the following:

0 - Cloud Strife
1 - Barett Wallace
2 - Tifa Rockheart
3 - Aeris Gainsborough
4 - Red XIII
5 - Yuffie Kisaragi
6 - Cait Sith
7 - Vincent Valentine
8 - Cid Highwind
9 - *Young Cloud
A - *Sephiroth
B - *Chocobo
C - *"Nau Purintingu" (Now Printing)
D - *"Nau Purintingu" (Now Printing)

When you start the game, the character in your 3rd slot (position) will "turn into" the character you've chosen. If the graphics are messed up, try entering and exiting the PHS screen to clear things up a bit. If the code doesn't work initially, try checking your character's stats in the PHS screen or switching that character in and out of the PHS screen. This code works much better if you use a new game or have a saved file in which the third character slot is empty. Basically, the code works like this:

If you want to have any of the "normal" characters, i.e. Cloud or Cid, then they'll usually start off at level 1. The game won't freeze or mess up if you talk to someone or if an event occurs, but if you're not supposed to have that character yet, they won't appear or interact with anyone.

The sole exception to this is Aeris. Like Cloud, she cannot be removed from the party, or even the PHS system once she is put in reserve. Furthermore, the game WILL freeze or hang if you put her in her party once she's left for the last village, or if you have her join at any point from the end of disc one onwards. What's really weird about this is that in some cases (like after the snowboarding event on disc two, when the party comes to in the snow), she DOES have her own dialogue (these seem to be "any character" quotes, though). Those of you who want another code can try:

PLAY AS AERITH - 3RD POSITION (801D3330 - 3313)
It only lets you select Aerith, but seems to mess up less than the character select code. To choose her, go into the PHS screen, place your character on the 3rd person (who you don't have to remove), and press the circle button twice (as if you were going to check his/her status). With this code, Aerith is "invisible" during most events/conversations and says nothing.

As for the 'Character Select' code:

Make sure that you don't have the same character in the third space that you're going to use with the first code (i.e. don't have Cait Sith in the third space and then enter a code for Cait Sith). The result is that you can make "copies" of that character, but not select others. Unless you want to have, say, two Baretts - then put Barett in the first or second space and then use the Barett code in the third space.

The special characters are the ones which have astericks (*) beside them. While you probably recognize Young Cloud and Sephiroth from Cloud's flashback after reaching the world map, the chocobo and the two 'Nau Purintingu' portraits don't have any real stats, they'll just have Cloud's instead.

The problem with the special characters is that you cannot turn another character into them, or their stats "merge". The result is that not only does that character not even appear, but they lose all their HP instantly (and don't appear, either) during battle sequences. Right now, Young Cloud and Sephiroth are the only "special" characters that don't merge instantly. The chocobo face appears when you try to raise chocobos in the second disk, so that explains that. The character that I called "Kanjimaru" is in fact translated as "Now Printing" in English. Mr. Kelley (who translated the name) suggests that it was perhaps a test portrait made by the programmers (sort of a default portrait perhaps used before the actual portraits were drawn/decided upon), or simply a joke by the programmers, which makes sense as the portrait has no real stats, equipment, or anything else.

So, to play with one of the special characters, you have to have a blank opening. I've been having some trouble "creating" a blank space using the PHS system, so I was forced to find a file when there are two characters or less. The Shinra boat (Disc one) was the one file I had on hand to use, so it's the one I'll use in my example (the file's at the second save point, just before you meet with your friends and encounter Sephiroth). You could also start a new game since there's no one in the third position. If you can't get this code to work (especially with one of the special characters), try it with a blank space for optimum results. So, to test out one of the special characters at the Shinra boat, for example:

Enter the code and start the game, then choose the file. Cloud will be at the top, and at the bottom will be the messed-up portrait and stats of either Young Cloud or Sephiroth. Go talk to Barett, in order to speed up events, then go meet your friends. When you're asked to pick new party members, kick out the "special" character and take two other characters. This prevents the game from glitching in the next scene. Be sure to turn off the game shark so that your new allies won't suddenly "become" Young Cloud or Sephiroth.

Then, talk to one of your allies and remove your third member. Flick up the switch on the game shark, and you've got your special character! You can try them out in battle if you'd like in the hold below, but don't try to meet Sephiroth with Sephiroth in your party or the game will crash. For some strange reason, if Red XIII is your third member and you turn the switch on to enable the code just before the battle with Sephiroth's creature, the two won't merge and you can fight the boss with Sephiroth.

Special notes about the characters:

Sephiroth is still automatically controlled by the computer. However, you can de-equip and take his Materia for your own! Even better, you can use this code at the very start of the game to have Sephiroth accompany Cloud into the Shinra reactor! If you leave the code on and have him switch places with Cloud, you'll have three Sephiroths to fight with! (This does crash the game with a high rate, though). By the way, even if you remove Sephiroth's Materia, he can still cast magic in battle! If you start a new game with him as your character, you can't select Materia since you can't choose that option yet.

While Young Cloud has a limit break, it (like Sephiroth's) doesn't really exist (it can't be used in battle, even if you try it with the "Infinite Limit Break Use" code below).

The Chocobo and both Now Printings always act as if they are "merged". I have yet to find a way around this, so they are unplayable for the time being, even though you can get their portraits (I doubt you can play with either of them).

Unfortunately, the code for Vincent Valentine almost always results in a "merged" (and hence, unplayable) version of Sephiroth, even if I activate him in a blank space. Once you get Vincent (normally), both this and the Sephiroth code give mixed results, at best. Even without Vincent, this code gives you some strange results. For instance, even though Sephiroth doesn't really have a limit break, the name that is given is Vincent's initial break.

As you can see, this code is far from perfect, and I haven't been able to test the codes fully. If you have trouble using these codes, remember that you MUST have a blank space to put one of the "special" characters or the code won't work and both characters will merge. Also, don't be surprised if the game hangs, especially during character events, even if the code you're using is for one of the "normal characters" (Aeris in particular).

With both of these codes (Characters and Aeris) it's a good idea for you to flip off the code after getting the character you want to lessen the chance of the game hanging.

This code has no effect on the game unless you go to the outside ledges of the Frozen Mountain. While there, your body heat will stay at a constant 31 degrees, and neither tapping the S button or being exposed to the cold air will have any affect to your temperature. This way, you can explore the mountain freely without worrying about passing out. The number may fluctuate a bit (it sometimes stops at 91), but your heat will still be unaffected.

As long as this code is activated, your limit bar instantly fills up and stays full until you use a limit break. It then immediately fills again, allowing you to use your breaks as often as you'd like. The only side effect is that you can "choose" Breaks that you don't really have--this has no affect on the actual game aside from wasting a turn and if you try to use one, you get a message telling you that you don't have enough MP. This code has no effect on Vincent after he's done any of his breaks, and it doesn't allow characters to use limit breaks when they normally can't (Sephiroth, Young Cloud, Cait Sith (once he's used the Slot Suit and gotten three moogles), or characters who can't use them due to their status, such as petrification). I really want to get a "1st position" code so I could use it with the "No Time Limit" code... imagine what you could do with that. In fact, I've been trying to get most of my codes to work for players in other positions, so maybe I'll have some new stuff for you coders to cheat with when the next revision is put up.

This code suffers from some MAJOR drawbacks, but at least it's usable. If I can tweak it enough to get a real chocobo select, then this code will be updated. When activated, it turns your chocobo into a gold chocobo. The color and type remain the same, but you can cross cliffs, mountains, rivers, shallow water, oceans, go up waterfalls, etc. (as if you were riding a gold chocobo). However, this code has it's share of flaws, namely:

You can't do this with wild chocobos that you catch: you have to catch a chocobo, send it to the Chocobo Farm, name it and ride it out of the farm, _then_ activate the code. This effectively prevents you from using this code until about halfway through Disc 2 when the option of chocobo breeding is available to you, so you can't cheat wildly on the first disc and do things like skip to new areas, bypass levels, or grab the Knights of the Round Materia at such an early point in the game :( Secondly, you can't leave the world map while the code is on, so you'll have to turn off the code before entering any area. When you come back out, the chocobo will have "reverted" to normal, so you'll have to get back on and flip the switch up again to re-activate the code. Also, the code sometime glitches if you enter the dirt pit around the Gold Saucer. I had to have all the chocobo types before I could make this code in the first place, so it didn't help me much. :(

ITEM SELECT (8009B4xx - yzzz)
This is THE code that I've been wanting to make since I bought this game, and I'm quite overjoyed to have it. I wish there were more secret items in the game, and I would have really liked to get some key items, but that's another code for another day. Don't forget that you can sell these items for loads of cash (as long as the switch is up), and you can use them to empower your characters (try the '-Appu' items) early on in the game. Enjoy!

Please take note: As long as you follow the below guidelines (remember to be careful when putting in the two "location" digits), this code should work. Several people have been complaining that they can't get the code to work - even the people with the same GS and version number as mine (1.98). If you've _carefully_ tried this code and can't get any results, then you may simply not be able to use the code on your game. I have NO IDEA what causes this and I'm sorry I can't offer more help to those with problems concerning this code or the Materia Select code (they both work in the same manner).

And yes, saving your game with this code _will_ save the items into memory--you'll still have to be careful that you don't end up with the "battle glitch" described below.

An example code would be 8009B4A8 - 202A for the Ghost Hand item, for those of you who don't understand how the x/y/z entries work.

xx = Location where item appears on the item select screen. You can change this number to enter the code multiple times to have multiple items of your choice, but you _must_ use EVEN numbers (i.e. C2, 9A, or 88) or the game may glitch. Also, if this code would put an item over an occupied space and not a blank one, the game may freeze or the item may not appear. Finally, try to keep the location range between 8_ and C_ or the game may crash.

y = No. of items; you'll have an infinite amount unless you turn the switch off (usually). The number you enter is converted to hexidecimal form (so what you put in won't correlate with the # of items you get). Keep in mind that 0 is a valid number and can be used.

zzz = Item name:

000 = Potion 0A0 = Gatling Gun
001 = Hi Potion 0A1 = Assault Gun
002 = X Potion 0A2 = Cannonball
003 = Ether 0A3 = Atomic Scissor
004 = Ether Turbo 0A4 = Hard Vulcan
005 = Elixir 0A5 = Chainsaw
006 = Last Elixir 0A6 = Micro Razor
007 = Phoenix Tail 0A7 = A. M. Cannon
008 = Poison Neutralize 0A8 = Double Machine Gun
009 = Gold Needle 0A9 = Drill Arm
00A = Virgin's Kiss 0AA = Sold Bazooka
00B = (Uchide no Koduchi) 0AB = Rocket Punch
00C = (Yamabikoenmaku) 0AC = Enemy Launcher
00D = Stimulant 0AD = Pile Banker
00E = Tranquilizer 0AE = Maximum Ray
00F = Almighty Medicine 0AF = Missing Score
010 = Silent Smoke 0B0 = Mithril Clip
011 = Speed Drink 0B1 = Giyaman Hairpin
012 = (Ei x no Kusuri) 0B2 = Silver Baretta
013 = Vaccine 0B3 = Gold Baretta
014 = (Shurudan) 0B4 = Adamant Clip
015 = Bomb Fragment 0B5 = Crystal Comb
016 = Right Arm Bomb 0B6 = Magic Comb
017 = Gold Hourglass 0B7 = Platinum Baretta
018 = Death God's Kiss 0B8 = Battle Clip
019 = Spider Thread 0B9 = (Kanzashi)
01A = Dream Powder 0BA = Seraph Comb
01B = Silent Mask 0BB = Behimoth Horn
01C = Battle Gong 0BC = Spriggan Clip
01D = Delusion Washi Weed 0BD = Limited Moon
01E = Fire Dragon Fang 0BE = Guard Rod
01F = Fire Scroll 0BF = Mithril Rod
020 = Antarctic Wind 0C0 = Full Metal Rod
021 = Cold Binding Crystal 0C1 = Strike Rod
022 = Electric Shock Bird Horn 0C2 = Prism Rod
023 = Fast Thunder 0C3 = Aurora Rod
024 = Earth Drum 0C4 = Wizard Rod
025 = Earth Hammer 0C5 = Confusion/Vizier Rod
026 = Harmfulness Material 0C6 = Fairy Tail
027 = Molbol's Tentacle 0C7 = Umbrella
028 = Sand Star 0C8 = Princess Guard
029 = Vampire Fang 0C9 = Spear
02A = Ghost Hand 0CA = Slash Pike
02B = Basilisk's Nail 0CB = Trident
02C = Light Curtain 0CC = Pole Axe
02D = Moon Curtain 0CD = Partisan
02E = Reflection Mirror 0CE = Serpent Halberd
02F = Holy Torch 0CF = Javelin
030 = Big Bird Feather 0D0 = Glow Lance
031 = Sea Dragon Scale 0D1 = Mop
032 = (Mozu no Hayanie) 0D2 = Dragoon Lance
033 = Shorten 0D3 = (x ryuu x getsutou)
034 = Eye Medicine 0D4 = (Houtenga x geki)
035 = Fire Cocktail 0D5 = (Ronginusu)
036 = S Mine 0D6 = Venus Gospel
037 = 203 Million Bullet Shells 0D7 = Juuji Shuriken
038 = Gravity Ball 0D8 = Boomerang
039 = Space-Time Bullet 0D9 = Windmill
03A = (Ikasumi) 0DA = Crescent Moon Ring
03B = Numbness Needle 0DB = Hawk Eye
03C = Fang of Dragon Pair 0DC = Crystal Cross
03D = Witch's Cauldron 0DD = Wind Slasher
03E = Shirukisu Vegetable 0DE = Twin Viper
03F = Reigen Vegetable 0DF = Manji Shuriken
040 = Mimetto Vegetable 0E0 = Super Ball
041 = Kuriie Vegetable 0E1 = Fuuma Shuriken
042 = Pasaana Vegetable 0E2 = Rising Sun
043 = Tantaru Vegetable 0E3 = (Kari x)
044 = Karakka Vegetable 0E4 = Irreconcilable
045 = Gizaaru Vegetable 0E5 = Yellow Megaphone
046 = Tent 0E6 = Green Megaphone
047 = Power Up 0E7 = Blue Megaphone
048 = Guard Up 0E8 = Red Megaphone
049 = Magic Up 0E9 = Crystal Megaphone
04A = Mind Up 0EA = White Megaphone
04B = Speed Up 0EB = Black Megaphone
04C = Luck Up 0EC = Silver Megaphone
04D = Zeio Fruit 0ED = (Hou xx)
04E = Karabu Fruit 0EE = Gold Megaphone
04F = Porofu Fruit 0EF = (Totsu x rappa)
050 = Paramu Fruit 0F0 = Starlight Phone
051 = Rasan Fruit 0F1 = Marvelous Cheer
052 = Saraha Fruit 0F2 = Quicksilver
053 = Rujiru Fruit 0F3 = Super
054 = Pipio Fruit 0F4 = Landal
055 = Zinc Battery 0F5 = (Raiatto)
056 = Pocket Tissue 0F6 = Winchester
057 = S. U. W. G. C. S. Manual 0F7 = Peacemaker
058 = Catastrophe Manual 0F8 = (Bantorain)
059 = Final Heaven Manual 0F9 = Longbarrel R <Rifle>
05A = Great Word of God Manual 0FA = Silver Jewel Gun
05B = Cosmo Memory Manual 0FB = Sniper CR
05C = Universe Manual 0FC = Highbrow ST
05D = Chaos Manual 0FD = Outsider
05E = Highwind Manual 0FE = Death Penalty
05F = (1/35 Shin-Ra x) 0FF = Masamune
060 = Super Alloy Sweeper 100 = Bronze Bangle
061 = Masamune Blade 101 = Iron Bangle
062 = Save Crystal 102 = Titanium Bangle
063 = Dio's Exciting Fight Diary 103 = Mithril Bracelet
064 = Signed Colored Paper 104 = Carbon Bangle
065 = _My Life's Gambling_ 105 = Copper Bracelet
066 = 102 106 = Gold Bracelet
067 = 103 107 = Daia Bangle
068 = 104 108 = Crystal Bangle
069 = 105 109 = Platinum Bangle
06A = 106 10A = Rune Bracelet
06B = 107 10B = (Ejinkooto)
06C = 108 10C = Wizard Brace
06D = 109 10D = Adamant Bangle
06E = 110 10E = Gigas Bracelet
06F = 111 10F = Imperial Guard
070 = 112 110 = Aegis Bracelet
071 = 113 111 = Force Brace
072 = 114 112 = Warrior Bangle
073 = 115 113 = [Shin-Ra Relaxed Form Defense Tool]
074 = 116 114 = [Shin-Ra Armor Type Defend Tool Reform]
075 = 117 115 = Four Slot
076 = 118 116 = Ardent Flame Bracelet
077 = 119 117 = Aurora Bracelet
078 = 120 118 = Thunder Bracelet
079 = 121 119 = Dragon Bracelet
07A = 122 11A = Minerva Brace
07B = 123 11B = Escort Guard
07C = 124 11C = Myth Tear
07D = 125 11D = (Zaidorittsu)
07E = 126 11E = (xx wan x kei)
07F = 127 11F = Chocobo Bracelet
080 = Buster Sword 120 = Power Wrist
081 = Mithril Saber 121 = (Boudan Chokki)
082 = Hard Breaker 122 = Earring
083 = Butterfly Edge 123 = Talisman
084 = Enhance Sword 124 = Chocobo Feather
085 = Ogre Nix 125 = Charm
086 = Crystal Sword 126 = Champion Belt
087 = Force Eater 127 = Poison Ring
088 = Rune Blade 128 = Toughness Ring
089 = Murasame 129 = Sacred
08A = Nail Bat 12A = Star Pendant
08B = (Riku x syukichikou) 12B = Silver Edge Glasses
08C = Apocalypse 12C = Headband
08D = (Ten no Ganshou) 12D = Fairy Ring
08E = Ragnarok 12E = Jewel Ring
08F = Ultima Weapon 12F = White Cape
090 = Leather Glove 130 = Hermes' Shoes
091 = Metal Knuckle 131 = Peace Ring
092 = Mithril Claw 132 = Ribbon
093 = Grand Glove 133 = Flame Ring
094 = Tiger Fang 134 = Cold Ring
095 = Daia Knuckle 135 = Thunder Ring
096 = Dragon Claw 136 = Tetra-Element
097 = Crystal Glove 137 = Safety Bit
098 = Motor Drive 138 = Angry Ring
099 = Platinum Fist 139 = Cursed Ring
09A = Kaiser Knuckle 13A = Protection Ring
09B = Army Cotton Gloves 13B = Spirit Bell
09C = Over <-head> Throw 13C = Reflection Ring
09D = Master Fist 13D = Water Ring
09E = God Hand 13E = (Nusuzoku no Shoute)
09F = Premium Heart 13F = Hypno-Crown

Codes ending in 066 - 07F give you these items. As of right now, I don't know what their purpose is (they may be disabled key items, I think).

  • Codes ending in 080 - 08F are swords for Cloud.
  • Codes ending in 090 - 09F are claws for Tifa.
  • Codes ending in 0A0 - 0AF are cannons for Barett.
  • Codes ending in 0B0 - 0BD are combs for Red XIII.
  • Codes ending in 0BE - 0C8 are rods for Aerith.
  • Codes ending in 0C9 - 0D6 are spears for Cid.
  • Codes ending in 0D7 - 0E4 are shurikens for Yuffie.
  • Codes ending in 0E5 - 0F1 are megaphones for Cait Sith.
  • Codes ending in 0F2 - 0FE are handguns for Vincent.
  • The code ending in 0FF looks like a gun, but it is in fact Sephiroth's Masamune blade.
  • Codes ending in 100 - 11F are defensive bracelets.
  • Codes ending in 120 - 13F are accessories you equip.
  • Codes ending in 140 - FFF are 'glitch' items that don't exist and have no purpose/effect on the game.

If you have this code activated and you go into a battle, you may get a strange effect that prevents you from fighting the battle. As the battle begins, these messages will appear, one after the other:

シーン:## / エラーコード: ##
L1+R1+SELECT デリセットシテネ
システムエラーガ xx シマシタ

I think it would be translated as:

xxx: ### / Error Occurred: ##
L1+R1+SELECT x Reset xxx
System Error x xx xxxx

Should you press L1+R1+Select at any time, you're instantly taken out of the battle. While you don't gain AP, gil, or experience points or items, you don't lose anything, either. Not only can this be used to bypass normal battles, but it can be used during boss battles and the game will continue as if you had fought and beaten the boss!

This is pure speculation on my part, but I think this is probably some sort of error checker/debugger that was used by the game's programmers to test battle sequences, probably to fix up any flaws in the 'Active Time Battle' system. This seems possible because the number seem to indicate your party's agility compared to the enemies (I think). And assuming my translations are correct (assuming, mind you :)) it would make some sense.

Keep in mind that this may still happen even with the code off. So, it's a good idea not to have this code on when you go into a battle. The best procedure would probably be to put in the codes for the items you want, then save your game and load it without using this code. Then, make sure that you don't have any spare items left in your menu (use them, sell them, or try "re-equipping" them to reduce the amount that you have - if you re-equip them you'll still keep one, but the others will vanish). Of course, if you don't want to fight any battles, then leave the code activated :)

MATERIA SELECT 8009B6xx - 00yy
Well well! Here's an interesting code. It works very much like the item select code above, except that you have to go into the materia screen. As long as the switch is up, you have an infinite number of whatever materia you've selected. The only bad thing about this code is that it will sometimes start off the materia orbs with "beyond master" levels, meaning that you can use all their abilities, but you can't get another one by mastering it.

xx = Location where the materia appears on the materia menu. You can change this number to enter the code multiple times to have multiple materia of your choice, but you _must_ use EVEN numbers (i.e. A0, C4, or 86) or the game may glitch. Also, if this code would put a materia over an occupied space and not a blank one, the game may freeze or the materia may not appear. Finally, try to keep the location range between 8_ and C_ or the game may crash.

yy = Name of Materia:

00 = MP Up 2E = (glitch)
01 = HP Up 2F = (glitch)
02 = Speed 30 = Master Command
03 = Magical 31 = Flame
04 = Lucky 32 = Cold
05 = Experience Points Up 33 = Earth
06 = Gil Up 34 = Thunder
07 = Enemy Avoid 35 = Remedy
08 = Enemy Collect 36 = Medical Treatment
09 = Chocobo Collect 37 = Resurrect
0A = Advance Attack 38 = Seal
0B = Long Distance Attack 39 = Perplex
0C = Everything Affect All 3A = Transform
0D = Counter 3B = Seperation
0E = Slice Everybody 3C = Poison
0F = Continuous Slice 3D = Gravity
10 = Protect 3E = Barrier
11 = Underwater Breath * 3F = Mabarrier *
12 = HP/MP Replace 40 = Meteorite
13 = Double Magic 41 = Time
14 = Double Summon 42 = Reflect *
15 = Double Item 43 = (Rifuabu) *
16 = Booster * 44 = Annihilation
17 = Affect Everybody 45 = Sealed Off
18 = Command Counter 46 = Full Cure
19 = Magic Counter 47 = Shield
1A = MP Turbo 48 = Ultima
1B = MP Absorb 49 = Master Magic
1C = HP Absorb 4A = Chocobo & Moogle
1D = Attribute 4B = Shiva
1E = Additional Effect 4C = Ifrit
1F = Surprise Attack 4D = Titan
20 = Final Attack 4E = Ramuh
21 = Slice in Addition 4F = Odin
22 = Steal in Addition 50 = Leviathan
23 = Random Magic Strike 51 = Bahamut
24 = Steal 52 = Kujata
25 = See Through 53 = Alexander
26 = Law * 54 = Phoenix
27 = Throw 55 = Bahamut Reborn
28 = Metamorphosis 56 = Hades
29 = Certain Kill 57 = Chupon
2A = Manipulate 58 = Bahamut Form Zero
2B = Mimicry 59 = Knights of the Round
2C = Techniques of the Enemy *2 5A = Master Summon
2D = (glitch) 89 = (glitch)

* Codes ending in 11, 16, 26, 3F, 42 and 43 are "disabled" Materia that you can't normally get during the game.

* 2 With this code, the Teki no Waza orb will have all stars filled except for stars 1-8.

  • Codes ending in 00 - 0D, 10 and 12 are Independant Materia.
  • Codes ending in 0E, 0F and 17 - 23 are Combination Materia.
  • Codes ending in 13 - 15, 24, 25, 27 - 2C and 30 are Command Materia.
  • Codes ending in 31 - 3E, 40, 41, and 44 - 49 are Magic Materia.
  • Codes ending in 4A - 5A are Summon Materia.
  • Codes ending in 2D - 2F, 89 are game glitches and not real Materia.
  • However, equipping the '089' materia will raise most of your stats. to 255 and your MAX MP to 999, although your HP will be dramatically reduced.
  • All other codes (5B - FF, excluding 89) are game glitches and not real Materia.

    Here are materia charts for each of the "disabled" materia. Please note that the abilities/AP levels of these materia tend to fluctuate, even if you put these in using the game shark, saved your game, and then played again without the GS codes on.

    Mabaria (Mabarrier) - Magic Materia 20000 AP 3 stars

    LV1: Mabarrier マバリア 24 Lessens magical damage
    LV2: Mabarrier マバリア 24 Lessens magical damage
    LV3: Mabarrier マバリア 24 Lessens magical damage

    This materia has its own description, Mabaria no... although it is just like other Magic Materia descriptions, note that the bracket-like quotes put around most magic spells are not used in this description (as in Mabaria instead of [Mabaria], sort of).

    Status Changes: POWER -02 MAGIC +02 MAXHP -05% STRENGTH -01 MAGIC DEFENSE +01 MAXMP +05%

    Find: Use the "materia select" game shark code (3F).

    RIFUREKU (Reflect) - Magic Materia 20000 AP 4 stars

    LV1: Reflect リフレク 30 Reflects most magic
    LV2: Wall ウオール 58 Barrier and Mabarrier cast at once

    This materia has its own description, Rifureku no... although it is just like other magic materia descriptions, note that the bracket-like quotes put around most magic spells are not used in this description (as in Rifureku instead of [Rifureku], sort of).

    Status Changes: POWER -02 MAGIC +02 MAXHP -05% STRENGTH -01 MAGIC DEFENSE +01 MAXMP +05%

    Find: Use the 'Materia Select' Game Shark code (42).

    RIFUABU (Reflect Wave?) - Magic Materia 60000 AP 3 stars

    L1: -- -- --
    L2: Wall ウオール 58 Barrier and Mabarrier cast at once

    This materia has its own description, Uooru no... although it is just like other magic materia descriptions, note that the bracket-like quotes put around most magic spells are not used in this description (as in Uooru instead of [Uooru], sort of).

    Status Changes: POWER -02 MAGIC +02 MAXHP -05% STRENGTH -01 MAGIC DEFENSE +01 MAXMP +05%

    Find: Use the 'Materia Select' Game Shark code (43).

    SUICHUU KOKYUU (Underwater Breath) - Independant Materia 1 star

    Has no description.

    It says it's ability is "SuichuuKokyuu*"

    This materia seems to have no effect when equipped, nor does it affect anything or anyone at any point in the game, as far as I can tell. Unlike all other materia, it has only one star. I would assume that this Materia starts off mastered, but because of the materia select code, I have way over a million AP and I can't seem to make that number go down. It could be that you have to master it (just like other materia) but then it would be the only materia in the game that starts off with no mastered star levels.

    * The info. box will give the stats. of the last materia the cursor was on should you move it around (unless it was last on an independant materia, in which case it will display "SuichuuKokyuu" for the ability name).

    Find: Use the 'materia select' game shark code (11).

    NOTE: For those of you who keep asking, I've been to the Ancient City and _nothing_ happens. Believe me, I've experimented with this materia in just about every possible way and it doesn't seem to have any effect in the game.

    HOUSOKU (Law*) - Command Materia 20000 AP 2 stars

    Has no description.

    LV1: ZENINAGE (Coin Toss) ぜになげ Just like the "Zeninage" skill of the "Nageru" materia. Although it doesn't say it, you also have the Nageru skill (Throw) in battle, too.

    Find: Use the "materia select" game shark code (26).

    * Mr. Kelley points out that this is most likely a joke by the programmers. "Law" is what lawyers deal with, and the listed skill given for this materia is Coin Toss. As in "you have to throw away your money when dealing with lawyers".

    BUUSUTAA (Booster) - Combination Materia 90000 AP 5 stars

    Has no description.

    It says it's ability is 'Buusutaa'.

    So far, it doesn't seem to affect any materia I equip it to. From the name, though, I'd imagine that it's supposed to increase the range/effectiveness/power of the Materia that you combine it with or perhaps increase the amount of AP you earn for that Materia.

    Find: Use the "materia select" game shark code (16).

    ALWAYS HAVE 9999999 GIL (8009B9F8 - 967F)
    As long as this code is activated, you'll always have 9999999 gil, even if you win a battle or purchase something (you can turn the code off to spend and gain money normally, and it won't drop down to the original amount you had before you used this code). If you turn off the code and earn a lot of gil, the numbers may look a little buggy, but it's not a harmful effect and it won't do anything to your game (and the amount will appear normal when you're purchasing items from a shop).

    With this code turned on, you'll win much more experience from enemies than you would normally. You don't need to use this code to keep your new exp. levels, either, since you can save them into the game just as if you had earned them normally. I wonder how the "Experience Up" Materia would affect this code.

    This works pretty much like the above code; simply turn it on and when you win a battle, you'll always earn a ton of ability points (AP), usually 4000-8000 points per battle. You can save your game normally to keep any materia orbs that you've mastered or leveled-up, too, so you don't have to keep using this code. If you affix a Materia Orb to a weapon that increases the rate at which a materia levels-up (such as Cloud's Apocalypse weapon), then you'll gain double or triple the amount of AP that you would normally.

    A special thanks to Deuce for discovering that if you change the code to 8009BF74 - 8FFF, you will gain far more AP per battle (around 36800 points) than you would normally.

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