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Chocobo Breeding


Getting the Gold Chocobo will take about 8-10 hours, at least 300,000 gil as well as the airship and lots of patience. You will get to explore the materia caves located at the top right corner of the map (Gold Chocobo only), middle-left of the map (At least a Green Chocobo required), bottom-right of the map (At least a Blue Chocobo required), and middle of the map of the western continent (At least a Black Chocobo required).

The Basics to Breeding:

Chocobo types:

  • Wonderful - Choco Billy says, "This... is a wonderful Chocobo!"
  • Great - Choco Billy says, "This is a great Chocobo."
  • Good - Choco Billy says, "Mmm, this seems like a good Chocobo."
  • Fair - Choco Billy says, "Mmm, this one's not bad."
  • Average - Choco Billy says, "This is a pretty average Chocobo."
  • Mediocre - Choco Billy says, "This Chocobo's so-so."
  • Poor - Choco Billy says, "This one doesn't seem to be very good."
  • Weak - Choco Billy says, "I really can't recommend this one."

Chocobo Locations:

  • Wonderful - Icicle Inn Area
  • Great - Mideel Area
  • Good - Gold Saucer Area
  • Fair - Junon Area, Wutai Area, Mideel Area
  • Average - Gold Saucer Area, Wutai Area
  • Mediocre - Rocket Town Area
  • Poor - Chocobo Ranch Area, Junon Area
  • Weak - Chocobo Ranch Area, Icicle Inn Area

Special Chocobos:

Green Chocobo
Can cross mountains!

Received by mating a good chocobo and a great chocobo with a carob nut.

Blue Chocobo
Can cross shallow rivers and streams!

Received by mating a good chocobo and a great chocobo with a carob nut.

Black Chocobo
Can cross mountains and rivers! (Combined ability of the Green Chocobo and the Blue Chocobo)

Received by mating a Green Chocobo and a Blue Chocobo with a carob nut.

Gold Chocobo
Can cross anything, including oceans!

Received by mating a Black Chocobo and a wonderful chocobo with a zeio nut.

Chocobo Racing

Here is where you race your chocobos to raise its class (at the Golden Saucer) and improve its chances of getting a coloured chocobo offspring when mated. (ex. a S-class chocobo always gets the one you need while a C-class chocobo has like a 1:10 chance of getting the one you need. You need to win 3 races to improve your rank. The classes are as follows C-class, B-class, A-class and S-class.


These nuts are the ones you need to feed your chocobos in order for them to breed correctly. Other nuts are not used for breeding coloured chocobos.

  • Carob nut - used for Green Chocobo, Blue Chocobo, and Black Chocobo. Steal the nuts from the red dragon-like monster in the Bone Village area (grass) or buy them for 500GP each at the Golden Saucer at the Wonder Square.
  • Zeio nut- used for Gold Chocobo. Steal the nuts from the Goblins on an island in the north eastern part of the map.

Chocobo Sage

In the northern continent there's a house and a patch of grass surrounding it. In it is the Chocobo Sage and he sells the best types of food (Sylkis greens and Reagen greens) and also gives you valuable information. Talk to the Green Chocobo and he will drop an enemy skill materia.


The more expensive the greens are, the more they will improve your chocobo's stats. Speed makes chocobos run faster in the race. Intelligence makes the chocobo conserve its stamina better. Stamina is the amount of boost you have during the race. Lastly, a message of "They're getting along better" appears when you improve your relation with your chocobo. The better your relation with your chocobo, the easier your chocobo will be to handle in the race. If you feed a chocobo a green and nothing happens to a stat that is supposed to go up, then that means that stat has been maxed out. Here is a list of which greens affect which stats:

Green Location Price Speed Increase? Intelligence Increase? Stamina Increase?
Sylkis Chocobo Sage 5000 Gil Y Y Y
Reagen Chocobo Sage 3000 Gil Y N Y
Mimett Chocobo Ranch 1500 Gil Y N Y
Curiel Chocobo Ranch 1000 Gil Y N Y
Pahsana Chocobo Ranch 800 Gil N Y N
Tantal Chocobo Ranch 400 Gil Y Y Y
Krakka Chocobo Ranch 250 Gil N Y N
Gysahl Chocobo Ranch 100 Gil N N Y


Always save before you mate two chocobos. If you don't succeed in getting the chocobo you want, you can always reset your playstation and try again.

One thing to keep in mind when raising chocobos is that you should only spend about 40,000 Gil for each chocobo on greens (as an absolute maximum). The only chocobos on which you should spend more than this amount of money on greens on is the Black Chocobo and your Gold Chocobo. These chocobos' stats should be maxed out and they are the ones you will race with if you want prizes at the Gold Saucer.

To get a Green Chocobo or Blue Chocobo, steal the carob nut from the red dragon-like monsters (Vlakorados) on the grass near Bone village. Go to Mideel Island with your Chocobo Lure Materia (preferably upgraded), and walk around the tracks until you find a great chocobo. Then go to the Gold Saucer tracks and find a good chocobo. Make sure one is male and one is female and upgrade them at the golden saucer to the highest class you can. Mate these two to get either a Blue Chocobo or a Green Chocobo. Once you get a chocobo of either colour, mate the original parents again for the other colour. To mate them again, you have to wait a while (go level up or do some other side quests). Once you have a Blue Chocobo and a Green Chocobo of opposite sex, boost them both to the highest class you can achieve in the golden saucer. Mate them with a carob nut for a Black Chocobo (it's possible that you don't get it, but don't despair; just reset and try the mating again).

Now, go to the Icicle Inn area, where the chocobo tracks are, and get a wonderful chocobo. It'll take a few tries to get one, so don't despair if you end up with a few crappy ones. When you're catching your wonderful chocobo, however, make sure that you get a chocobo of the opposite sex of your Black Chocobo. Once you catch it, upgrade it to the highest class you can achieve (perferably S-class) along with your Black Chocobo and mate them with a zeio nut. With a little luck, you'll have a Gold Chocobo! What you do with it now is up to you, but you should ride it to the top right corner of the map and look for a crater-like island and then go into the cave to get the Knights of the Round materia. See the secrets section and materia sections for more things you can get with the Gold Chocobo.

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