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World Ranking Association

          When you visit Litorud in the present, the city is obsessed with the World Rankings. The World Ranking Association ranks people on Strength, Intelligence, and Appearance. Anyone can register for this, and I reccomend you do so too.
          To Compete go to the desk at the Association Headquarters (it's one of Balochs buildings so it sticks out like a sore thumb). Select the party member that you want to enter into the group you want to enter into. There is no limit to how many members can be entered into any of the catagories. It is a good idea to register all of your companions in all of the catagories.
          When you register the boards are quickly recalculated, and are posted on the bulletin boards in front of Brugeo's vacation home. If the companion entered is in the top 30 of one of the rankings his or her name will be on the list with a flashing light next to it.
          When you get to the top rank, The association holds a ceremony for you. In addition to the ceremony you recieve a great prize, the prize depends on the gender.


Power Ranking
The Power Ranking decides who the strongest person in the world is. The higher your STR stat, the higher your position in the ranking. Your rank will raise if you make your strongest companions Dragoons or Warriors to raise their strength. level.
Tips for Winning
Raise the level of your registered companions
Change Character Classes to ones that boost the STR stat
Use STRseeds

Intelligence Ranking
This Category decides who the smartest person in the world is. Many smart people compete. To be at the top, train you registrant as a Sage. If you have INTseeds use them before you register to raise that characters INT Stat.
Tips for Winning
Raise the level of your registered companions
Change Character Classes to ones that boost the INT stat
Use INTseeds
Help Azmov in Hamelia find his missing hat

Style Ranking
This category decides who the most stylish person in the world is. your character's armor, weapons, and equiptment are big factors in this one. You get bonus points for coordinating your attire.Keep this in mind when you dress for the contest.
Tips for Winning
              Raise the level of your registered companions
              Change Character Classes to ones that boost the INT stat
              Use GraceHerbs
              Use the coordination table to choose an outfit with maximum impact
              Find Rose the #1 style ranker and get the Glass Shoe from her
              Use on Aira for the top bonus possible.

Item 1Item 2Item 3Item 4Bonus Points
Demon Hammer Demon Armor ---- ---- +10
Slime Armor Slime Earrings ---- ---- +10
Aquagon Sword Dolphin Shield ---- ---- +10
Dragon Sword Dragon Armor Dragon Shield ---- +15
Seduce Sword Water Robe ---- ---- +15
War Hammer IronMask ---- ---- +15
Flame Sword Flame Armor Flame Shield ---- +20
Flame Boomerang Flame Armor ---- ---- +20
Evade Suit Speed Ring ---- ---- +20
Shell Suit Horned Hat ---- ---- +20
Viking Armor Viking Helmet ---- ---- +20
SilkTux Bow Tie ---- ---- +25
Rosevine Whip Tights ---- ---- +25
Silver Breastplate Silver Barrette ---- ---- +25
King's Sword King's Armor ---- ---- +25
Boxer Shorts Pot Lid ---- ---- +30
Steel Whip Tights ---- ---- +30
Bunny Ears Bunny Suit Tights ---- +30
Platinum Sword Platinum Armor Platinum Shield Platinum Helmet +30
Skirt Tights ---- ---- +30
Zombie Sword Spirit Armor ---- ---- +30
Monster Claw Fur Mantle Fur Hat ---- +30
Dancer's Outfit Lune Fan ---- ---- +35
Thunder Sword Expel Shield ---- ---- +35
Light Dress Glass Shoe Silver Barrette ---- +40
Miracle Sword Sacred Armor ---- ---- +40
Mirror Armor Silver Shield ---- ---- +40
Bolero Magic Hat ---- ---- +40
Spangle Dress Sun Fan ---- ---- +45
Bunny Ears Bunny Suit Tights Tray +50
MetlKing Sword MetlKing Armor MetlKing Shield MetlKing Helm +50
Princess Robe Tiara ---- ---- +50

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