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Name Buy Sell Description
AGLseed --- 12 Raise AGL stat 1-2 points
AmitDonut --- Cannot Sell Recovers a little HP
AmitSnack --- Cannot Sell Recovers a little HP
Ancient Scroll --- Cannot Sell Give to the old man on the cliff to learn how to open the ruins
Angel Tear --- Cannot Sell Cures towns from the effects of the Grey Rain
Antidote 10 5 Cures Poison
APR Award --- Cannot Sell Award Given when you win the style rankings
BeefJerky --- Cannot Sell Never ending bag of BeefJerky used to tame monsters
BlissRock --- Cannot Sell Stone that gives people and objets the power to fly
BluePrint --- Cannot Sell Builds new sections of the Monster Park.
Bottle --- Cannot Sell Bottle once filled with HolyWater, and that will be reused later on in the game
BugPowder 310 155 Confuses enemy
Carpet --- Cannot Sell Flying carpet that allows you to fly over water and plains
Clock Key --- Cannot Sell Key that shut's down Baloch's Clocktower in Litorud
Dark Ruby --- Cannot Sell Gem that contains a dark power
DEFSeed --- 15 Raise DEF stat 1-2 points
DuneCharm --- Cannot Sell Charm used to get secret information from the people of Dune
Dung --- 1 When enough is in your inventory causes less battles to occur
Elven Jar --- Cannot Sell Jar that you use to collect the Holy Dew in
Filet --- 4533 Best food to tame monsters with.
Final Key --- Cannot Sell Key that opens all doors and chests
FishPaste --- Cannot Sell ?????
Fish Sub --- Cannot Sell Unknown
FlameAqua --- Cannot Sell Special water with the properties of Fire
Fossil --- Cannot Sell Fossil of a mysterious beast known for its gleaming golden horn
Glim Moss --- Cannot Sell Glowing moss that sticks to feet and leaves a glowing trail
GraceHerb --- 25 Raises APR stat by 1 point
Green Orb --- Cannot Sell Rare Gem with special healing powers.
Halo Orb --- Cannot Sell Orb that can teleport people back to the Lefa region
Heart Gem --- Cannot Sell Gem you break into pieces to form the PierceGems
Herb 8 4 Recovers 30-40 HP
Hero's Heart --- 200 Use this at Dharma temple to skip the requirements to become a Hero.
HolyDew --- Cannot Sell Put this in the water at Krage to purify it
HotStone --- Cannot Sell Stone that has the power to awaken the Great Hero
ID Card --- Cannot Sell Use to gain admission to special areas in the casion in Coastal
INT Award --- Cannot Sell Award give to you when you win the Intelligence Rankings
INTseed --- 10 Raise INT stat 1-3 points
LarMirror --- Cannot Sell Legendary mirror that reveals the enemys true form
Letters --- Cannot Sell Letters written by characters found throughout the game
LifeAcorn --- 17 Raise Max Hp 3-4 points
LifeRock 800 400 Protects the owner against Instant-Death Spells
Magic Key --- Cannot Sell Key that unlocks magically locked doors
MechParts --- Cannot Sell Parts that belong to Eri the Mechanoid
Memento --- Cannot Sell Memento of Chibi
Mila Drug --- Cannot Sell Pamela's medicine, rumored to have enough power to cure almost anything
Monster Book --- Cannot Sell Keeps a log of the monsters you defeat
Monster Heart --- 200 Use this at Dharma temple to become a certain Monster Class.
MoonHerb 30 15 Heals Paralysis
MysticNut --- 20 Raises max MP 3-5 points
Nose Gem --- Cannot Sell Gem that represents the Terra Spirit's nose
Official Letters --- Cannot Sell Letters written by Royalty, government, and religious officials
PilotFire --- Cannot Sell Fire from Mt. Flame used to light sacred fires around the world
Potion 200 100 Restores 10-15 MP
Rainbow Dew --- Cannot Sell Water from Rainbow Cove that can put out the darkest flames
Repellent 20 10 Scares away weaker monsters
Rib --- 347 Meat helps tame monsters
Rouge Gem --- Cannot Sell Gem that represents the Terra Spirit's mouth
SageRock --- Cannot Sell Restores about 50-60 HP of all allies when used in battle
Saint's Armor --- Cannot Sell Put this on the 1st Saints statue
Saint's Helm --- Cannot Sell Put this on the 3rd Saints statue
Saint's Shield --- Cannot Sell Put this on the 2nd Saints statue
Saint's Sword --- Cannot Sell Put this on the 4th Saints statue
Seer's Gem --- Cannot Sell Gem that represents the Terra Spirit's eyes
Shard --- Cannot Sell Place in the tablet rooms to open up a travlers gate to the past
SpiderWeb 35 17 May freeze enemy for 1 turn
StarShard --- Cannot Sell Star-shaped crystal used in potions
STR Award --- Cannot Sell Given to you when you win the Power Rankings
STRseed --- 15 Raises STR stat 1-2 points
TerraBell --- Cannot Sell Legendary bell used in the quest to revive God
TerraTula --- Cannot Sell Sacred instrument that is played at the reviving of God
Thief Key --- Cannot Sell Key that lets you open regular locks
TimeSand --- Cannot Sell Used to restart a battle
TinyMedal --- Cannot Sell Small gold medals you can trade for prizes at the Medal Kings castle
Torso & Legs of Goddess statue --- Cannot Sell Torso of a famous statue that could ward away monsters
VivaGrape --- Cannot Sell Glass of Dejan wine
WarpWing 25 12 Has the same effect as the return spell
WondeRock --- Cannot Sell Has the same effect as HealMore
WorldDew 1000 Cannot Sell Completely heals all party members
World Leaf --- Cannot Sell Revives a fallen comrade
World Map --- Cannot Sell Map that show the state of the world throughout the game

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