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Tiny Medals


# of Medals Prize
45 Poison Dagger
50 Wind Staff
58 Sacrifice Ring
65 Miracle Sword
75 Blue Print
83 Sage Rock
90 Metlking Shield
95 Bolero
100 ? Shard
105 Ultimate Whip
110 PlatKing Heart

Number Location Description
1 Engow Present Talk to the boy Outside the in the northeast corner of Engow. He’ll mention a missing button. Talk to Pamela and she will tell you to search the sign by the Inn. Get the button and bring it back to the boy, he will give you a tinymedal.
2 Orph Past In the Dressers in the Inn
3 Mt. Ceide 2F Present In the Room with water in a chest in the Northeast corner
4 Falrish Past In a barrel on the first floor in the southeast guardhouse
5 Falrod Castle 1F Past In a vase North of the kitchen
6 Zebbots house Present In the barrels behind his house
7 Falrod Castle Present In a barrel in the Kitchen
8 Falrish Present Room west of the Inn in a chest
9 Mechsoldiers base 2B Present On B2 take the elevator farthest south into a room with a chest it is in the southern chest
10 Verdham Past Enter the eastern door of the Item shop and look in the chest
11 Swamp cave B4 After Defeating the Cavemon its in the chest 2nd farthest right
12 Mentare Present In a vase in the abandoned Shack on the way to the monastery
13 Inn West of Verdham Present In a barrel in the bar downstairs
14 Deja camp Past In a basket in the northwest tent
15 Lake altar cave B1 Past Go east to a room with 2 chests its in one of them
16 Lake altar cave 1F Past After the lake is drained look on the ledge of the room with the big stone door in one of the chests
17 Excavation site Pay 5 gold go down the well and search the dressers
18 Penal Town he center barrel behind the temple
19 Penal Town In the vase behind the bar
20 Mountain Hut Go west to the tombstones and search the back of the far west tombstone
21 Mountain Hut Defeat the WellLure go down the well and search the dresser
22 Cave to the Prison B2 Past After you walk thru the wall and take the stairs that goto B1, walk south to a set of stairs back down, walk west (skip the next set of stairs) and find a chest.
23 Cave to Prison B4 Past On the floor where the walls are destroyed and water is on the floor (just before you reach Flosse) there is a row of 3 small cells on the north side of the floor. In the westmost one there is a pot with a TinyMedal.
24 Under Dharma B4 After climbing the spiral staircase go north then east you’ll see 2 chests one of them has a tinymedal
25 Dharma Temple B1 Past Go to the western room go west go through the door across the barrier and open the chest for a TinyMedal
26 Dharma Temple B1 Present Climb the western steps and enter the room with vases and barrels The tinymedal is in one of the vases
27 Bandit Lair Get the Bandit Key from the banditwig open the locked door and look in the vase
28 Mezar Treasury Nicola will lead you to the treasury open the chests
29 Dune Village Past Enter the village go east into the house look in the vases
30 Evil Statue 5F This floor has four treasure chests the farthest east has a tinymedal
31 Excavation site Give the man the package he will move aside look in the vase for the TinyMedal
32 Dune Village Present Break the barrels behind the house east of the entrance
33 Krage Past Look in the vases in the Mayors house
34 Krage Present Check the dressers on the second floor of the Inn
35 Krage Present Go down the well in front of the church and check in the dresser
36 Litorud Past Look in the barrels on top of the Weapon and Armor shop
37 Time Pocket Cave Go south, west, south up the ramp into the glowing circle open the chest in the middle of the new section
38 Verdham Revisited Cross Baloch Bridge and climb down the well behind the Weapon shop and search the dresser
39 Verdham Revisited Enter the Mansion and look in the barrels on the first floor
40 Mentare Past Open the Chests in Pepes Mansion for A tinymedal
41 Mentare Past Head to the monastery go to the northeast corner of the pond and open the chest
42 Baloch’s Bridge Present Look in the barrels outside the herbal tea shop
43 Baloch’s Bridge Present Go down the well outside the herbal tea shop look in the dressers
44 Baloch’ Tower 5F In a treasure chest in the treasure room
45 Avon Search the dressers on the second floor of the Chieftains house
46 Avon Tunnel B2 When you first reach this floor, move south, east, and then north, to find a room with a chest inside it. The chest has a TinyMedal.
47 Huzu In a barrel in the bar (to the basement of the inn)
48 Sunken City (Past) From the entrance, enter the east building, and openthe chest here for a TinyMedal.
49 Sunken City (Past) Move north of the building where you found the last TinyMedal, and go behind the building you'll find another TinyMedal.
50 Sunken City (Past) Examine the center statue in the entrance area, and go down the stairs. Move west, north, and up the stairs here, then go north and over the water to six vases. The north center vase has a TinyMedal.
51 Hamelia (Present) Take the raft around the city to the right. When you enter a place with just a ledge, search around on it to find a TinyMedal.
52 Mountain Tower 3F If you walk east of the barrel room on this floor, you'll find two vases. One of them has your TinyMedal.
53 Palace of Dune Past After you revisited the Sphinx and Hadeed returned the DuneCharm walk north out of the queens bedroom push the eastern dog go down the stairs and open the chest
54 Sunken City (Present) From the entrance, walk northeast to a building. Go behind it, and you'll find a path to a chest with a TinyMedal.
55 Sunken City (Present)In the room before Gracos V's throneroom, exit by the ) southwest door to find a ledge with a chest on it. Open it to find a TinyMedal
56 Brugeo's Mansion2F In the mansion north of Orph, open the chests here with the Thief Key to collect this TinyMedal.
55 Sunken City (Present) From the entrance, walk northeast to a building. Go behind it, and you'll find a path to a chest with a TinyMedal inside.
57 World's Tallest Tower 9F From the stairs leading up to this floor, move south,east, north, east, south, east, north, east, south, and west, to reach the chest with the TinyMedal.
58 Probina (Past) In the house southeast of the Inn, you can find a TinyMedal inside of a barrel.
59 Probina (Present) East of the Weapon Shop, look in the well for a TinyMedal
60 Probina Temple (Present)At the very top of the mountain, open in the chest in the cellar for a TinyMedal
61 Loomin (Past) On the first floor of Loomin's mansion, look in the Northwest vase.
62 DarkDraco's Tower 1F (Past) Exit to the south on the second floor. Move west, hit the switch, go down the stairs, and look in the chest for a TinyMedal
63 Loomin (Present ruins after defeating Hellvine) Enter the well in town, and search the dresser for a TinyMedal
64 DarkDraco's Tower 1F (Present) This TinyMedal's in the exact same spot as the one in the past.
65 Great Fane (Past) Enter the Great Fane, and walk through the west, east, north, and south doors of the central area, to allow yourself to walk downstairs. Move south through the door, then break the vases by the graves for a TinyMedal
66 Mardra Castle (Past) In Mardra Castle, walk down the stairs in the throne room, to reach King Zeppel's Room. Search the dressers for another TinyMedal.
67 Deja Tribe Camp In the southeast part of camp, you'll find a colored carpet. Break the vases to get a TinyMedal.
68 Mardra (Present)Defeat the EvilWell guarding the well in Mardra, then go inside and search the dressers to find a new TinyMedal
69 Mardra (Present) Outside the house of Johann's tula teacher, you'll find a TinyMedal inside a barrel.
70 Great Fane (Present) Inside the Hidden Storage room, which's down the central stairs inside the Great Fane, you'll find a chest with a TinyMedal inside.
71 Gorges (Past) Enter Pendragon's house, north of the Inn, and check the dressers for a TinyMedal.
72 Dark Cloud Maze From the entrance, walk west, then north, east, north, and open the chest to the west for a TinyMedal.
73 Lefa Fane (Past) Enter the Wind Fane, and walk around the outside of the room and through the center door. Enter the east door, and break the barrels here for a TinyMedal.
74 Lefa Fane (Present) The chest to the east of the entrance to the Lefa Fane contains a TinyMedal.
75 Lefa Fane 1F (Present) Inside the back room of the Lefa Fane, open the chest to the east in the room with three chests, to get another TinyMedal.
76 Lebras (Past) In the Prefect's House, break the barrels in the northeast room on the first floor to get a TinyMedal.
77 Mt. Tor 9F As you're climbing through the caves of Mt. Tor, you'll find an area where there are two ladders in opposite directions. Take the western ladder, and enter the cave up the next ladder to find a chest with this TinyMedal.
78-82Lebras (Present) Search the grave all the way to the west, to find Colin theAdventurer's burial place. If you search the spot twice, then you'll find a very sneakily hidden horde of five TinyMedals.
83 Coastal Castle (Past) East and then south of the Inn, you'll find a house withbarrels outside of it. Break these barrels for another TinyMedal.
84 Halfling's Cave B1 (Past) As you climb down the ladder to this floor, move south, east, and north through the cave opening. Walk east and south to find a chest with a TinyMedal.
85 Great Lighthouse 1F (Past) From the entrance, follow the glowing trail offootprints north, west, north, east, and north,then walk east off the path to a room with a skeleton. The TinyMedal's in a dresser here.
86 Coastal Castle (Present) Enter the house east of the Inn, and push the bookcase aside to find a door. Walk through the door, and open the chest for a TinyMedal.
87 Great Lighthouse 5F As you reach this floor, walk south, west, and north inside a room with two chests. The southern chest has this TinyMedal.
88 Halfling's Cave B3 (Present) Open the southern chest you find on this floor, to find another TinyMedal
89 Unknown Shrine To the east as you enter, you'll find some tombstones. Search the center tombstone in the south row to get a TinyMedal.
90 Excavated Cave B5 From the start of this floor, walk south, east, south down a wall, and open the chest you find near the Gate to get a TinyMedal.
91 Crystal Palace While you're visiting the Crystal Palace with King Burns, explore the kitchen, and get a TinyMedal from one of the vases.
92 Estard Treasury After you go behind the stairs on the first floor of Estard Castle, you'll find the stairs down to the Treasury. Open the door with the Final Key, then open the northwest chest for your TinyMedal.
93 Mt. Flame B4 This is the floor in Mt. Flame right after the flame jets. From the stairs, walk west, north, then west, and open the chest here for this TinyMedal.
94 Sharkeye's Ship In the central cabin area, with all the shops, go to the northeast room, and break the vases here for a TinyMedal.
95 Sharkeye's Ship Below deck, in the area where you find a vegetable garden, and get a BluePrint from a chest, you can speak to a cat. When you see the yes/no prompt, say yes, and the cat will give you a TinyMedal!
96 Wind Tower 1F Right inside the first room of the Wind Tower, in the lone chest, you'll find another TinyMedal.
97 SkyTown Inside the Inn, which's directly west of where you enter SkyTown, you can break a barrel on the first floor for a TinyMedal.
98 Wind Maze Area 3. Right from the start of this area, walk east, and open the chest for a TinyMedal
99 Dark Palace 2F After passing the room with the glowing magic circle on the floor, walk counterclockwise until you reach some stairs leading down. Move a bit further north and open the chest here for a TinyMedal.
100Dark Palace B2 Walk down the ramp in B1, and then move to the northeast, travel east to the chest with a TinyMedal.
101Dark Palace B9 Once you've reached the area where there are the white glowing paths that move you around, walk all the way east and enter the cave here. There is a TinyMedal hidden on the ground in this room, about three steps north and two steps east of the skull.
102Terra Cave B1 This is the area you reach after using the TerraChrm. From the start, move northwest and north, down the stairs, then east before breaking through the northern wall. Break through three more, then break the wall to the east, to find a chest with a TinyMedal.
103First Bonus Dungeon The TinyMedal is in the vase inside the replica of the Crazy Old Man on the Cliff's house.
104First Bonus Dungeon This TinyMedal is in the area that looks like part of Mt. Ceide, right after climbing down the rope ladder in the part of the cave that resembles to path to Geionne Monastary.
105First Bonus Dungeon This section looks like the Mountain Hut from Dharma Strange Temple's past. Inside of the house by the well, you can break the barrel for another TinyMedal.
106Immigrant Town After 5-9 people migrate to the Immigrant Town, enter the tent here and break the vase inside for a TinyMedal.
107Sim's House After 5-9 people migrate to the Immigrant Town, visit it so that Sim will make his house nearby. Look inside the well there, and defeat the WellLure guarding it. Search the water at the bottom of the well, and you'll get a TinyMedal.
108Immigrant Town After 15-19 people migrate to the Immigrant Town, break the vase by the Item Shop to get this TinyMedal.
109Immigrant Town After 20-24 people migrate to the Immigrant Town, open the chest inside the white house for a TinyMedal.
110Immigrant Town After 25-29 people migrate to the Immigrant Town, enter the Weapon and Armor Shop, and break the vase in the northwest corner for a TinyMedal.
111Immigrant Town. After 30-34 people migrate to the Immigrant Town, go to the jail area, and using your Final Key, open the west door, breaking the vase here for a TinyMedal
112Immigrant Town After 30-34 people migrate to the Immigrant Town, go in the large area of rooms inside the door north of the large rock in the center of town. Cross the bridge to the east, and break the southernmost vase for a TinyMedal.
113Immigrant Town. After 40 people migrate to the Immigrant Town, and it's in the Final Town form, you can go up the steps north of the large rock in the center of town, then go in the door to the east. Walk down the stairs you find here, then break the nearby barrels for a TinyMedal
114Immigrants Town, Population> 35 (Big Farm) In a jar
115Immigrants Town, Population> 35 (Premium Bazaar) In a jar in the tem shop
116Immigrants Town, Population> 35 (Big Slum) In a jar
117Immigrants Town, Population> 35 (Big Slum) In a jar
118Bonus dungeon #2 In a jar

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