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Glass Shoe
(You need to have the real flying carpet) In the present go to Dune. go to the northeast and fly across the river on the carpet. Go into the house to the east, and talk to the lady inside. You will find out that she is Rose, the highest ranked person on the style rankings in Litorud. Agree to take a note to the World Ranking Association. Take the note into the building where you can sign up to be on the list and give them the note. Go back to Rose's house and tell her you delivered the letter. She will then give you the Glass Shoe.

Unlimited World Leafs
If you are out of WorldLeafs go to Krage in the present. Go to the Sacred Tree. At the foot of the tree you will see a bird, approach it. The bird will fly off, now search where the bird was sitting and you will get a free WorldLeaf to revive a fallen companion.

In order to get the spell Gigastis you must first get the spell Majustis. You can get Majustis in the crypt under Mardra Fane in the present. Follow this to get into the Crypt. (this is a very poor map, better maps are on the way.) Follow the stairs, and go down into a room with a stone monolith. Read the monolith to get Majustis. Now that you have that spell go back in time to Mardra past. Go talk to the High Priest in the Fane. He will mention something about the spell. Show it to him, then go back to the present into the crypt and read the monolith again it will now have changed and will give you Gigastis.

Fast level-up
On Disc 2 right before you are ready to Fight the Demon Lord the final time go to Krage and fight monsters around this area. Here you will encounter Slimes, Red Slimes, Gold Slimes, Metal Slimes, Babbles, Metabbles, and MetlKings. To take out the weak monsters I prefer to use Vacuum to take them out easily. For Gold Slimes just fight them like you would regular monsters, and metal monsters use Evilslash to take them out in one hit.

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