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Immigrant Locations

Different City types
Premium Bazaar
Grand Slum
Great Farm
21 or more Merchants and Traders

Total Population: 35 or more
8 or more Bullies; 6 or more Prisoners or Sailors; 10 or more Bunny Girls, Dancers, or Bartenders

Total Population: 35 or more
20 or more Priests and Sisters

Total Population: 35 or more
13 or more Farmers; 10 or more Halflings, Horses, Pigs, or Cows

Total Population: 35 or more
This town is basically a large mall. It has a lot of rare items that you can't get anywhere else. If you decide to build a Premium Bazaar then you can save up your money to buy such things as the Bow Gun and the MetlKing Sword!
If you fill the requirements for this type, you end up with the largest casino in the game. You can gamble away your money in hope of winning some of the rare prizes offered. If you are addicted to gambling in the Dragon Warrior VII casinos, create the Grand Slum.
When your town has 20 or more priests, it turns into a giant Cathedral. In this divine atmosphere, contemplate your existence and enjoy the tranquility. The shops here sell items of a religious or blessed nature
If you are intrigued by the idea of recruiting animals for your town then a Great Farm is for you. This is nothing more than a giant farm where Farmers plow in peace and animals graze happily. If this sounds like your idea of heaven visit and stay at one of the towns many Inns.

Common Locations to Find Immigrants

Estard City Inn      Litorud Inn
Rexwood Inn      Litorud Temple
Engow Inn      Hamelia Inn
Orph Inn      Temple to the northwest of Hamelia
Orph Item Shop (use back door)      Probina Inn
Falrish Inn      Probina Armor Shop
Falrish Temple      Loomin Inn
Shack between Mentare and Geionne Monastery      Mardra City Inn
Verdham (in the ruins)      Mardra Castle
Inn to the west of Mentare and Verdham      Mardra Fane
Dharma Temple      Gorges Inn
Inn to the East of Dharma Temple      Lefa Shrine
Beside Mezar Temple      Labres Inn
Mezar Inn      Coastal City armor Shop
Dune Village Inn      Coastal City Inn
Krage Inn      Coastal City Temple

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