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Here you'll find character pics, names, and information.

Character Pic Name Information Weapons Character Can Use Strengths
Orphen A brilliant but independent-minded sorcerer, Orphen has turned his back on the formal society of sorcerers and their home, the Tower of Fangs, and now supports himself by working as a money lender. Sword of Justice When using Orphen in combat, your best bet is to use his projectiles.
Magnus (Majik) Magnus is a novice sorcerer who looks up to Orphen as his "Master." Unfortunately for Magnus, his gentle personality is no match for the sharp-tongued Cleo. Orphen tends to look at both Magnus and Cleo as unwanted followers, but Magnus has the potential to become a powerful sorcerer someday. Doesn't use weapons. No combat use.
Cleo (Creao) Born into an old family with a proud lineage, Cleo is anything but a polite young lady. Pushing Orphen's strident objections aside, Cleo has crowned herself Orphen's partner, and accompanies him everywhere. Doesn't use weapons. No combat use.
Sephy Sephy is on her way to Chaos Island to pray for the soul of her fiance when she meets Orphen and company. Sephy seems to be nothing more than a faithful woman mourning the loss of her beloved fiance, but is there something more to this sad and soft-spoken woman? Blazing Baton
Ball of Wind
Ball of Shadow
Dance of Ice
Dance of Wind
Dance of Darkness
The key to beating enemies with Sephy is by using either her projectiles, or her baton.
Mar A young musician searching for his mother, with his only clue being a song he remembers from the crib. When Cleo takes Mar under her wing, Mar finds himself embroiled in the frequent and pointless arguments that define Cleo and Orphen's relationship. Will he find his mother before they drive him crazy? Flute of the Wind
Flute of Ice
Cymbals of Darkness
Cymbals of Fire
Harp of the Wind
Harp of Darkness
Use Mar's flute when in combat to make the battle go by faster.
Zeus A mercenary searching for a daughter he hasn't seen in years. He has followed her trail to Chaos Island. Zeus' simple, sincere, and impeccably polite demeanor belies his ferociousness in battle. A grizzled veteran and expert swordsman, Zeus excels in hand-to-hand combat. Iron Sword
Great Sword
Bow of Darkness
Bow of Ice
Hammer of Rending
Iron Hammer
Use Zeus' sword or arrows when you use him in combat.
Volcan (left) and Dortin (right) Volcan

Despite having borrowed a minor fortune form Orphen, Volcan doesn't appear to be in hurry to pay it back. As a perpetual troublemaker, Volcan often finds himself on the receiving end of Orphen's anger. Perhaps because of sheer frequency with which Orphen punishes him, Volcan can take more abuse than anyone. His selp-appointed nick name, the "Masmaturian Bulldog," seems appropriate.


When Volcan decided to run away from home, he dragged his unfortunate younger brother, Dortin, along with him. In contrast to his rough-and-tumble older brother, Dortin prefers reading a good book to seeking out adventure. Despite being made the frequent object of his brother's short-temper and bombastic comments, Dortin has never attempted to run away himself. Is it family loyalty, or lock of courage?

Not playable characters. Not playable characters.