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Here you will find the boss names, strategies, and what spell you will obtain after they have been defeated.

Boss Name Strategy Spell Learned
Ingorudo & Garjics Use the Hand of Pyro and Bite of Lightning against Ingorudo. When fighting the tiny little Garjics, a fully charged Bite of Lightning will do the trick. Shield of Immunity
Gariga When he jumps past you unleash the Hand of Pyro on him. Shield up when he prepares to do his lightning attacks. Hit the circle button before he dives under water to do a bit of damage. You must defeat him before he knocks down all three of the masts, otherwise you get the game over screen. Bolt of Thunder
Minotaur This guy is very tough. You must attack him with your sword. No other attacks will work against him. Try and attack him when he starts to charge at you. You better get rid of him before he pushes you back too far though....otherwise your gonna go splat. To make this battle a bit easier, you might want to go through the Zeus story line, to obtain the Sword of Justice. This sword is much better than the Sword of the Fallen Devil. Pinnacle of the Sun
Statue & Skeletons Before you kill the Skeletons you must destroy the statue. Otherwise the Skeletons will keep coming back to life. After that, just beat the Skeletons senseless with your sword attack or Hand of Pyro. Hail of Heavens
Golnath This boss is pretty much the same as Gariga. Use the exact same tactics and you'll be fine. Shield of Inferno
Jigeos & Zandor There will be two tubes spitting out Jigeos. Concentrate on taking out the two tubes then dispatch the Jigeos with Bite of Lighting. Time for the not-so-easy boss of the fight. Watch out for his attacks since they can keep you from putting up your shield. When Zandor puts up his defensive webs, charge you projectile up to dispose of them. Then hack away at him with whichever sword you have equiped. Repeat this process until he goes down. Armor of Purity
Doppleganger Be sure that you have Armor of Purity equiped. When he attacks use the Armor of Purity to reflect it back at him so that it reveals his true form. When he shifts into either Orphen, Zeus, or Magnus, DO NOT ATTACK HIM! Doing so will only harm the character that he has transformed into. If you kill the Doppleganger (even if you have more health than he does) when he looks like Orphen, you're dead as well. Smoke of Pain
Zelton When the battle begins, attack with projectiles and guard against his attacks. When Zeus cuts him open, hit it with everything you've got! Also beware of the tentacles. When you see them charging up, shield up. Falcon of Death
Zafeum Unleash some projectiles to get this battle going. When he flies away the battle gets tricky.You'll end up having to guess where he's gonna land. You do this by targeting the area where you think he will land. If you're right use the Hand of Pyro. If you're wrong you better shield up. After he's been damaged enough, he'll come in for a encounter. When this happens, shield up against his attacks, and when you see an opening attack with the Bite of Lighting then shield up again. Repeat this whole process until he's been annihiliated. Feathers of the Hurricane
Brisgar This boss just happens to be made out of ice. Attack it with the Hand of Pyro until it's gone, then take care of the little Aegists it summoned. Coldness of Destruction
Beogray This thing is an eyeball that hides inside stone blocks...creepy. Watch his attack pattern and movements until you think you're confident enough to take him on. When Mar starts playing the special song, attack the eyeball with whatever you have equiped. Eventually he will start to move around fast. Wait until he stops, then attack with your projectile. Hammer of Evil
Gaia This is the final boss. When you come anywhere near to dying, you better change your equipment and return to battle so that you don't have to set through that long cut scene again. Be sure that you have the Hand of Pyro and the Bite of Lighting equiped. This guy has 5 parts: 2 arms, 2 blaster cannons, and a head. The easiest thing to do to take out the arms and then the head. Charge up to unleash 3-4 projectiles upon his arms at once. He uses his arms as a shield so don't attack them when he does that. There's a chance that if you do that he'll end up smacking you with one of his arms. After you've taken care of the arms concentrate on the head and shield up when the blasters charge up. After every hit you make on the head Gaia will let out some tiny little bots for you to deal with. They're very annoying. When he unleashes them use the Bite of Lighting to do some damage to them. Repeat this process until you've beaten him. You don't get anything, except the ending.