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Yellow Drops and the Moon Sea

Yellow Drops View of Blue Terra Moon Sea

As the Moon Ship is preparing to land, the Fairy King tells you to stop staring, or everyone will think you are all hicks.

Yellow Drops When you arrive, you are supposed to taken on a tour by Samba, but before you can start out, he gets a call on his ... cell phone?  He had a date, and had forgotten about it.  He takes off, and leaves you on your own.  (When you find him again, though, he will store items for you.)  Go find Marnia, standing inside an archway, and trade him the Clay Doll for the Sun attachment.  It is the best attachment in the game, and one of a kind.  Be very sure what weapon you want to use it on before doing anything irrevocable.

Outside Ledan's place is a little guy named Jive, who is a weapons expert.  To build up the Sun Sword, he says, you must increase the anti-monster attributes evenly, and then increase the elemental attributes to the required level.  The Moon Factory is in the middle of town, and is where you will build the Sun Giant.  The first time you enter, Ledan will appear.  He will talk to you about the sealing technique, and discuss the boss with you.  The boss isn't in right now, as he has entered a contest at the Coliseum.  Ledan will take you to the entrance to the Moon Sea.  You are ready to tackle your next dungeon.  You will now be able to shop at Ledan's house. Moon Factory Door

In this area, the Miracle Treasure Chests will appear both in and around the houses of the town's residents, and inside the Moon Factory.

Crater No. 2:  This is an extreme-thirst Limited Zone.

Crater No. 3:  Another thirsty Limited Zone. Crater No. 4:  Ruby only in this Limited Zone. Crater No. 7:  Another thirsty Limited Zone.

Crater No. 8:  Here, you will find Osmond, the boss, lying on the ground after having crashed.  He flies back to town, and then you talk.  He wants to know why Toan is here, and expresses his doubt that the Dark Genie can be sealed again.  Revealing his plans to build a Sun Giant, he suggests that perhaps it can be used to defeat the genie.  He shows Toan the blueprints, and says that he needs a more powerful magical gem to operate the giant.  The Sun Sphere has been put up as a prize at the Coliseum.  Toan must enter the competition there and win it.  After this conversation, Osmond joins the party.  At least, I think that's what he does.  "Osmond is now joined the ally."  Hmmm.

Take some time to work in Georama Mode, completing the pieces that you can.  When you have done that, head back to the Moon Sea.

Crater No. 11:  This is an Osmond-only Limited Zone.  Only kill the enemies that you have to before leaving the floor.  Just get that Gun Powder and go.

After Crater No. 14, go back to the Moon Factory and finish the georama parts.  You should be able to complete everything except the Parts CT, which requires the prize from the Coliseum battle.  After you do, there will be a cutscene during which you will receive the Admission Ticket.  You will have to present it to enter the Coliseum.  Go to Ledan's, sell what you don't need, and stock up on Repair Powder, food, and Stamina Drinks.  Head to Crater No. 15.

Minotaur Joe Joe is indeed a minotaur.  A minotaur with a drinking problem.  The bad news is that, after he drinks, he is in a stamina state.  The good news is that, while he drinks, he is very vulnerable.  Use a tough character with a good weapon, and prepare to attack him while he is swigging his ale.  After he finishes, run and stand with a barrel between Joe and you.  When he reaches it, he should pick it up and guzzle again.  Attack, and repeat the process.  When he is defeated, you will be the proud owner of the Sun Sphere.  Head back to the Moon Factory.  It's time to build a giant. Boss Battle:
Minotaur Joe

HP: 2000

Put the Sun Sphere in Parts CT, and your parts will be completed.  Assemble them in this way:

Sun Giant (top)
Sun Giant (bottom)

After the Sun Giant is complete, and you have reached 100%, return to Walking Mode.  You will learn that your planet, Blue Terra, is in danger.  You need to go to the Dark Genie's base of operation, the Dark Heaven Castle.  Do any shopping you need to do, use Gourds, Fruits of Eden, and any defense-enhancing items you may have, and then tell Osmond you're ready.

This is a pretty nice scene, so enjoy it.  Hey, there's our old red-eyed pal.  His name is Seda, and he had planned to take out the Dark Genie himself.  Unforunately, he is not the fighter he once was, and does not possess the necessary strength to defeat the evil genie.  His hopes are pinned on you.  Wait a minute... Simba?  The Fairy King's name is Simba? Fairy King Simba

Sun Cannon
In the battle which follows, Osmond fires the cannon from the Sun Giant, and it looks as if the Dark Genie is no more.  But you knew it wasn't that easy, didn't you?  Apparently, a mouse got into the container which held the genie, and absorbed some of his power, so he took advantage of it, using it as a decoy.  Flag, who thought he was in control of the genie, was sadly mistaken, and we learn that his body was just not up to the task of housing a cosmic power.  Just when it starts to look hopeless, Dran will rescue you, giving you a ride to the game's final destination - the Dark Heaven Castle. Dran's Rescue

Moon Factory Georama

Georama Part
Georama Pieces
Parts HD
Crown, Eye
Parts AMR
Elephant Emblem, Mammoth Tusk, Finger, Ammonite, Twisted Horn
Parts AML
Elephant Emblem, Mammoth Tusk, Finger, Ammonite, Twisted Horn
Parts HGR
Big Urn, Eagle Head, Eagle Feather, Amuleo
Parts HGL
Big Urn, Eagle Head, Eagle Feather, Gotch
Parts HGR2
Parts HGL2
Parts CT
Scale, Crest Armor, Sun Sphere
Parts WT
Skirt, Skull, Buffalo's Horn
Parts TIR
Urn, Tomahon
Parts TIL
Urn, Boon
Parts FTR
Big Urn, Turtle Shell, Spine of Shell, Nail
Parts FTL
Big Urn, Turtle Shell, Spine of Shell, Nail
Ladder, Second Floor, Ladder

Moon Factory Georama (100%)

Sun Giant (top) Sun Giant (bottom)