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Toan is the main character.  Recognizing Toan's courage and pure heart, the Fairy King gives him the Atlamillia.  It is Toan's responsibility to retrieve the scattered atla and rebuild the villages destroyed by the Dark Genie.  Ultimately, he must face the Dark Genie and defeat him.  Toan is the only character who can open atla, and so is vital on most dungeon floors.

Weapons:  Swords and Knives
Defense Up Item:  Fluffy Doughnut
Special Ability:  Open atla
Xiao, once a cat, becomes Toan's first ally.  She is sealed in an atla by a mysterious man, and turned into a human by means of a Changing Potion.  Her ability to leap across gaps makes her invaluable to Toan on his journeys.  She also has the first ranged attacks available to you.

Weapons:  Slingshots
Defense Up Item: Fish Candy
Special Ability:  Jump across gaps
Goro, a resident of Matataki Village, is the son of the legendary hunter Fudoh.  Believing the villagers to be responsible for his father's disappearance, Goro became bitter and reclusive.  Through Toan's efforts, he learns the truth about his father, and then volunteers to accompany Toan on his quest.  He is slow, but very powerful.

Weapons: Hammers and Axes
Defense Up Item:  Grass Cake
Special Ability: Open gates locked by floor switches
Ruby, a beautiful and temperamental genie, becomes one of your party while Toan is rebuilding Queens.  Her lamp, owned by a gangster with political aspirations, is given to Toan as "reward" for restoring  his home.  In truth, King has been anxious to get rid of her.  Ruby, however, proves to be a brave and loyal companion, choosing to join Toan upon hearing of the havoc wreaked by the Dark Genie.  Her powerful magic-based ranged attacks make her one of your best fighters.  Ruby can open doors sealed with element-based crystals.

Weapons:  Rings and Armlets
Defense Up Item:  Witch Parfait
Special Ability:  Open crystal gate locks
Ungaga is a desert dweller from the village of Muska Lacka.  This famed warrior has lost faith in himself, believing he should have been able to prevent the destruction of his village by the Dark Genie.  Finally convinced that true strength comes from the heart, and learning that his intended bride is still alive, Ungaga becomes himself once again, and readily joins Toan on his mission.  Often undervalued as a fighter, Ungaga can be one of your best characters if given a good weapon.  With Ungaga's spear, melee attacks are virtually ranged ones, giving him the ability to attack with power from a distance.  He can remove Black Wind from dungeon doorways that would be impassable without his help.

Weapons:  Spears
Defense Up Item:  Scorpion Jerky
Special Ability:  Remove Black Wind from doorways
The last character to become an ally, Osmond is an engineer of great repute among the Moon People.  He joins Toan's party on Yellow Drops.  Quick and agile, Osmond is another character with ranged attacks.  He moves about by means of a jet pack, allowing him to traverse chasms that even Xiao could never hope to jump.  This makes Osmond an absolute necessity in the Moon Sea and the Gallery of Time.

Weapons:  Laser Guns
Defense Up Item:  Carrot Cookie
Special Ability:  Move across huge gaps