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The Genie Returns

Dancers In the depths of the Dark Shrine, a frightening ritual is underway.  Four hundred years ago, a Dark Genie existed ... a creature capable of great destruction.  Now an evil man named Flag is attempting to bring the Dark Genie back.  After much preparation, a ceremonial dance is being performed, and the terrible being is at last released from the urn in which it was imprisoned.

An unknown man is standing out of sight, watching the proceedings with great interest.  No one is aware of his presence, or his significance in this centuries-long saga. Eavesdropper

Meal The Dark Genie asks who has released him, and Flag identifies himself as the genie's new master.  Flag's authority seems to be accepted, but his assistant fares less well, as the genie, realizing that it has been 400 years since his last meal, begins to look for a snack.

The Destruction of Norune

Meanwhile, in Norune Village, it is a night of celebration.  Toan, who is eating dinner, is running late.  His friend Paige arrives to hurry him along.  He gulps down the rest of his meal, and rushes outside to join the festivities. Eat fast

Dancers1 Toan runs toward the village square, where the music and dancing have already begun.

Overhead, hovering in front of the twin moons, are the genie and his new master.  Flag commands the genie to begin his campaign of destruction with Norune Village, sitting below them. Hovering

Under attack The genie is happy to comply.  Buildings burst into flames as the villagers rush for cover.  Toan stares in shock at the devastation before him.  Hearing his name, Toan turns to see Paige lying on the ground with a windmill about to collapse on her.  He leaps toward her to pull her to safety, and then everything goes black ...

The Fairy King

Toan, lying in darkness, is awakened by the Fairy King.  He learns that many villages suffered the same fate as Norune.  The Fairy King explains that the Dark Genie once came close to destroying the world, and is making another attempt.  Seeing in Toan the strength and kind heart which would be necessary to defeat the Dark Genie, the Fairy King gives him the atlamillia, a stone with magical power.  He then shows Toan what appears to be a large, empty lot ... the former location of Norune Village. Atlamillia

Atla In the instant before the village's destruction, the Fairy King explains, he sealed the people of Norune, their homes, and their belongings in atla - magical spheres which can only be opened by the one who possesses the atlamillia.  The atla were scattered, and Toan must retrieve them to rebuild the village.  The Dark Genie does not realize that his plan has been foiled, so Toan must work quickly to restore the village before the genie learns what has happened.  

First, go to the mayor's house ... the only building still standing.  He will request that you enter the Divine Beast Cave and inform Dran, the village guardian, of Norune's destruction.  He will give you the Cave Key and some important supplies.   If you open the door under the stairs, you will find a Prickly, which is bait that can be used when you are able to fish.  Walk outside, save the game, and then head for the Divine Beast Cave. Cave Key