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Demon Shaft

The Demon Shaft is a 100-level, optional dungeon which will become available after the game ends and you watch all the closing credits and movies.  A new area will be marked on the map between the Dark Heaven Castle and Norune Village.  The Demon Shaft can be accessed as long as you have a save file in which all other areas are open.  There are a few new enemies in the Demon Shaft, but the vast majority are ones that you have fought throughout the game.  They are stronger in the Demon Shaft, but otherwise they are essentially the same.  I can't provide a bestiary section for the Demon Shaft - not only would it be almost entirely duplicate enemies, but, even with the new enemies, the valid data keeps changing.  A monster might have a certain amount of HP on one floor, but later, would have more.  Everything keeps changing as you progress through the tower.  After every 20 floors, there is what could be called an elemental shift.  The monsters change somewhat, the fighting gets a little tougher, and even the color of the floors seems to alter slightly.  An enemy weak to ice on the first 20 floors could be weak to fire on the next 20 - you will have to keep on eye on the colors of enemies, and notice how much damage your attacks are doing.  After you reach the end of the tower, you will encounter the Black Knight Pendragon.

Black Knight Pendragon


Black Knight Pendragon

HP: 40,000

While the Dark Genie battle was three phases, this battle is two phases.  In the first phase, he will charge at you.  Sidestep this attack, and then use Ruby's charge attack.  I don't really recommend short-range fighters here, but it is up to you.  He will run into the wall after you dodge his charge, like a dumb character from a cartoon.  Use whatever elemental attribute is highest, although I am usually partial to Holy.  Don't stay in one spot for too long, and always keep the boss in your sights.  Keep repeating the dodge-and-attack process until the Black Knight dismounts.

In the second phase, he will send fire blasts your way if you are far enough off.  Otherwise, he will use a sword attack at close range.  He can also zap in and out (like Witch Hellza, etc.), and is fond of popping up right beside you.  You need to keep him targeted, and stay just close enough that he won't disappear.  When he lowers his arms, shoot at him with Ruby until he guards again.  Make sure to keep a Revive Powder in a quick slot at all times, and an Auto Repair Powder wouldn't be a bad idea, either.  After you have done enough damage to him, the knight will fall, and you will be the owner of a Chronicle 2 sword.  There is no other way to obtain this weapon, so you can be proud of your achievements.  Unfortunately, there is really nothing to do with it except go back to old areas and whack things.  Congratulations on beating the game and the optional dungeon.  Now go play Dark Cloud 2 as a reward.