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Muska Lacka and the Sun & Moon Temple

Muska Lacka
Muska Lacka Oasis
Sun & Moon Temple

(Yes, it really is Muska Lacka.  But you'll find this game is full of mistranslations and spelling inconsistencies.)

As you arrive, you are stopped by a voice in front of the Sun & Moon Temple.  It is Ungaga, a desert warrior who has lost faith in his own strength.  When his village was destroyed, he was unable to do anything to stop it.  He has lost his beloved, and his hope.  Theo stops to talk to Ungaga, urging that you go on without him.  Enter the temple, and plan to use a weapon with the Holy attribute active, because many of the monsters waiting for you are undead.  To progress from one floor to the next, find the King's Slate.  Don't forget to collect all the atla on each floor.

Level 5:  Goro alone can fight here.  Try to make it fast.

After Level 8, exit the temple and enter Muska Lacka.  Do what work you can in Georama Mode.  If you are able to complete Brooke's home, you can shop here.  If not, you must return to a previous area to get supplies.

The truth
The 3 Sisters' House must be finished before you can do Level 9 of the temple.  After it is completed, there will be a scene with Ungaga.  You will learn something of his history, and why he has chosen Mikara, who is considered homely, over her beautiful eldest sister.  Well, I can tell you why.  Her sister's a witch!  In any case, Ungaga has come to accept that the destruction of the village could not have been prevented, and finding his beloved alive has given him renewed energy and hope.  He joins the party in its quest to destroy the Dark Genie.

Level 9:  There are two very large fellows here that must be defeated before you go any farther.  After their demise, use Ungaga's charge attack to remove the Black Wind blocking your progress.  It's the only thing that can clear it away.
Level 11:  An extreme-thirst Limited Zone.
Level 13:  This floor is for Ungaga only.  While he can be a very strong fighter, he won't have a good enough weapon yet, so just do what you have to do and get out.

After completing Level 17, go back to Muska Lacka and finish the georama.  View the events in each building, receiving the Sun Sword from Gosuke and the Buster Sword from Enga.  When you see the event at the chief's house, she will be doubtful of your ability, and your reasons for wanting the Moon Ship.  Then Ungaga will enter, vouching for you and your purpose.  The chief acquiesces, and tells you that you have to go through the king's chamber to reach the Moon Ship.  To do so, you will have to have the Sun Signet and Moon Signet.  You must get them from Enga and Zabo.  Return to their houses after speaking with the chief.

After the village is complete, everyone is happy (except Toto, who has lost his best friend), and the scenes have been watched, open the Miracle Treasure Chests.  Use what you need to, and store what you don't.  You are ready to take on the King's Curse.

King's Curse
Boss Battle:
King's Curse

HP: 1000

It's time to fight an angry smoke man and a coffin.  The coffin is protected by Black Wind in the form of a man, so Ungaga is your guy here.  Equip the Mirage he was given, and use his charge attack to remove the Black Wind.  Once it is gone, the coffin is temporarily vulnerable.  I just kept using the charge attack, never releasing it after the wind was cleared.  It is pretty effective, but chews up the WHp.  If you would rather not do this, just attack the coffin while the Black Wind is gone.  When it returns, use the charge attack to clear it again, and repeat the process.  Try not to let this guy hit you too much, because he hurts.  After you defeat him, a passageway will be revealed.  You can now enter the room which houses the Moon Ship.  Finally.

Apparently the defeat of the King's Curse has caused this area to start caving in on itself.  You must get past a duel which, instead of defeating an enemy, will allow your progress up the crumbling walkway leading to the ship.  After getting clear and entering the ship, you are ready to go.  The chief and Zabo run up to the temple, and see the ship taking off.
In flight

Muska Lacka Georama

Georama Part
Georama Pieces
Event Item/Occurrence
Chief's House
Mini Totem Pole, Cabin, Cabin, Chief Bonka
Chief refuses request, then accepts Ungaga's evaluation of your character; tells you where to find signets; mentions man Toan resembles
Jibubu's House
Mini Totem Pole, Cabin, Hay, Stairway, Jibubu
Gives Fruit of Eden; return later for another scene in which Jibubu complains about Ungaga's status; trade him Foundation for Clay Doll
Zabo's House
Mini Totem Pole, Roof, Odds & Ends, Hay, Zabo
Gives you Moon Signet after you speak to chief; gives Double Impact
3 Sisters' House
Mini Totem Pole, Cabin, Odds & Ends, Nagita, Devia, Mikara
Ungaga will appear and speak to sisters, then join party
Brooke's House
Mini Totem Pole, Cabin, Hay, Brooke
Tells Toan about father, gives Attack + 3, shop opens
Enga's House
Mini Totem Pole, Stairway, Stairway Roof, Odds & Ends, Roof, Enga
Gives you Sun Signet after you speak to chief; gives Buster Sword; will let you store items here
Prisoner Cabin
Mini Totem Pole, Stairway, Sign, Gron
Prisoner ridicules Ungaga, and is then terrified by him
Toto's House
Mini Totem Pole, Handle, Odds & Ends, Toto, Gosuke
Gosuke says his mission is over, says goodbye to Toto, then gives Sun Sword kept inside him, and dies
Totem Pole A
Totem Pole 2nd Head, Totem Pole 3rd Head
Totem Pole B
Totem Pole 2nd Head, Totem Pole 3rd Head N/A
Totem Pole C
Totem Pole 2nd Head, Totem Pole 3rd Head N/A
Tree, Tree, Tree
Trees (10)
Road (25)

Placement Requested
Georama Pieces Requested
Chief Bonka
Close to temple entrance, all houses facing each other
Observe pole guardian custom
Hay, Mini Totem
Observe pole guardian custom
Roof, Mini Totem
Close to oasis
Odds & Ends
Close to oasis, observe pole guardian custom
Close to oasis, observe pole guardian custom
Mini Totem
Observe pole guardian custom
Observe pole guardian custom
Roof, Mini Totem
Wants to see sun rise
Observe pole guardian custom
Mini Totem

Sample Muska Lacka Georama (100%)
(Note: You must turn the totem poles so that the figures on them are facing the houses with the matching mini-totems.)
Muska Lacka Georama