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Matataki Village and Wise Owl Forest

Matataki Village
Wise Owl Forest

When Toan enters Matataki Village, he will see a strange boy watching him.  The boy will then turn and run, and you need to follow him.  When you get to his treehouse, he will jump down and blame Toan for the destruction of his village.  This is another duel, and if you lose, you must exit the glen and reenter to fight him again.  After defeating him, you can change his name, or accept it as Goro.  He will drop a Hunter's Earring, which you must pick up.  Talk to him again, and then leave the glen.
Goro's Glen

Move to the end of the village opposite the waterfall, and enter the passage there.  You will find a withered tree.  The Fairy King will appear and explain that the tree, Treant, must have water before he can speak.  You must find enough atla in the Wise Owl Forest, this area's dungeon, to restore the river.  The Fairy King will clear the way for you to enter the Wise Owl Forest.

Wise Owl
Territory 1:  You will discover that the Wise Owl Forest has three possible gate keys, rather than just one.  The Wise Owl might want a Red Berry, or a Pointy Chestnut, or maybe a Shiny Stone.  You can try the gate keys as you find them, or wait until you get all three before trying to leave the floor.  As before, you should find and open all atla before leaving a floor, and you will have the option to continue on or to exit the dungeon after leaving a floor.  Again, I would recommend leaving the floor and saving before continuing.  You will not be able to buy supplies in Matataki until you have restored Mr. Mustache's shop, so it will be necessary to return to Norune Village and buy what you need from the Gaffer for the time being.

Territory 2:  This is an Abs-reducing Limited Zone.

Territory 4:  This is a limited zone requiring the use of Xiao.  Since Toan cannot enter this floor, there are no atla to be retrieved.  Just fight as many enemies as you must to get a gate key, then take it to the owl and see if it is the right one.  If not, keep trying till you get a key which will allow you to leave.  Of course, if Xiao has a powerful weapon, like the Bandit Slingshot, you may want to do the entire floor to gain experience and items.

After completing B8, you will need to work in georama mode.  Restore Cacao's house, and speak to him.  He will tell you about Fudoh (Goro's father), sing you a song, and give you an Odd Tone Flute.  You will need this to bring the Killer Snake out into the open.  Then place the river parts so that the riverbed runs from the waterfall to the entrance to Treant's domain.  Once it is complete, two little gnomes will run out and open the dam, allowing water to flow through the village.  You can now go speak to Treant, but you will not be able to understand him unless you equip the Hunter's Earring.  Once you have done so, speak to Treant.  He will bestow on you, by way of a giant sneeze, the Serpent Sword.  This weapon cannot break until it has served its purpose, which is to defeat the Killer Snake.  Equip the Serpent Sword, and enter B9 of the Wise Owl Forest.
A gift?

Territory 9:  When you enter the floor, you will have to duel two werewolves.  After defeating them, approach the cave opening.  Press thekey, and use the Odd Tone Flute to attract the Killer Snake.  When he emerges, you must fight another duel.  If you fail to defeat him, you will have to repeat the battle until you win.  After he falls, you will get the Bone Pendant, and the Serpent Sword, having fulfilled its purpose, and is now a breakable, evolvable weapon like any other

Take the Bone Pendant to Goro.  Inside it is a message from his father, Fudoh.  Goro learns the truth about his father's disappearance, and must accept that he has been wrong about the villagers.  He is now free of his bitterness, and ready to rejoin society.  He joins your party with renewed hope.

Back at B9, use Goro to open the floor-based switch which blocks your path.  There will be many more switches of this type throughout the game, and Goro is the only one who can open them.  Proceed to B10, and continue with your dungeon exploration and atla-gathering.

Territory 10:  This is an Abs-reducing Limited Zone.

Territory 12:  This is a Limited Zone which forces you to use Goro.  Just try to get through it and find the gate key as fast as you can.  I would recommend taking each key to the owl as you find it, so that you don't have to stay on this floor any longer than necessary.  Goro is using a weak weapon, and the enemies here are rather tough, so you won't want to stay here long.  Use attack items if you have them.  The gate keys tend to be held by difficult enemies (like Earth Diggers), so bombs are a big help here.

Old Man
Apparently it's true that if you live together long enough, you start to look alike.

Old Woman

Territory 15:  This is an Abs-reducing Limited Zone - another good place to use attack items, if you have them.

After Territory 16, you should return to Matataki Village and complete the georama.  In the event at the Mushroom House, you will receive the Moon Grass Seed, which you must have to get access to the boss in the Wise Owl Forest.  You will also need a Sun Dew to fertilize the Moon Grass Seed.  If you have used all your Sun Dews to unlock back floors in the forest, be sure to get the one out of the chest in the Mushroom House.  Don't forget to view all the scenes and open the Miracle Treasure Chests as you go.  Couscous will store items, weapons, and attachments for you if you are short on space.  When you have completed the georama and achieved 100% in the evaluation, there will be a scene with Treant.  As a reward for making the villagers happy, Treant will give Toan a Powerup Powder.  Goro will run up and ask where his reward is.  Treant, delighted to see Goro showing his spirit once again, gives him a Battle Ax.  Equip it at once - you're about to need it.

Territory 17:  Use the Moon Grass Seed at the !, and a plant will grow.  Use the Sun Dew, and it will become large enough to walk up.  This provides access to the area where the boss, Master Utan, is waiting.

Master Utan
Boss Battle:
Master Utan

HP: 375

You need to use Goro in this battle.  Consider giving him a stamina potion.  Run up to Master Utan and attack him with Goro's axe, then run.  Try to avoid Utan's spitting attacks, because they can do great damage.  Stay on the move, and try to stay fairly close to the boss, because the spitting attacks seem to occur more often when Goro is farther away.  After Utan has relaxed his guard from the last attack, hit him again.  When you have repeated that  procedure several times, Master Utan will fall.  Speak to him, and ask for help getting to Brownboo Village.  He will remove a large boulder blocking your way, and then sit down and fall asleep.

Brownboo Village:  This is the home of the Moon People who live on Blue Terra, and is quite a pretty place.  Walk into the the village, and go counterclockwise around the circular pathway until you automatically come to a stop.  One of the Moon People, none of whom tend to like humans, will drop a rock on your head.  Once you have convinced them that you mean no harm, and are trying to put an end to great evil, they agree to work with you.  The Moon People were the ones responsible for sealing the Dark Genie away all those many years ago, but they are no longer able to perform such a task.  They suggest that the Moon People still living on the moon may be able to, however.  But first, you must help them retrieve the Moon Orb.  It allows them to control the Moon Ship, which is to be your means of traveling to the moon.  It seems to have been included, entirely by accident, in a shipment of fruit that was taken to Queens.  The Moon People will mark Queens on your map, giving you the means to access your next destination.
Brownboo Village

Matataki Village Georama

Georama Part
Georama Pieces
Event Item/Occurrence
Baron's House
Torch, Sign, Roof, Branch, Ancient Baron
Baron tells story of Fudoh, gives Gourd
Wise Owl Shop
Torch, Sign, Entrance, Wise Owl Entrance, Mr. Mustache
Shop opens, offers to sell Wise Owl Sword
Pao's House
Torch, Sign, Stairway, Laundry, Pao
Pao cooks meal, gives hint about Moon People, gives Toan Fruit of Eden
Bunbuku's House
Torch, Sign, Stairway, Cabin, Bunbuku, Kululu
Bunbuku needs Candy, gives Toan Ointment Leaf
Mushroom House
Torch, Sign, Second Floor, Balcony, Ro, Annie
Invite Toan to see view, give Moon Grass Seed
Kye & Momo's House
Torch, Sign, Stairway, Cabin, Kye, Momo
Kye makes scene on roof, Momo gives Plant Buster
Cacao's House
Torch, Sign, Stairway, Laundry, Cabin, Cacao
Tells story of Fudoh, gives Toan Odd Tone Flute
Gob's House
Torch, Sign, Bone, Tree, Gob
Gob cooks meal, gives Toan Frozen Tuna
Couscous' House
Torch, Sign, Grass, Couscous
Offers storage space, gives Toan Candy or Fire/Ice or Turtle Shell
Wells 1, 2, and 3
Torch, Stairway, Roof, Bucket
Watermills 1, 2, and 3
Torch, Water Wheel
Bridge (5)
River (40)
Trees (10)

Placement Requested
Georama Pieces Requested
to be very close to the water
Mr. Mustache
water all around shop
Wise Owl Entrance, Sign
near watermill
lots of trees close to house
to be near Peanut Pond
high, breezy place with good view
Second Floor
good view
high place
"Memories at the Bar" (ignore him)
to be close to Mr. Mustache's store
to be close to Momo's house
Bone, Tree

Sample Matataki Village Georama (100%)