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*Important*: Throughout the walkthrough I give directions like "Follow a heading of 180". These directions are based on the compass that you can activate in your HUD. The default for activating the compass is c+alt. If that doesn't work, check your control settings for "Compass HUD" to see what the command is. Also, throughout the walkthrough, you'll come across things that look like this 11111. These are key codes that have been blacked out because they're major spoilers, and it's a lot better if you figure them out yourself. If you are dying to know what the code is, simply highlight it to reveal it.

Setting Up

Before you even start you game of System Shock 2, you'll probably need to change a few settings. From the main menu, open the options menu. Once open, 4 areas will become available for changes: Controls, Video, Audio, and Game.


The basic controls for SS2 are quite honestly CRAP! Go ahead and click on "Customize Controls". Notice that SS2 has quite a few commands that you can assign to keys. However, most of them are not really needed. For a quick set up, click on load and open the 'standard FPS' bind. This is much closer to the standard, but a few things still need changing if they bug you. (E.G.: Crouch) Click on "back" when you've finished to continue making changes. Next comes the Mouse Sensitivity. I like having this set to about 1/5 max, but feel free to change this as needed.


Unless you have a really slow computer, set the Resolution to 800 x 600 x 16. Faster computers should use 1024 x 768 x 16. Again, click "back" to continue making changes. Choose your Hardware Driver if you have not done so already, then click "back". Now for Gamma Adjust. This is a hard one to set because it varies computer to computer. This is a game that relies on the scare factor, so try to set it where dark feels dark, and don't be a wimp-out and set this too high. (I have this set to 1/3 max.)


You'll have to know a bit about your sound card to get the most out of SS2's audio settings. Use reversed speaker only if when you click on "Speaker Test" the directions come out wrong. If you know you have a sound card, then go ahead and click on Hardware Acceleration as well. Not only will this improve the sound, but it'll take some of the burden off your processor as well. Next, set the Audio Channels to the max your sound card supports. (Most support at least 8, but newer, nicer ones support 16+) And finally, turn on EAX if your sound card supports it.


Only one setting here: Difficulty. Pretty self explanatory, but I feel they've been labeled wrong. Instead of "Easy, Normal, Hard, Impossible", think "Practice, Easy, Normal, Hard".

Ch 1: Intro

Welcome to the System Shock world! This is the chapter where you learn some of the SS2 story and proceed to creating your character. (Read the manual to get a more in depth background story) After you finish watching the intro movie, you'll find yourself on a tramway. Take a moment to get used to the basic movement controls, since nothing is going to be attacking you for a while, you have nothing to worry about. After you've gotten used to the controls, enter the right 'grav shaft' (looks a lot like a blue phone booth with bubbles floating up or down) to be transported to ground level. Once you reach the surface, take a good look around, because this is the ONLY time in the game you are going to be 1) On Earth and 2) Outdoors. There's not much to look at, but you can set up an Easter Egg for later. From the Grav Shaft, follow the street to the right until it comes to an end. When you turn around, there will be a pillar on the right and on the left. Walk up to the pillar on the left and jump up (Hold down the jump button, just pressing it won't get you on it) and follow it a short distance up, till you reach a level area. On the left side of the platform is a basketball, center it in your screen and right click to pick it up. Once you've gotten it, continue on with the game as usual. The easter egg won't come into play until much, much later.

Enter the UNN building, and listen to what the robot has to say. Take the basic training course to get used to the System Shock 2 interface. It's very well scripted, so I won't go into the training here. After you've finished basic training, Move on to Advanced Training. Here you get to see first hand the different classes that System Shock 2 has to offer. Go through the 3 different class trainings to get a better idea of how each class plays (Weapon, Technical, and Psi Abilities.) After you finished, you get to move on to the next room! Here you get to choose which character class you want to be. O.S.A. members are best with Psi Abilities, Navy members are best with Technical Skills, while Marines are best with Weapon skills. No matter which class you pick, you'll still be able to train in any area, but the cost to improve an area with increase or decrease, depending on with of the 3 branches you choose. In addition, your starting skills/abilities will differ.

From this point out, just do as told, and You'll be able to finally make it to make it into the real part of the game!

Ch 2: Enter the Von Braun

A satellite on the other side of the window is going to be smashing through the window to the room you are in right now. Quickly run to the small alcove to the left to avoid damage from the small resulting explosion. Search the body there for a wrench. Use the wrench to break up the table that is blocking the ladder, and climb up the ladder to get out of the room. Follow the path along picking up any items you find and checking out the info consoles for later reference (they won't show up in your help folder unless you right click on the now, and this area will become inaccessible later). Soon you'll come upon a locked door, the access code for it is in the PDA nearby. Use the code 45100 to open the door and walk through. Screams can be heard from this spot. Pause for a moment and watch the action through the window on your right. Doesn't look like she's having a very fun time. Crouch down and follow the access tunnel till you drop into a room with an unpowered door, an uncharged power cell, and a Power station. Not really a difficult puzzle to overcome. Pick up the Powercell and right click on the power station to recharge the Power cell. Then walk to the auxiliary power override, open your inventory screen, and drag it over the auxiliary power override to open the door. After you walk through, the doors will shut behind you, and you'll be out of danger from the decompression event. You'll also get some Cybernetic Modules as a reward, which you can use in the nearby Upgrade area, or save if you want as well.

Take the Elevator in the upgrade room to the second floor. Enter either of the doors on you left, and take the stairs up to a small computer console area. Ignore the explosion, and use your wrench to smash in the glass walling off an access card and Psi Hypo. Exit and follow the platform to the left where a ghostly apparition will appear for a moment. Help the poor guy out and open the door for him. Now's where the fun starts. Soon after you open the door a couple of Annelid Zombies will attack you. They're fairly easy to take care of, so dispatch them and follow the corridor to the right. Try pressing the big yellow button on the wall, and Polito will send you an E-Mail explaining that the Elevator is unpowered and that you'll have to take a detour down to engineering before you can take the elevator up to meet her. But in order to get to engineering, you have to get the Key code to the door from Grassi in the Medical Bay. And if it sounds like a lot of work, that's because it IS a lot of work.

From facing the elevator, turn right and head down the corridor. Turn right around the corner, walk to the Fork, and enter the door that's across and to the right. Inside you'll find a Quantum Bio-Reconstructor, which is the only way to revive if you die. They'll only work if you die in the same section as they're located in, so activate them whenever you move to a new area, or save often, either way, you'll be fine. Activate the unit, go back to the fork, and enter the big door with an Information Terminal next to it. Inside is the computer Xerxes! Say hello, because he's going to be a major thorn in your side for a good portion of the game. Loot the bodies to find your very first gun! The pistol! Scrawled on the wall in this room is "Remember Citadel", a reference to the original System Shock. Using a Heading of 0, enter the next room, theres a camera in here, so take it out before it can sound the alarm. Around the corner is a Turret, so be extra careful, and I wouldn't recommenced taking it on until later, as it's quite powerful. Head back to the fork, and take a Heading of 180, this'll take you to the entrance to the Med Sci Lab. Destroy the camera that's above the desk and enter the lobby for the Med Lab. Unfortunately, the door to the Med lab is unpowered, so pick up the Power Cell nearby, and head back the way you came. Head to the elevator, and take a heading of 0 turning right around the corner to a heading of 90. At the end of this hall is a camera, so destroy it ASAP! This area should look a little familiar, it's the area you watched the poor women get beat down by the annelid zombie earlier. Head down the hallway, or enter the rooms to the left for supplies, either way will end up at the same place. Stock up on supplies in this area, and head back to the elevator once again! From the elevator, take a heading of 0 again, but this time go through the door. On the left is a Chemical Storeroom, Polito does a good job of describing this room, so I'll let her description suffice. Keep on your heading of 0 and shortly you'll come to a ladder. Go down this ladder, at a heading of 135 is the Recharge Station. Looks easy enough, right? Well, as soon as you try to walk towards it, two false walls will drop revealing two Drone Turrets. Not quite so easy anymore. If you feel up to the challenge, then proceed, otherwise take your time to prepare, because you need to get to that Recharge station in order to continue in the game. Whatever you choose, however, I strongly recommend saving here. After you take out the Turrets, simply walk up to the recharge station and right click when it's boxed. That simple. Now head back to the Med Lab's lobby, you'll be able to open it with the power cell you just charged (You did pick it up earlier, didn't you?). Once at the Med Lab, open your inventory and drag the power cell over the Auxiliary Power Override, now you'll be able to get into the Med lab. Do so at once!

Welcome to the Med Lab. Here you'll meet your good friends, the Psionic Monkeys (That would be a great name for a band =P) and the Zombies with Shotguns. Both want to see you dead, so be carefull! Down the corridor to the left (Heading 180) is a bio-reconstructor, you can activate it now if you want, but first, go straight (Heading 270). The Hall will curve to the left (Heading 180) And you will have the option to go downstairs. For now, stay on the upper level. In the room ahead is a Surgical Activation Key, which when coupled with an Incomplete Surgical Unit will create a Complete Surgical unit that regenerates your HP for Nanites. There's already a good number of Complete Surgical Units on this level, so Hand on to the Key for later use. Leave the room, and drop down to the lower level from the platform. On the desk is a PDA, open it if you want. On one of the bodies are some cyber modules, pick them up so you can upgrade later! Head out the right door and run right (heading 90) down the hall as fast as you can, because a turret will try to lock on to you. You can kill the turret if you want, but it's a waste of ammo and health at this point. Head back the way you came, and take a right (Heading 180) at the fork. Through the first door on your right is the bio-reconstructor and a Complete Surgical Unit. Remember where this room is, because you'll want to come back here to use the Surgical Unit if your health runs low. The hall ends a little further on, and a camera is on the ceiling to your upper left, take it out before it sounds the alarm, or you'll be swamped by Zombies and Monkeys! Head right (Heading 180) at the fork, go around the bend, and go through the door at the end of the hall on your right (Heading 270). The area should have steam jets, which will nullify any radiation that is on you. This is a good thing, considering that the next area is highly radioactive. Run into the next area, pick up any thing you can grab, then run back to the Steam room to keep from taking too much damage. Make sure you inspect the body, as it's carrying 2 cyber modules! Now, back out of the steam room, and smash the glass across the hallway from the radioactive room. Jump through the window, and walk through the window. In the corner to right (Heading 180) is a Camera, it's tough to see unless you know it's there, so make sure you take it out ASAP, or else the Shotgun zombies will rush into the room. The door straight ahead (Heading 90) leads into an ambush, so don't go there unless your absolutely sure you can take on a turret and a couple of Shotgun Zombies! Instead, head down the ladder to the lower level. Search the body at the bottom of the stairs for an Access card. Head up the ladder, and back to the bio-reconstructor room. Exit the room (I was just using it as a reference point =P) and head left down the hall (Heading 270). At the end of the hall (Heading 0) is a large door with an access card slot next to it. Use the access card you 'borrowed' from Watts and open the door. Now you've made it to the Crew Sector! Congratulations! Note: If you do choose to brave the ambush, you'll be rewarded with some body armor, which is quite useful. I'd recommend taking a left (Heading 90) At the Fork to avoid the Turret. Either way, the Shotgun Zombies are gunna hurt quite a bit, so have full health before you charge in.

Mmm, the Crew Section seems so cozy doesn't it? Well, maybe if there wasn't death and destruction all over the place it would seem nicer =P. Polito orders you to go to Dr. Watts' room, but doesn't tell which it is! That ungrateful little... Anyway, head through the door at the end of the hall. To your left (Heading 270) is an upgrade area, go here to use all those Cyber Modules you've been earning. To your right (Heading 90) is an Armory, however, the Access code for the armory is on Deck 4, and you won't be getting there anytime soon, so keep this armory in the back of your mind for now. Straight ahead (Heading 0) is a housing section. Watts's room is among them, so head this way after you've upgraded. Down this corridor is a camera, and a few Annelid zombies. Have a ranged weapon ready, because there are some Shotgun Zombies here as well. Check out the rooms for different inventory items, if you want, or just head straight to Watt's room. Watt's room is at the end of the hall, on the lower level, and on the right (Heading 90). Of special note on this level, is the room across from Watts's (Heading 270). Inside, on the upper level is a body with cybernetic modules, and a fully functional shotgun next to it. Both are helpful and should be well worth the time spent picking them up. Watts isn't inside his room, so Polito E-mails you stating the obvious, Watts isn't here! She also tells you that he might be in his office in the R&D sector. Make sure you search his desk before you leave to pick up the access card within. Head back to the upgrade area, upgrade if you need to, then exit through the Science Bulkhead across the hall (Heading 90).

After the level finishes loading, head through the door in front of you. A camera is on the wall up ahead, unless you took care of it earlier. Either way, take the right (Heading 180), enter the room with the Xerxes mainframe, than take the left (Heading 90) exit out of the room. Head down the hall, turn left around the bend, then walk down this hall, through the door at the end (Heading 0) then left around the next corner as well. Straight ahead is the R&D sector. Inside is a Camera, so have a gun ready to take it out. Take a right at the end of the Hall (Heading 0) and head down this new hall, ignoring the doors on your right (Unless you want the goodies inside). At the end of this hall is a camera, so be ready to take it out. Head through the last door on this hallway, it should be on your left (Heading 90) and labeled "Watts, Dr. James R.". Use the elevator in this room to get to the lower level, and head across the room to FINALLY meet Dr. Watts. Walk to Dr. Watts and listen to his ramblings until he collapses. Then loot his body and leave him to die. Careful, however, because while you've been listening to Dr. Watts's rambling, a couple of Shotgun Zombies have set up an ambush, and are ready to fill you with lead. Luckily, there's a surgical unit right next to Dr. Watts, so make good use of it during your fire fight. Head back to the elevator near where you started the game, but stop just short of it, because waiting just around the corner is your first fight with a Mech! Try to control your joy, and make good use of the AP rounds for the Pistol to take it out. It helps if you lean around a corner, then duck back behind cover when the Mech takes a shot at you (Its shot moves slowly). Across from the elevator (Heading 225) is a door with a keypad next to it. The access code to the door is on one of the data disks that you looted from Dr. Watts's body, so take your time to listen to them both. Use the code 12451 to open the door to the Engineering section. Jump down the hole in this room (You don't really need to take the ladder) to gain access to the Engineering Sector.

Ch 3: Operation Restore Power to the Elevator

You friggin crushed that guy, yo! Oh well, he was probably either Dead or a Zombie anyway and judging by that beer bottle in his hand, he died happy. Now, look up, head through the door, loot the items in this room and head through the door to your left (Heading 90). Whee, it's radiation central down here, so you're going to want to move quickly from non-radioactive spot to non-radioactive spot. The Power Generators are to the left, but the access to them has been cut off, due to the high radiation levels in the engineering level (You didn't REALLY think it was going to be that easy did you? I mean, just look what you had to do to get the pass code to the Engineering level!) Instead, quickly head right down this hall, until you get to a non-radioactive spot. Here the path forks, and it gets a little confusing keeping your heading, so if you haven't done so yet, open up your map (Default 'M', or press the 'Map' key while your Inventory Screen is open) and check the "minimap" option below the map. This will keep a tiny map in the corner of your screen at all times, helping navigation through these maze-like tunnels tremendously. Any ways, back to the fork. Both paths will take end up at the same point, but the right path (Listed Shuttle Bay, Heading 180) is filled with Radiation, while the straight path (Heading 90) has little radiation along it. Ignore the path to the left, and continue down this route until your come across a locked door with a keypad next to it, along with two large signs labeled "Auxiliary Storage 4". Polito gives you the pass-code to this door in a E-Mail. Use the code 59004 to open the door. Inside is a Hazard Suit, which will be a tremendous help if you want to go through radioactive areas. Except that now you're past the radioactive area, and the next time you'll be coming through here, you'll have already flushed the radiation out. DOH! Anyway, loot the room, then exit and head down he hall to the left, ignoring the body, due to the fact that it is currently surrounded by radiation. Head through the double doors, and into the engineering level's Elevator room.

Ok, in this room is a new type of enemy. Remember the robots that were so nice to you before? The ones that introduced you to the world of System Shock 2? Well, now they're reprogrammed to run at you Kamikaze style and explode, while saying things like "I only want to help you" and "I can't help you if you keep hiding". Uh... Right... Nows a good time to take advantage of the armor piercing rounds that have been storing up, as they'll take down this Robot Suicide Bombers in 2-3 shots. Once you've cleared this room, take a look around. There's a Replicator here, where you can buy things for Nanites, an Elevator Access (Still won't work until you get the power back up though.), a Regenerator, and a Headless corpse. The shaft in the middle of the room contains a Security Control Station, which you can hack to lower the security defenses, and a body carrying some Upgrade Modules. After you've cleared out the Elevator room, it's time to go on to the next area. The dreaded SHUTTLE BAY! And it's no fun either, due to all the robots running around with your death and destruction that's been reprogrammed into them. Take the exit at a heading of 180, and turn right around the corner immediately behind the door. At the top of the short climb are a couple of bodies waiting to be looted, a Zombie who just wants to be your friend, and a camera, all laying in ambush, so be prepared for them. Be careful, because through the next door (Labeled Cargo Bay and Engineering Controls, Heading 180) is a hard to see camera in the upper right corner of the hall. Continue down the hall a bit more, and you'll come across a couple of Grav Lifts just like at the beginning of the game. The controls to flush the radiation are up there, so go check it out. Unfortunately, your good friend Sanger decided to recode the lock, so you're going to have to go to the Cargo bay to find her corpse. You should hardly be surprised. Can't ANYTHING go right!?

Head down the down Grav Lift, and face the door to your left (Heading 180). On the other side of that door is a gun turret. It's fairly easy to take care of, and you can avoid some damage by leaning around the corner and using AP rounds to destroy it. However, through the next door are two laser turrets. They don't like you, and they want to see you dead. Both Marines and Hackers will have an easy time of this, because a Marine can easily destroy the turrets, and a Hacker can deactivate them, but a OSA agent is going to have a harder time getting past them unless they put enough skill into hacking to bypass the Security Control Station. Get ready whatever the case, because they are there, and they are a serious threat. Oh yeah, and watch your back while you do it, because Zombies like to sneak up on you in this area. When you first open the door, there will be a laser turret on the right with a camera directly above it. The second turret is in an alcove on the far left corner of the room. Once you've cleared this room of both turrets, loot the body in the middle of the room for his security pass, then enter the small room on the left side of this room (Heading 90). Inside is a Security Console, some Upgrade Units, an Incomplete Surgical Unit, and some Cybernetic Modules. If you have a Surgical Activation Key, use it to complete this Unit. Use the Surgical Unit to heal, Upgrade if you want, then leave the room and head for the door to the left (Heading 180). Use the bulkhead activation switch next to the door to gain access to a new area, the Shuttle bay!

Walk down this hall, and you'll soon come to a circular room. Try to walk through this room, and the screen will fade to white, and you'll be taken on a short journey of The Many's home, don't worry, nothing will happen, and when it's over, you'll be back in the circular room. After the cut scene, continue down the hall. (You can't join The Many even if you want to =P) At the end of the hall is are 3 doors and a camera. Take care of the Camera, then head through the middle door, to the shuttle bay. On the other side of this door are some explosive barrels. Blow them up from a distance before you go through the second door, and you'll be able to clear out the next room with a single shot =). If you destroyed the explosive barrels, then open the second door and shoot at any of the barrels in the room. A huge explosion will fill the room, and everything inside will take damage. Finish off the survivors, and then take the Grav Shaft up to a small platform overlooking the Shuttle Bay. Take the elevator on this Platform, and head down this small hallway to enter the Shuttle Bay control room. As soon as you enter the room, you'll be greeted by a head flying across the screen, and then by a Melee Zombie and a Shotgun zombie. Careful though, a Camera is on the left side of this room, but it's fairly easy to avoid and take care of. Once you've cleared the room, activate the Bio-Reconstructor, and use the Upgrade Stations if you want. Head back to the Shuttle Bay and back down the hall. Enter Cargo Bay 1 (Heading 90). Smash the debris out of your way using the Wrench, then activate the access card slot to gain access to Cargo 1. You see those containers on the left and right? They contain more of those Kamikaze Protocol Droids, and occasionally, one of them will break free of its casing and try to kill you, so make sure you have an eye open watching for them. Head right as soon as you can (Heading 180). At the back of this area is a body, and on that body is an access ca Cargo Bay 2, where you need to go. Unfortunately, when you pick up the card, it triggers an ambush, so get ready to take on some Shotgun zombies and Kamikaze Drones.

After you get out of this sticky situation, you have 2 options. You can either head straight to Cargo Bay 2, and get the access code you need, or you can finish clearing out Cargo Bay 1, then head to Cargo Bay 2. I strongly suggest that you finish clearing out Cargo Bay 1, because odds are you'll be needing the supplies you find in here. After you've finished looting Cargo Bay 1, get healed up and ready, because Cargo Bay 2 is next. As soon as you enter Cargo Bay 2, a Laser Turret will be in the left Cargo Bay, labeled "Hygienic Storage", take care of it, and walk over to it. Next to the turret is a hacker who failed to successfully hack the turret. He's pretty dead now, so feel no remorse in looting his body for the very valuable Hacksoft. At the top of the left Cargo Bays is a body with a couple cyber modules, and a broken lift. On the lift are some nanites, but if you step on the lift, it causes the lift to fall. There are 2 ways to get those nanites without falling to your death. The first way is to lean forward (Default Alt+Shift+W) and pick up the nanites. The second way is to run onto the lift, then back on the ledge really quickly, causing the lift to fall by itself. You can then proceed to go to the bottom of the shaft and pick up the nanites. Now, back to the real mission. Proceed to the Part of Cargo Bay 2 labeled "Medical Storage" Clear out the next two cargo areas of their goodies, and proceed onward. In the hall wall adjoining the 2nd and 3rd cargo bays, is a maintenance droid, so be careful, and load your AP rounds if you have any left. After you've toasted it, continue onto the next and last cargo area. In this cargo area is the access code you need, unfortunately, so too are a pair of Maintenance Robots waiting in ambush. The Pass code is in a PDA, on a body on the top floor of the final cargo bay, I strongly recommend that you try to take a sneaky approach the avoid the Maintenance robot, unless you are somehow miraculously overflowing with Ammunition and HP.

Once you've obtained the pass code, head all the way back to the engineering bay. Once in the engineering bay, take the Grav lift up to the Engineering control, and use the code you just spent an hour in the cargo bay hunting down. 15061. Inside is the fluidics control computer, and Sanger, who it looks like, didn't quite find the hiding spot she was looking for. Try using the fluidics control computer. You should hardly be surprised by the results. Once you're down freaking out, and calm down, head back the the radioactive corridors at the area where you first entered this hell-hole. Enter the corridors through the door closest to the Bio-Reconstructor, head to straight till you come to a bend, then keep heading this path, going around the several curves, until you are able to make a right turn. Take this right turn, then head down this path till you reach a door. Go through the door, take the path straight ahead (They all end up at the same place, but the middle one is fastest), the turn left at the bend to find Auxiliary Storage 5. The access code to Auxiliary Storage 5 is on the PDA that was on Sanger's body. 34760 Inside is shelf after shelf of chemicals and circuit boards. You only need one of these circuit boards, so before you get too happy picking everything up, listen closely to the PDA you picked up off of Sanger's corpse. The board you need is 45M/dEX, it can be found on the far left aisle, 2nd from the end. Once you have the Circuit board, head all the way back to the Cargo Bay. (I don't know about you, but man, this is a LOT of backtracking!) Head to the Shuttle Bay, then take the grav lift there up, follow by the elevator, to reach the Command Control. Take a minute to look for the place to put the Circuit board. Comon, you'll feel much more satisfaction if you find it yourself =P. Ok, now for the spoiler. For the door to the Command Control, look straight ahead. Now look a little bit up. See the thing labeled "Systems Monitoring Unit"? That's where you want to put the circuit board. Don't feel bad if you couldn't find it. It took me forever to find the stupid thing the first time I played through the game.

Anyway, it's time for some more of the best part of System Shock 2! BACKTRACKING! Wheeeee! Head back to the Engineering Control (The place where the fluidics control computer and Sanger's corpse are.), and don't worry, you're almost out of this level, and on to more aspiring things! Once there, it's time for the super-ultra-change-for-a-dollar-difficult task of activating the fluidics control computer. Use the fluidics control computer. Good job. Whew, tough task, eh? Anyway, Polito E-Mails you for like the 9000th time, the congratulate you, and tells you that you are FINALLY able to do what you came down to the engineering bay to do. Activate the power to the elevator. Head back to the corridors of radioactivity, only now, they're not radioactive anymore. From the door to the radioactive corridors closest to the bio-reconstructor, take the first left, at the fork, a right, go through the door, continue on, taking a left at the next fork (should be labeled "Engine Core"). Ignore the door to the left, following the path labeled "Engine Core" until you come to a door with a two state button next to it. Use the button to open the door to the Engine Core. Inside is another 2 state switch next to a ladder. Use the switch, then climb up the ladder. Buy any supplies from the replicator you need, then go through the only door in the room. Inside is the Engine Core, and boy is it a big engine. Head through the door to the right (Heading 90) and through the short hall to another door. On the other side of this door is the first engine you need to restart. Head to the left. Be careful, because there is a security camera at the end of the corridor. Keep an eye out for it, then destroy it when you have a chance. Enter the small control room, the use the "Starboard Nacelle Computer" to restart the first engine. Now, head back the the main engine room, and go through the left-most door (Heading 270). This room is basically a mirror image of the other room, except there isn't a camera in this room. Head to the control room and activate the "Port Nacelle Computer". Now to restore the power, and get out of the engineering bay. Head back to the main engine room, then head to the door just to the right of where you are (Head ~ 130). On the other side of the door should be an elevator, take it up to reach a small work area above the main engineering room. The Master Power Computer is in this area, activate it, and your work will be finished in the Engineering bay. Make sure to loot the Office at the end of the work area, but ignore the Chamber with a keypad next to it, you won't get the key code for it until much later. Now, back to the MAIN elevator. It's the one next to the bio-reconstructor with the big glowing yellow button. Once you're in there, use the button to the right of the door to bring of a list of floors that the elevator can take you to. You're on the engineering level right now, and you've already cleared the Med/Sci level, so click on level 3 to get to the next area.

Oh, and by the way you've finished Operation "Restore Power to the Elevator" so crack open a beer or something.

Ch 4: Dang man, there's some freaky shit goin' down in Hydroponics!

Open the door to the elevator, the take the door to the right. A really short trip down this hall will bring you to another door. Head through, but before you rush into the room, be wary that around that corner, is a glass wall, and on the other side of that glass wall is a camera and some Laser Turrets. Take out the camera, but ignore the turrets for now. You can easily avoid their fire by crouching and staying out of their line of fire. In one of the crates is some AP ammo, find it, then use it to destroy the Laser Turrets. Once you've destroyed the laser turrets, feel free to use the Consoles to upgrade your stats. Once you've finished upgrading, look through the window into the room where the Laser Turrets were. Inside are some Alien Pods, which look suspiciously like the ones from the movie "Alien". Just like in the movie, if you get too close, they'll open up, and little creatures will leap out and do damage to you, so take them out from a distance before they can unleash the critters within. After you've cleared the room where the turrets were, leap through the glass, then exit out of the only door in the room (Heading 0). The rooms on the right hold some nice goodies, so make sure you clear them out, but it's the rooms on the left that contain the important items. The first door on the left is busted, but the second one does open. Enter the door that works, then break the glass connecting the two rooms, climb onto the desk, and jump through the window. Search both desks inside the room, and take the unresearched Objects found in both. Once you take the first one, Polito will E-Mail you with a message explaining that you should be able to clear the Elevator Shaft if you can find all of the Biochemical containers on the level, and install them into the ventilation system. However, before you can do that, you'll need at least level 1 research. Polito will give you some Upgrade Modules to upgrade your research skill to level 1, but in this room is a Research Lab Assistant Implant which can be used instead, if you want to spend the Upgrade Modules on something else. Either way, you have a mission now, to find all of the Bio-Chemical Containers on the level! Yay!

At this point you should have 2 of the containers, and 2 more to find. Exit back out into the hall, then head left (Heading 0) and around the corner. At the end of the hall is a door with an Access Card Slot next to it, unfortunately, you haven't got the right card to open it, so instead, head left around the corner. Smash through the glass and jump through, or take the small path to the lower level in this room, then head through the door. The next room has two rooms branching off of it. The room straight ahead (Heading 270) contains a replicator, so go there if you need to buy anything. The door to the left opens up into a two storied room. The top level has a bio-reconstructor that you should activate. Climb the ladder in the corner of the room, the proceed to do so. Once you've activated the Bio-Reconstructor, go back down to the lower level, then take the at heading 90. Proceed down the hall, and around the corner, into the Xerxes computer room for this level. In the room is a Security Camera, but not much else. Kill the camera, then take the door that was under the the camera. On the other side of the door is a hall with a small incline. Walk to the end of the hall, but not into the room yet. Just to the right of the entryway to the room is a camera, so be ready to take it out. Once you've destroyed the camera, take the path to the left. At the bottom, take a right. Go through the first door on your right, because in that room is another one of the Bio-Chemical Containers.

Get the container, then Exit back out to the hall and head back to the room where the Bio-Reconstructor is, or kill yourself and spend a few nanites to get there, if you activated it. Once you're in the room with the Bio-Reconstructor, head through the door on that level. Be careful, because the door leads into a room with a security camera. Clean the desks in the room of their goodies, then take the small stairs/platform thing in the room. This should lead you to a small room with some annelid eggs and an environmental regulator. There's an auto-repair unit in this room, pick it up and exit back out. If you've already gotten ahead of me, and researched the bio-chemical container, go ahead and place that in the environmental regulator. If you haven't researched the bio-chemical container yet, wait for a little bit more before you do. Anyway, head back up the stairs/platform, into the room where the camera was. In this room is a window, go ahead and jump through it into a room with a glass floor. Loot the body for a Swift-Boost implant, if you don't have one already, then stand on the cracked glass panel to fall to the lower level. Be careful, because there are quite a few Annelid Eggs down here, it doesn't matter which way you go, both ways end up at the same point. Head out of the circular area, and you should be in another hallway. Head to the end of this hallway, then turn around the corner. If you're in the right spot, you should see a small reenactment of the past via ghosts. Head through the glass doors to the right, and then into the chemical storeroom on the left. There is another door in the chemical storeroom, enter the office on the other side to find the chemicals needed to research the Bio-Chemical containers. Equip the Lab Assistant, then right click on the Bio-Chemical container to begin research on the Bio-Chemical container. When you hear a notice stating that a certain chemical is needed, use the chemical (From your inventory) to proceed with the research. It takes a while to research the Bio-Chemical container, so while you wait, take a moment to play on your Game-Pig. Note that the developers of the Game-Pig have a scary fascination with corn and pigs, so make sure you keep your children away from them.

Once you've researched the Bio-Chemical container, you can start inserting them into the environmental regulators. Since you can't go back the way you've come, you've got to find another way out. Head back to the hall where you say the ghost episode take place, then head left (Heading 270) until you are able to take a corridor to your right. There's a bunch of Psionic Monkeys here, so be ready take them down. As you proceed down this corridor, there'll be a platform with a body immediately to your left, search it and take the Access card on it. Also to your left is a small alcove with a camera inside, make sure you destroy the camera. In the second alcove to your left is a small platform surrounded by water. Grab the upgrade modules on it, but be careful not to fall into the water, as it can be very difficult to get back out if you don't know how. After you've grabbed the upgrade modules, keep going down the corridor. At the end of the corridor is a grenade launcher, and a fork going two different ways. Take the right way (Labeled "Cold Storage"). There are two levels in this area, and the lower level is where you want to get to. There are a lot of spots where you can take pot shots at the people on the lower level, so take advantage of this rare treat while you can! Anyway, on the upper level, follow the path to the left to a room with glass windows above. The area on the other side of the glass was where you were at the start of the level, in case you were wondering. At first glance, there's nothing important in this room, however, by climbing on top of the crates stacked smallest to biggest, you can find some upgrade modules.

Head back out of this room, then either take the ladder down to the lower level, or jump down through the large hole. The lower level is really small, so it's tough to give good directions. Just make sure you loot all the bodies you see, because one of them has an Access key that you need to proceed, and next to another body are some upgrade modules you'll probably want to snag as well. Once you've finished cleaning up down here, find the Environmental Regulator (It's big, and this area is small, you can't miss it.) and drag a Viral-Toxin container onto it. You'll get a message from Polito complementing you on your work if you got it right. Now, head back to the upper level, and back to where the grenade launcher was at (The entrance to this area). Head through the door with an access card slot next to it, and "SECTOR C" above it. Look familiar? You should be back into a more familiar area now. Head straight ahead, past the Xerxes mainframe, and into the hall. Follow this hall into the 2 leveled room with the bio-reconstructor, and climb up to the upper level. Head through the door on the upper level, past the window, and down the stairs/walkway to find the Environmental Regulator from before. Drag and drop a Viral-Toxin container onto it. Sorry, but no congratulations from Polito this time. Guess this one was just too easy. Now for a more difficult one. Head back to the room with the Xerxes mainframe, and take the door left of the one labeled "Section B" (Heading ~ 170). Go through this door, and straight ahead until you come to another door with an access card slot next to it labeled "Sector A". Go through this door. On the other side of this door is a camera (DESTROY IT!), a broken replicator, and a bulkhead. Go through the bulkhead when you're finished exploring the wonders of this room.

The first room you'll be in when the new area finishes loading, has a little bit of everything. There's a couple of upgrade consoles, an energy recharge station, a replicator, a body with a Viral-Toxin container in it, and best of all, some Upgrade Modules! (They're behind the grating near the roof immediately across from the bulkhead, look for a glowing blue thing. You'll need to jump and quickly right click to grab them.) However, along with the good comes the bad. There's a camera (DESTROY!) and some annelid eggs in here as well. Once you've grabbed the Viral-Toxin container and finished messing with all the cool devices, head out the only door in the room (The bulkhead doesn't count!). Head right down the hall, ignoring the doors to the left for now. The door on the right leads to a small storage room, completely uninteresting, except for one fact, there's some upgrade modules hidden in here! They're stuck between two square crates on the far side of the room. Head back to the hall, and head through either of the doors on the other side of the hall, they both lead to the same spot. On the other side of the doors are some maintenance robots, one for each door. As usual, armor piercing bullets help, but these shouldn't be to tough in any case, as long as you duck around the corner when they fire their easily slow moving ammunition. Once you've killed the bots, you'll find some good stuff in this room. You'll also see why this is called the hydroponics level. There's plants EVERYWHERE! Anyway, there's an Assault Rifle in this room, which is unarguably the best weapon in the game. Unfortunately, it requires a Standard of 6, which isn't likely that you have yet, so if you have room in your inventory, pick it up and drop it off by the elevator so you can pick it back up later. On the body next to the Assault Rifle is a lot of good stuff, however most important is the Access Card he's carrying. Once you've finished clearing this room, head on to the next one! The next couple of areas are just more hydroponics bays, but each contains some goodies, so clean them out as well. The second one on the right contains some Upgrade Modules, so be sure to find them! At the end of the hall is another Environmental Regulator. You should know what to do by now, drag and drop a Viral-Toxin container onto that sucker! With that done, head back to the bulkhead at the beginning of this area, and go back to the main area.

You should know this area fairly well, and you'll only be here shortly. Go through the room with the Xerxes mainframe, then go to the two-leveled room with the Bio-Reconstructor, from there, take the door on the lower level, the right door in the next room, jump through the glass onto the upper level, then down the short hall. If you're in the right spot, there should be a door labeled "Sector D" with an access card slot next to it. On the other side of the door is a bulkhead. This is the area where the last Environmental regulator is.

The scene you see when the new area finishes loading is arguable the bloodiest you'll see in System Shock 2. Prepare yourself. And no, that's not the only psychotic thing you'll see here. What could be worse, you ask? How about a PDU containing a sound recording of the psychopath that killed all these people... killing all these people. Head to the area straight ahead first. Here you can find the PDU with the recording of the psycho killing these people, if you're into that sort of thing. The door straight ahead leads into what looks like a bland, empty room, but all is not as it seems. The woman's body is carrying powered armor, which I feel to be the best armor in the game. Also in this room is an broken EMP rifle, which isn't really a great weapon, so you can ignore it. Now, if you look through the glass, you should see a ledge leading around a big pit of steamy water. If you have the courage, braving that ledge can lead you to a small cache of goodies and some upgrade modules. However, one small slip, and it's DEATH! Make sure you save before you try it, as it's fairly easy to fall into the boiling water below. Once you've finished with this area, head back to the horror room next to the bulkhead. Head through the door in this room (Heading 270) and walk down the stairway/walkway to an orange area below. Head right first, as there as some Upgrade modules here. Once you have the upgrade modules, start heading the other way. The first thing you should notice is a new type of enemy here, spiders. Take them out, then place your last Viral-Toxin in the Environmental Regulator to finish up the Hydroponics level and get a message from Polito. Guess what? You finally get to meet her! Finish doing what ever it is you want to do, then head back to the elevator and up to level 4.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! The hydroponics bay is COMPLETED!

Ch 5: The plot unfolds on "The Operations Level"!

This time, when you get off the elevator, you'll be in the room with the Xerxes mainframe. There's 3 bulkheads, a door, and a bio-reconstructor in this room, along with some crates, but not much else. Activate the bio-reconstructor, then go through the bulkhead next to the elevator (Bulkhead 41) to meet Polito. Time for a plot twist. Dun dun dun. Polito.... is.... SHODAN! And no, SHODAN isn't malfunctioning, her voice has always been that way. Oh, and I hope you enjoy being insulted every 2.5 seconds because SHODAN hates you with a passion and definitely wants you to know it. However, SHODAN still gives you a mission, and honestly, you need her just as much as she needs you. You need to reprogram 3 simulation units on this deck with some simulation override chips, so head back to the Xerxes Mainframe area.

The easiest way to complete the mission is to go through the different sections in a Counter-Clockwise fashion. Head through Bulkhead 42 to begin the search for the chips. Once you're through the Bulkhead, loot the body for some Upgrade Modules, then head around the corner. The door on the left is an upgrade area, but ignore it for now. Instead, take the path to the right labeled "Data Storage". Keep an eye out for a camera next to the body (KEHAUL IT!) and keep going till you run into a door. On the other side of the door is a small Cold Storage area, and the first of your 3 targets. Kill the Red Cyborg Assassin, then take the "Interpolated Simulation Chip" it's carrying. There's an EMP rifle here too, if you want it, but I wouldn't recommend using it, as it's not the best weapon in the world. Now, head back to the Upgrade Area. Inside, you'll get a message from SHODAN giving you some background information on the Crystal Shard that's on the ground. There's a couple of upgrade modules on a bench in this room, so snag them, and upgrade if you need to. Once you've finished your upgrading, head back out to the hall, and take follow the hall to the left. Activate the bio-reconstructor, as you pass it, then continue on until you reach an area where Green Gas is coming from the ceiling.

Use the energy recharge station, then take the door instead of going through the Green Gas. Keep going until you come out on the other side of the Green Gas, then, backtrack and walk towards the gas. There should be a door on your left, go through it. Inside are some Annelid eggs, and some upgrade modules. Kill the eggs, take the upgrade modules, then head back out into the hall. Once you're out in the hall again, head right, away from the gas, towards the body hanging from the ceiling. The body has some upgrade modules on it, take them, then head towards the Replicator (Heading 90). There should be doors on both sides of the replicator, take the left pair, and you'll be in the mess hall. Head to the lower level, and you get to watch a massacre of people via ghosts. Be careful though, because as it starts to end, a Maintenance bot will come and try to ruin your fun. After you've toasted the Maintenance bot, enter the door on this level. Once you've gone through that door, take the door on the right side of this hall. You should be in the kitchen now. Head to the back of the kitchen, and you should find a small office in complete disarray. Check the desk to find some Upgrade Modules. After that, you can clean out the rest of the mess hall for some ammo and nanites, if you want, but there's nothing else important here. Head back to where the body is hanging from the ceiling, once you're finished in the mess hall. If you've come from the mess hall, the next door you need to take should be on your right (Heading 0) go that way, and you'll run into a bulkhead. Kill the camera, then go through the bulkhead, you can ignore the area ahead for now.

Now It's time to find the second Simulation Override chip. There's a chemical storeroom right there, if you want to do any researching, but otherwise, continue down the hall. Head right at the fork, and past the observation post until you enter a new hallway. Inside is a camera, so destroy it. Now that it's gone, Head back the way you came. Take the downwards grav shaft to the lower level, then search the rooms down here to find some upgrade modules, ammo, and other good stuff. Once you've finished down here, take the upwards grav shaft back up to the upper level. Head to the area where you killed the camera (Heading 180). There should be a room nearby with a dead body, a security computer, and a replicator in it. Enter this room, but be careful, because searching the body will cause some annelid worms to pop out. The replicator is broken, so ignore it, and head down the hall (Heading 180). You should see a new set of grav shafts, if you're headed the right way. Take the downwards grav shaft and search the rooms down here to find some upgrade modules, a suit of standard armor (In case you decided not to use the powered armor), and a PDU recording of Bronson killing Malick next to Malick's corpse. Once you've cleared this lower area, take the upwards grav shaft back up to the upper level.

Continue heading the way you have thus far down the hall (Heading 180) until you reach a short hall with a grav shaft on the left and a grav shaft on the right. Take the grav shaft up to reach an upgrade area. The body here has some upgrade modules, and there's a recharger as well to recharge any equipment that needs recharging. When you've finished here, use the grav shaft to get back to the lower level, and continue down the hall (Heading 180). Just around the corner, and you'll see a door. If you look behind you, you can see that you've just gotten through the crews quarters... backwards. Not a problem though. It's just easier that way. Head through the door, and you should see a red cyborg assassin. Go ahead and take a shot at him, but he'll run away. Follow him down the corridor he takes, but watch out for the camera. He's fast, and it's not possible to keep up to him, so don't worry when he gets away. At the end of the corridor is a large area with a lot of rooms connected to it. The red cyborg assassin is usually in the room at the end of the hall, but will sometimes come out into this large area. Once you've dispatched him, loot his body for the "Quantum Simulation Chip". After you've killed him, search the rooms for goodies. Of special note is the room upstairs with part of the floor lifted up. In the area where the floor is lifted are some upgrade modules and nanites, but if you jump in, steam jets will engage causing damage. It's possible to get the nanites using Psi Pull, but you're going to have to jump in there to get the Upgrade Modules, so make sure you have enough health before you do so. When you've finished here, head back out into the corridor where you first saw the red cyborg, then head right (Heading 180). You should now be at the beginning of the level with only one more simulation chip to find. Take this chance to drop off any excess inventory items you may have and then head through bulkhead 43.

Now it's time to find the last Simulation Override Chip. This area is tough so be careful, and make sure you have plenty of Anti-Toxin hypos and Armor Piercing rounds, because there are a lot of spiders and robots in this area. Ignore the door marked "System Ops" for now. Around the corner is a Laser Turret, so be careful. Take out the turret, then head down the hall it was guarding. The area left of the turret has an upgrade center, but there is also another Laser Turret guarding a hall here. The hall that the second turret is guarding leads to a dead end, so explore it if you want, but otherwise head back to the first turret you destroyed. There is a small barracks through the door next to the first turret, remember to check the lockers above the beds for goodies. Now, take the right (Heading 270) hall from the first turret. Just around the corner is a camera, but you have more than enough time to destroy it, so feel free to take out your melee weapon and kill it to conserve ammo. Just next to the camera is a Bio-Reconstructor. Activate it, because you'll probably end up using it once or twice here. If you look down this new hall, you should see a door to the left with a keypad, a room to the right with a replicator, a door at the end of the hall, and bend in the hall heading to the left. The replicator is selling Psi Hypos, if you're in need of them, so check that out now, if you want. Otherwise, take out the Laser Turret that is around the bend in the hall, use the recharge station next to it, then head through the door at the end of the hall to find another barracks. At the back of this one are some Upgrade Modules, so grab them. Now you have a choice to make, you should have the code to the door with the keypad next to it in one of the PDUs you picked up earlier (13433). However, there is a rather strong Mech inside, and he'll eat up quite a few of your AP rounds. The room isn't necessary, but there's some grenade rounds and an Assault Rifle in perfect condition in there, if you want them. Wether you decide to open the room or not, head around the bend in the hall, past the turret, and up to the door, but DON'T OPEN THE DOOR YET! There's a Laser Turret, and a strong Mech on the other side. Hug the left wall to avoid fire from the Laser Turret, then open the door. If you don't see the Mech immediately, wait a second or two and he'll show up. Retreat down the hall, and take pot shots at him from a good distance away, using the corner of the hall for cover. Once you've take care of him, proceed to destroy the Laser turret and then enter the room. You're just inches away from the last Red Cyborg Assassin. In fact, he's just on the other side of the door marked "Security".

Unfortunately, he runs away when you take your first shot at him. However, unlike the other Red Cyborg Assassin that ran away, this one will come back and will try to ambush you from behind, so be careful. Because the Red guy runs all over the place, it's impossible for me to tell you where to go to find him. So just keep an eye out for him while you continue on with this walkthrough. There should be three doors in the room where you first see the Red Cyborg Assassin. One right, one left, and one center. The door to the right leads to a hall where the roof has collapsed, but theres a PDU and a Medical Kit in there, so check it out. Next head through the center door. You won't get the key card for the door upstairs till later, but head downstairs to find some goodies, a body with upgrade modules, and an incomplete surgical unit, in case you have the key card to activate it... and want to activate it. Now, head through the left door. There should be a room with a lift in it straight ahead, and a bend in the hall to the right. Around the bend in the hall is a camera, so take it out then head into the room with the lift. Take the lift to the lower level to find the ship's brig. Only one of the cells is open, head into it to find an unresearched implant. Unfortunately, entering the cell causing the door to close. To resolve this, look up and shoot out the glass. Then shoot the control box to cut the power to the door and open the cell. Now, head back up the lift and around the bend in the hall towards where the camera was. If you've been wondering where Bronson is right now, and whether she's been able to tide the stem of these annelids or not, you're just a few feet from finding the answers you're looking for. Head through the door under the camera to find two doors with key card slots. Both the key card slots have been burnt out, so simply walk up to the door to find Bronson and her men. Or at least what's left of them. Search the room to find plenty of goodies, including a PDU containing a lovely message from Diego to Bronson and a PDU containing the sounds of Bronson's last moments. Beautiful. When you've felt the uneasy queasy feeling subside a bit from your stomach, drag the Linear Simulation chip from your inventory onto the Simulation computer in this room. SHODAN will give you quite a few Upgrade Modules for doing it, and you'll get plenty more when you install the other two chips.

Now, head all the way back to the entrance of this level, around where you killed the first turret. There should be a door labeled "System Ops" (The one I told you to ignore earlier). Go through this doorway, and you'll find yourself in a two leveled area with several co-joined rooms. Remember to watch for people on the upper levels and load up on anti-personel rounds, because this area is crowded with enemies. Luckily there's not any mechs. There's a body on the upper level with some upgrade modules, so grab them. The body also contains a Stasis Cannon, which is the most useless weapon in any game ever made, so ignore it, and try to forget it exists. Clean out this area, the head towards the back left of these rooms (Heading 45) to find a small hallway leading to a door labeled "Power Admin". This door leads to a hall with a bend to the left, and a turret to the right. Kill the turret, then head around the bend and kill the camera there. Now head back towards the turret, and go through the first door on your left. Search the desk to find some nanites and an Expertech Implant. Head through the door opposite from the one you just came through to find yourself in a large catwalk area. Ignore the rooms in this area, as all of them are empty, and head through the door to the right. There should be a ladder to your left and right, take either one down to the lower level. Halfway down the ladder, Xerxes should start rambling on about the stupid poetry reading that is scheduled. If you haven't noticed yet, every times Xerxes does this, you're about to be ambushed. And if you've been keeping up to date on listening to the PDUs you find, the psycho hacker Malick leaves a hint pointing at an ambush down here. Finish climbing down the ladder, then head through the doorway to the room under the catwalk you were on earlier. Make sure you have some anti-toxin hypos and are prepared to kill several spiders, because when you approach the Simulation Computer on the far wall, several spiders will pop out of the wall and attack you from both sides. After you've finished off the spiders, walk up to the Simulation computer, and drag the Interpolated Simulation Chip from your inventory onto the Simulation Computer. Now head back to the begging of this level and through the bulkhead to the room with the Xerxes mainframe. And don't worry, the last Simulation Computer is a breeze to finish.

From the Xerxes Mainframe room, go through bulkhead 42, and let the new area load. If you've been following this walkthrough, this area should already be cleaned out except for the few stragglers that spawn every now and then. If you remember where the body is hanging from the ceiling, head there now. If you don't remember how to get there, just head straight down the hall until you come to it. Go through the doorway near the hanging body, continue past the bulkhead and into the area I told you to ignore before. Looking down this area with a Heading of 90, the Simulation Computer is in the room through the second door on the left. As usual, drag and drop the Quantum Simulation Chip onto the Simulation Computer. You'll get 25 upgrade modules, a short audio sequence with Xerxes and SHODAN, and access to level 5. You should have quite a few Upgrade Modules at this point, so take this time to spend them on some nice upgrades. I recommend upgrading to level 6 standard weapons skills so that you can use the Assault Rifle. That said, you can now take a short trip down to the Med/Sci level to open the weapons store room with the pass code you got on this level (98383), or head up to level 5 to continue on with the game.

Now clean out your pants and ready your gear, because it's only going to be getting tougher from here.

Ch 6: Beefin' up with the Annelids on the Rec Deck!

This is a really free-form level, so there's many different ways to go about clearing it.

If you want, you can walk up to the window ahead and listen to Cortez and then watch him run away and get shot by a mech (Listen closely, though you can't see it.) Otherwise, go left. The vent above will drop, and worms will crawl out. Deal with them, then take the left door. Loot the body for the dead power cell, then listen to SHODAN give you your next mission: Activate the distress beacon on this level. However, in true SS2 fashion, you'll have to do this is a very round-about way. Hidden on this level is a pass code to activate the beacon, but it's been broken up and put onto 4 different art terminals. Head right down the hall from the body, watching the upper right of your screen. As soon as you leave this hall and enter the room, there will be a camera there, so take it out. Also in the room are some monkeys, kill them. Use the upgrade center to the left, if you need to, then head behind the desk. Pick up, and listen to the PDU, then activate the art terminal several times until some numbers show up. This is the first part of the code you need. The game doesn't record it for you, so write it down. Now head back down the hall you came from, and past the body you looted earlier. Past the body should be a door, go through it and kill the camera ahead. You can check the rooms on the left for goodies, if you want, but make sure you go into the second door on your left, as it has a bio-reconstructor you should activate. At the very end of the hall should be Bulkhead 52, head through it into a new area.

Take the left branch on this new hall (Heading 270). There should be an incline and a camera. Destroy the camera, then head to the top of this small indoor hill. At the top should be a bio-reconstructor, activate it, then continue down this hall. Keep going straight, through two doors. After the second door, turn to the right (Heading 0), and go through the door there. Go through the next door, and you'll be in the dining area. In the dining area is a body with some upgrade modules, a camera, and a rather strong mech that pops out of the wall. Try to get the upgrade modules if you feel you can take out the mech. Now, head through the next set of doors, and kill the camera just ahead. Go straight, then around the bend, and take the door on the left labeled "Dining". The other side of the catwalk you're on contains a cyborg assassin, so be wary of him. Once you've dispatched him, press the button in the alcove to summon the lift, and ride it to the lower level. One of the bodies down here has some upgrade modules. Once you've got them, take the lift back up, and go back out into the hall. Head left down the hall (Heading 90). After you hear the many babbling on about their babies, head forward slowly, as there's a mech ahead. After you've killed the mech, go back, and take the right door (Heading 0). You should see some pool tables, if you're in the right spot. Go into the room, then cycle through the art terminal until you find the number you need. Write it down as well. Now head through the door on the opposite side of the wall and you'll be in the lounge.

After you enter the lounge, a ghost will appear at the bar and music will begin playing. Take cover, as once the ghost disappears, a couple of cyborg assassins will run in to ambush you. Check the body on the table upstairs for some upgrade modules, then head back out into the hall. Head right until you come to the room with "security station" written in large letters on the wall. There's a camera and turret here, so take them out. Enter the small room in this room to find a body with some upgrade modules. Next, head through the door labeled "athletics" and loot the body on the other side for one of those PDUs that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, then head back into the "security station" room. Now head through the doorway left of the words "security station". Soon you should come to a platform with a bench. Jump down to the lower level, and eat some of the junk down here to regain the health you just lost. Climb up the ladder into the vent next. Careful while crawling through these vents, as there as quite a few eggs in here, mostly around corners. Keep going until you run into another ladder, then head up it. There's a recharge station here, as well as some upgrade modules in the desk. Activate the switch next to the desk, then make sure you've cleared this room because the keypad to get back in is broken and you don't have the code for it anyway. Head right down the hall and go through the two doors again. This time, go straight instead of right once you've gone through the second door. Check out the food storage room to the left, on this new hall, and you'll find a body with some upgrade modules hidden inside. The room on the right of this hall is a chemical storeroom. Finally, head to the end of the hall to get to the garden. Once you've entered the garden, Jump or walk into the pit ahead. Take the left door. Be careful, because a few seconds after you've gone through that door, a cyborg midwife will come to be killed by you. Head straight ahead to the door with a keypad next to it. The correct key code should be in a PDU you picked up earlier labeled "re: Under the garden" (34093). Be careful, because once you've opened it, two cyborg midwives will run up to you from behind, begging to be destroyed. Make sure to search the bodies, as one of them has some upgrade modules on it. Now, head back out of this room, and head right down the hall. Keep going down the hall until you come to a door. Opening this door causing two spiders and an annelid grenade thrower to try an ambush you from behind. Take care of them before you venture into the room. The body of the woman in the middle of the room has a key card on it. Loot it off of her, and SHODAN will send you some upgrade modules. Now, head back out to the pit, and up to the upper level. Take the door above (and a little to the right) of the door that you had taken in the pit (Heading 180) Bulkhead 55 should be on the other side, go through this bulkhead.

Welcome to the mall. Except here, death is the only thing for sale. There's a mech right in your face when you enter this new area, so duck behind one of the walls for the bulkhead, and wait for him to turn around, then shoot him in the back with some AP rounds. Once he's taken care of, look up and take out the camera on the upper level. A word of caution in this area - there's a lot of mechs, and not enough AP rounds to kill them all, so be careful. Now, head through the door to the left to enter a bathroom area. Enter the Men's bathroom on the left and search the body for some upgrade modules, then head back out to the mall. Now take the grav lift up to the upper level. Head down this upper level until you see a store with a red and white sign labeled "artechnology". Cycle through the art on the second art terminal from the left until you get the number you need. Write it down. Now, head back to the grav shaft and get down to the lower level. Start heading down this mall, but take it slowly, and try not to get killed by the mechs. Enter the room across from the corpse of the spider, clear the eggs, and loot the body for some upgrade modules. Also, make sure you use the O/S upgrade center to get a free bonus upgrade. Keep going until you reach the end of the mall, then go through the large door there. Welcome to the "sensual simulation units". There's a ton of booze in this area, if you want to get yourself happy. Watch for a camera, kill it, then head up the stairs in the back to the upper level. The replicator there is selling key cards to the different "sensual simulation units". If you have the money, buy the key card to Nikki's room, as there's a very large amount of nanites in there, ignore the rest. After you've finished, leave the "sensual simulation units" area and head back toward the mall. Just outside the door to the "sensual simulation units" should be a doorway to the right (Heading 90). Look through the doorway, and kill the laser turret and camera that you see. Then, head into the room. The room through the door on your right has some upgrade consoles and a recharge center. The room through the door on your left has a bio-reconstructor, a camera, a body with a surgical unit activation key, and a body with some upgrade modules. The room next to the turret has an incomplete surgical unit. Have fun in this area, then go through the door to the right of the turret. Head up the hill in this room, then take the door on your right. You should be in a casino now. Check all the corpses in this area as one of them has some upgrade modules and watch out for the camera. Now head back out to the hall, and head right (Heading 90). Take the door on your left. This will lead you to the movie theater. Check the corpse in the actual screen room to find some upgrade modules, then head back out into the hall. Finally, take Bulkhead 51 to your left to leave this area.

You probably can't tell from here, but this is actually the first area you were in on this deck. Take the hall to the left (Heading 0) and destroy the camera in it, then head all the way to its end. Use the key card slot next to the door to open it, then head through. This new area is HUGE. Before you go through any new doors, I suggest you clear this central area first, as there's a couple of strong mechs, and some other baddies. After you've cleared this main area, check all the rooms on the lower level. Then, take an elevator to the upper level and check those rooms as well. Things to keep an eye out for on the upper level are a vent in one room that you can crawl through to find a body with some upgrade modules, a room with a keypad next to it (The code is in the PDU labeled "re: Looking out for #1" 11111), the key card to the athletics bay (You MUST find this), and the final piece of the code in an art terminal on the second level (It's in the tilted art terminal). Once you've finished cleaning out this area, exit through the way you came in (Exit on a heading of 135).

Now, head to the end of the hall, and turn left instead of entering the bathroom. Keep an eye on the left wall for a sign labeled "athletics" as this is where you want to go next. Enter the room across from this sign, then use the key card slot to open the door there. Proceed through this new area until you come to a door. Through this door is the basketball court and a new enemy. Put some Anti-Pers rounds in your gun and pop some caps in this new foe. He's tough to take down, but he's not much of a threat here. When you enter the basketball court, the lights will flicker out. Unfortunately, this means power to this room has been cut and the distress beacon will not work. If you've been listening up on your PDUs, you should know that tripping the breaker in the pool room will fix this. Don't even bother going back out to the hall, as the pool's door will short out when you attempt to open it. Instead, crawl through the vent in the basketball court to get to the pool room. Enter the door in the pool room to find a recharge station. Enter the door in this room to find an auxiliary power override. Simply drag the charged power cell you picked up at the beginning of this level onto the power override, and the lights will come back on. Now head back to the basketball court. Take the grav lift up to the upper level, kill the two cyborg assassins guarding the beacon, then input the code to bring the beacon online (You'll have to unscramble it first.[14106]) The distress message has been corrupted, but SHODAN is still able to take control of the ship, and informs you that you will simply destroy the many here and now. Now head to the really large crew area again, and take the elevator up a level. (Or you can do the basketball easter egg, now that you've gotten to the basketball court.)

Now wash your face and remember to clean behind your ears, because you have some friends to meet on the command deck.

Ch 7: Playin' with the chu chu on Command!

Welcome to the Command deck, where a lot of the stories you've been tracking through PDUs start coming to their ends. Oh yeah, there's a chu chu train on this level too, so it's great fun. As for the mission on this level, it's fairly easy - Just find an access card. How hard could that be? There's a cyborg assassin around the corner to your left first thing when you walk out of the elevator doors. Cap him, then take out the camera that's also in this room. Clean this room of goodies, then head out through the door marked "tram", and head down this hall a little ways. Take the left right before the recharge station to find a room with a couple of upgrade stations. Search the trash can for some upgrade modules, then use the upgrade stations if you need to. Once done in this room, head back out into the hall, and go left. Continue onward until you hit the room with the tram in it. Check the garbage can between the two replicators for some upgrade modules, then enter the tram. Press the button in the tram to get it moving and be careful not to fall onto the tracks, they'll kill you instantly. Waiting at your first stop to greet you are two laser turrets, so I'd recommend not standing in the doorway when you reach your first stop. When you've taken out the turrets, get off the tram. Head to the right of this room, take the lift up, and then search the body behind the eggs for some upgrade modules. With those found, head back onto the tram. Press the button in the tram again to start moving to your third stop. Get off here, then proceed ahead until you come to a bulkhead. Search behind the fallen girder near the bulkhead to find some upgrade modules, then step on through Bulkhead 61.

Run up to the transparent red door ahead, and a small cut scene will ensue while the door takes its sweet time to open. Once the door has risen high enough, duck under it and check the desk to the left for some upgrade modules. After you've gotten those, head down the hall just opposite the red door you went through earlier. Run down the hall until you come to a door with an arrow marked "bridge" pointing to it. Head around behind this, and then take one of the lifts back here up a level. Look for a door labeled "Officers Quarters" then head on through. (You can take the lifts on either side of this door up a level to find some PDUs and other goodies, but there's nothing of mission critical importance, or any upgrade modules up there. It's probably best if you check it out anyway.) Through the door should be a short hallway. The room at the end of this hall contains a camera, so take remember to take it out. Clean out the room, then continue down the next hallway. An arrow on the floor should identify the next area as the "Officers Area". The first thing that you should notice about this area is the merry chattering of kamikaze protocol droids. Pay this little heed, however, as they're actually a level above you, and can't hurt you right now. What SHOULD bother you is the huge mech that's hiding behind the pillar ahead and the cyborg assassin that will try to ambush you from behind. Take out the mech, and keep an eye out for the cyborg assassin that will eventually come out of the red room to the right.

Once you've dealt with the mech and the assassin, enter the bathrooms on the left side of the room, and enter the women's bathroom. The body in the women's bathroom has some upgrade modules on it, so grab them, then head back to the room with the pool table. Now head around back behind the pillar where the mech was hiding before and climb up the ladder back here. Be careful because you're now on the same level as the protocol droids you could hear before. The room with the glass panel is the room you want to get to, but the door has been locked. Check the lockers in the far left room to find some upgrade modules, and the near right room for the PDU containing the pass code that you need (It's the room with bodies stuck to the ceiling.) Once you've got the PDU, listen to it for the pass code that you need, then put it into the keypad on this level to open the room with the key card you need. Search the desk in the room you just opened to find the key card you need. Also, if you need the chemicals for research there's a chemical storeroom on this level as well (83273). Once you've cleaned out this area, head back down to the room with the pool table. Now head down the red hallway with an arrow marked "Escape Pods" pointing down it. As you travel down it, another cyborg assassin will try to ambush you from behind. Further down the hall is a mech hiding around the corner. Take both of them out.

After you've taken care of them, go through the first doorway on your right, then jump down to the platform where the body is. Activate the bio-reconstructor there, then jump into the water. This next part will get you some upgrade modules, but it's a bit tricky to do, so don't get discouraged if you don't get it on your first try. Climb on to the pipe that is steaming, then walk along it (Heading 180). Then climb onto the small platform that's at the end of the pipe. Turn to your left, and then climb up to another platform where a wrench and some upgrade modules are waiting for you. With those in hand, you can enter the room with the breakable glass windows to find a Tech upgrade station. Now head back up to the hallway and continue towards the Escape Pods. Once you've gotten to the escape pods, head left to the final escape pod. Wave good bye to Tommy and Becka, then pick up the bridge access card. Once you've gotten the card, head to the other end of the Escape Pod bay. Check the final escape pod area on this end to find some upgrade modules and a French-Epstein device. Feel free to use the CMBT upgrade station here as well.

Now head through the door at this end of the Escape Pod bay, and jump over the gap to the other side. There'll be a turret to your right, so take it out, or run away from it down the hall. Take the lift down a level, then use your access card to open the central elevator and take it up. Once you reach the top, a single mech will come your way. Make short work of him, then proceed down the hall. Just a short trip away is the bridge. On the bridge is a Missile Turret, so destroy it. Next to the missile turret are some upgrade modules, so grab them after you've dealt with the turret. On the wall opposite the turret, in the corner is a camera, so destroy it as well. Next to the camera are some grav lifts, take the grav lift up. Straight ahead and around the corner is another Missile Turret. If you walk too far forward, it'll start shooting at you, so be careful and take it out. In the room to your right is a cyborg assassin kill it, then grab the ICE-Pick in the room. Now head to where the turret was. Smash the glass case next to the turret, and grab the key card. With that in hand, head all the way back to the Ops deck. Hopefully you remember the way. (On the bright side, you get to ride the tram again!)

Once you've gotten to the Ops deck, head through bulkhead 43. Once you've gone through Bulkhead 43, open your map and search for the area labeled "command center". Head there. Once you've reached the area, go through the door marked "security". You should remember this area from before. Head through the middle door, and the open the door on your right with the key card from the bridge. There's not much in this room except for a console. Activate the console, and SHODAN will instruct you to head to the engine core on the engineering deck. Head to the engineering deck.

Once you've gotten to the Engineering deck, open your map and look for the "STBD. Nacelle" head to the area just north of this. This is the engineering core, take the lift up to the upper level, then walk out onto the catwalk. In the middle of the catwalk is a door with a keypad. Input the number that SHODAN messaged you to open the door (94834). Activate the console inside, then make the long trip back to the command deck.

Welcome back to the command deck. Once you're out of the elevator, head left to the door marked "shuttle bay". In a few moments it'll open. When it does open, head on through. Start heading up the twisted hallway, and when you reach the top, some really crazy music will start playing. Also at the top is a rumbler and a Missile Turret. Show them their places in the world, and then continue onward. The door to shuttle bay 1 has been toasted, so skip it, and enter the hall marked "shuttle control". At the other end of the hall is a mech, so kill it from here, before you get too far into the hall. Once he's gone, proceed to the end of the hall. Take the grav lift up. (IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT HACK THE REPLICATOR HERE YET. Doing so will cause the game to get stuck.) Enter the door on your right first. Use the shield control computer in this room to deactivate the shuttle's shields, then smash the glass in this room, and shoot at it from up here then grab the French-Epstein device on the window ledge. Once the first shuttle is destroyed, enter the other room to find a Cyborg midwife smashing the shield controls for the other shuttle. Kill her, then head back to the replicator. Now you can safely hack the replicator, so do so, then buy the Sympathetic Resonator from the replicator once you've hacked it. Now head back to the room with the smashed shield controls. Open the other door in that room, then head down the ladder to the shuttle. Open your inventory and drag the Sympathetic Resonator onto the shield generator. Once you've done that, the shield will start to overload, so climb back up the ladder ASAP and watch the shuttle explode through the windows above. Once it's exploded, head back down to the shuttle, and head into Shuttle Bay 1 through the now broken door. SHODAN will start to complain, but just ignore her. Slaughter the midwives inside, then check the bodies to find Polito's corpse, and a PDU carrying her last few moments on it. Seems SHODAN isn't quite as innocent as she's trying to make herself seem. Make sure to grab the upgrade modules on her body as well. When you leave the Shuttle Bay, however, SHODAN E-Mails you with what I find to be the most humorous E-Mail in the game. Unfortunately, she also takes away your recently gained Upgrade Modules. Now that you've finished with the shuttles, head for the middle tram stop. Be careful on your way back, because once you've gone down the grav-lift, several shotgun zombies will attempt a rather sad ambush on you. Make sure you laugh in their faces while you take them out.

When you get to the middle tram stop, the door that was locked shut before will now be open. If you go inside, however, you'll notice that the way has been blocked, and you'll get a message telling you to go to the bridge if you want to get past. So, head on up to the bridge for a little "aggressive negotiations". When you get to the bridge, you should find a floating brain-like thing (It's a Psi Reaver). Run past it and head up the grav-lift. Head to where you picked up the key card earlier, and you should find a small branchy looking thing. Kill this. Once you've killed this, head back down to the bridge, and kill the Psi Reaver. Now that you've taken care of them, head back to the middle tram stop, it should be open now. The barrier should now be gone, so go ahead and go into the area it was blocking before. Before you head up the grav-lift, however, you might want to go back and pick up anything important you've left back in the Vaun Braun. Definitely make sure you pick up all of the ICE-Picks you've found so far, as you'll need them later. Once you've collected all the things you want, wave good bye to the Vaun Braun and head up the grav-lift.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you take a BioHazard Suit with you, after you finish the Rickenbacker, you'll need it and there's none on the Rickenbacker that I've found.

Ch 8: Rickenbacker

You're off of the Vaun Braun, but you're not out of trouble yet. Kill the Cyborg Assassin off of its perch, then walk up to the ladder it was guarding. As you do so, SHODAN will inform you that there is, once again, a complication. There are 16 black eggs that you need to destroy before you can leave the Vaun Braun. There's always a complication. There are three gun turrets that will shoot you as you climb, so periodically turn around, look up, and shoot them as you climb. Once you reach the top of the ladder, you'll see the first of the black eggs you need to destroy. Kill it, and you'll get 2 whole upgrade modules and a pseudo-complement from SHODAN. Then climb up the ladder behind the egg you just killed. At the top is a small tower room. Loot the body, then press the switch next to the window. Pressing the switch will raise the cargo containers that were blocking your way before. Unfortunately, doing so releases a few strong guys to get you, so snipe them out from the relative safety up here. Once they're gone, climb back down the ladder and go up the ladder next to where the cargo containers were. Shoot the egg up here, then continue into the room that the cargo containers were blocking before. There's a camera in here, so take it out. Continue onward, and you'll get a message from the captain of the ship, Edward Diego. Look up as you leave the room and kill the egg that's stuck to the ceiling.

After you've killed that, continue onward past a stairway heading downward. The floor in the next room is missing, and SHODAN will send you an E-Mail explaining what happened. Oh, and don't try jumping onto the blue shimmering area either, it's a ticket to instant death. Enter the room to your left, and press the button inside, which will extend a beam over the blue area. The room opposite that gap is the room you need to get to, but you can't jump that gap yet, so don't even try. Instead, shoot the egg sticking on the roof and head back to the stairway you passed earlier. Kill the egg at the bottom then enter the air vent. Continue down the vent until you come to a fork. Take the right path first. Press the switch you find in the room to extend another beam over the gap. Enter the vent again then continue straight ahead. When you exit the vent, you should be on a catwalk. Walk down it, then jump down through the break in the bars. You should now be on top of one of the fuel containers. Jump across the gap to your right onto the other fuel containers. Jump down to the room where the bodies are. There should be a small gap in the fuel container to your left. Head through it, and you should be on a beam over the gap in the floor. Jump onto the beam to your right, then walk into the room ahead and search the body for an access card. Then jump back across the gap, and into the room with the bodies. Follow the arrow on the floor labeled "Pod 2" then climb up the ladder. When you can't climb any higher, turn around, then jump onto the other ladder and continue climbing to the top. There's an egg at the top. Kill it, and SHODAN will send you an e-mail.

There's only 10 eggs left now. Press the button next to the security console to open the door, then head through the door you just opened. Take a left at the fork. Enter the room labeled "Nacelle A", it should be on your left. Inside are some chemicals, if you need them, but otherwise, head to the right end of the room. Ignore the stairs to your left, and instead continue forward. You should enter a small crematory. Kill the egg inside, then look through the window to find another egg. Kill the egg quickly as the laser turrets will do rapid damage. Those turrets are tough to hit, but you can take them out as well if you want. After you've dealt with them, head back to the red hall, and continue to your left. Ignore the hall marked "Nacelle B" for now, and instead go around the corner. Kill the turret, then head into the room on your left. Kill the camera and turret in here then kill the red egg. There's a french epstein device in here as well, in case you have any weapons in need of upgrading. Now head down the hall marked "Nacelle B". There's a turret around the corner, so take it out, then head down the ladder. At the bottom is a bio-reconstructor. Activate it. Now head through the doorway right of the replicator. Kill the turret, then proceed to the next room. Kill the first egg in here, and SHODAN will e-mail you.

Only 5 eggs left now. Kill the other egg, and there's only 4 to go. Use the key card slot next to the door, and enter the new room. The next area winds around a lot, so I can't really help you, but it is short, so you shouldn't get too lost. Just make sure you have plenty of health, because there's a lot of turrets laying in ambush in this area. Also, there's an egg in this area, so make sure you get it as well. When you get to the right spot, SHODAN will e-mail you. Press the switch next to the monitor displaying "Gravity on" and you'll reverse the gravity in pod 2. Now head back to the red hallway. Head down the hallway until you find an arrow labeled "Pod 2". Follow this arrow and you'll shortly come to a door. On the other side of the door are 3 turrets, so be prepared to take them out. Also in the middle of this room is the fourth and final ICE-Pick. Pick it up and hold on to it. You'll need it later. Head through the next few rooms until you find another arrow labeled "Pod 2". It should be pointing at a door. Go through this door, and to your left will be another egg. Shoot the egg, then head down the stairs. Follow the next arrow labeled "Pod 2" and climb the ladder. Jump onto the small walkway to your left, then climb the next ladder. There's a mech at the top, so load some AP rounds and kill him. Head through the door, and you'll enter a large room with not much in it. Kill the guys inside, then kill the egg in the middle of the room.

If you've managed to kill all the eggs so far, you'll get an e-mail from SHODAN, telling you there's only 1 to go. Head to the doorway at the other end of the room; on either side of the doorway are turrets, and they'll open fire at you when you go through, so be ready for them. When you've cleared this room, head to the console. Push the 1st, 2nd, and 4th buttons to raise up 3 of the missiles. Then head to the missile on your right that is still lowered. Face the caution sign on the wall, then get as close to the wall as you can, and hold down your forward and jump buttons together. If you do it right, you should pull yourself up onto a small ledge. Walk along this ledge, then jump down onto the raised missile. Use the same trick to pull yourself up onto the next ledge then walk across the ledge to get to the second set of missiles. Walk along these missiles, then jump onto the ladder and climb on up. When you reach the top, SHODAN will reward you with 20 upgrade modules. Go through the door next to the security console, then climb up the ladder in the next room. There's a couple of turrets and a camera at the top, so you might as well pull out your Laser Pistol or AP rounds. At the top, head through the doorway and into a red hallway. Near the end of the hallway is a metal platform running over several metal tubes. Under the metal platform are some upgrade modules, so hop off the platform, and pick up the upgrade modules from underneath. Once you exit the red hall, there should be a door straight ahead with a red "1" over it. Enter this room, then press the button inside to launch some nuclear missiles, which will clear the next area of radiation, somehow. After you've pushed the button, exit the room, then head left (Heading 0) and around the corner. Go through the door, and head to the end of this hall. At the end is another door leading to another hallway. At the end of this new hallway is a camera, and a door. Kill the camera, then head through the door. In the next room, climb up the ladder, but when you're about halfway up, turn around and jump onto the metal pipes on the opposite wall. When you land on them, head towards the windows, then smash it and jump through to find a small room with some upgrade modules and a jammed door. Pick up the modules, then head back out and climb the rest the way up the ladder. There's not much at the top of the ladder, but just around the corner are some gun turrets. Deal with them, then head through the door. Through the door are some welcome sights. First, the last of the black eggs is in here, so take it out. Next, there's some upgrade stations along the wall, to spend some of those upgrade modules you've been collecting, if you want. And finally, the exit from this section is right there, in the form of an elevator! Do as you wish, then head up that elevator.

The first thing you should notice when this new section is done loading is that your screen is shaking. When you head out of the elevator, the reason for the becomes even more obvious; this entire new section is upside down! This area is short and linear, so you really shouldn't have much trouble getting through it. Head across the small bridge, then around the corner. There's a turret in the next hallway, on the other side of this room, but because everything is upside down, it has horrible accuracy. Put it out of it's misery, then walk down the hall it was guarding. On the left side of this hall is a blue-ish chapel. Head into it, and one of the chairs will fall from the ceiling. Once that happens, quickly run back out into the hallway, and take out the mech that was trying to ambush you from behind. With him gone, you won't have to worry about getting ambushed from behind. Now, head back into the chapel, and proceed forward slowly. On both sides of the dip ahead are Cyborg Assassins. Take them out, then head into the pit with the body. Pick up the upgrade modules and PDU next to the body, then listen to the PDU for a last message/warning from Polito. Head back out into the hall, then continue the way you were headed before. A bit down the hall is a huge shaft dropping down, filled with metal pipes. Take the ladder on the side to its bottom, then pick up the upgrade modules, and climb back up. Jump off the ladder to your left, and enter the next hallway. There's a turret in here, but resist your urge to back up, as there's a rather long drop behind you. Kill the turret, then climb the ladder behind it. At the top is the medical bay that Captain Diego wanted to meet you at, now you just have to find him. Climb the ladder next to the body from its far side, then jump onto the upper level. Once you're on the upper level, walk over the the other side of the medical bay, and jump down to where the completely mutilated corpse is. Pick up the PDU next to the body for a copy of Diego's last words, then get the access key from his body. When you've got the key card, enter the hallway, and head around the corner. In the next room are a bunch of eggs and an elevator to the bridge. Take the elevator, and head on out of this incredibly small section of the Rickenbacker.

The gravity's back to normal in this new section, but SHODAN decides this is the perfect place to blabber on and on. Leave the elevator, then walk down the hall. About halfway down the hall, a gnat swarm will try to pick away at your health. Simply run back into the elevator to keep them away. Once they've died out, head back down the hall, and use the key card slot next to the door to open it. There's an O/S upgrade station on the other side, so make good use of it. There's a security station in the room to your right if you want to take down the security, but otherwise, head left down this room (Heading 180). Just around the corner to your left is a camera, so take it out, and continue heading across the room. The next room is large and contains 3 turrets, but by this point they should be really easy for you to take out. Also in this room are all 4 upgrade stations, so if you have a large pool of upgrade modules, now's the perfect time to use them. After you've finished here, continue on a heading of 180 until you come to a door with an access card slot next to it. This is Edward Diego's room. Use the access card slot next to the door to gain entry. Once inside, pick up the exotic weapon to get some upgrade modules from SHODAN. If you don't want the weapon after that, go ahead and drop it, as it isn't required for anything. Once you've finished with the upper level, head back to the room with the camera. There's a ladder in this room that leads to the escape pods, so head down the ladder now. Just a short trip away is the escape pod. Before you press the button, though, make sure you've gotten all the items you want from the Vaun Braun and Rickenbacker, because once you press the button, you won't be able to return. Once you're ready, however, press the button, and you'll be launched into the Many's home. *IMPORTANT NOTE!* I cannot stress this strongly enough, before you press the button and continue on into the Many's home, backtrack and pick up a BioHazard Suit. There's near glitch-like levels of radiation during one part of the Many's home, and it's nearly impossible to pass through without the BioHazard Suit.

Ch 9: Casa del Mucho!

Welcome to the home of the Many. I hope you grabbed that BioHazard suit like I told you too, because you'll be needing it soon. Somehow you miraculously survived the crash without a single scratch on you, even though the escape shuttle is now a huge hunk of debris. Crawl out of it, and into the fleshy mass of the Many. A short distance away is a PDU in front of a filmy substance. Simply hit the filmy thing with a wrench to get rid of it. Keep your eyes open because a spider and a rumbler should be headed your way. Dispatch them and then head through the entryway to the right of the corpse (Heading 0). Inside is a small portion of the Rickenbacker. Dispatch the many annelid worms and flies inside then loot the room for some Upgrade Modules and a rad hypo. Now that you've cleared this room, head back for the hall where the body was. Across from the entry way to the partial room of the Vaun Braun is another little rabbit hole. Scamper on in and head for the film. Remove the film, but be careful before you head into the water because a psi reaver is inside. The actual psi reaver is on the wall a little to the right, but you have to expose yourself to the apparition to get to him. Once you've dealt with them, hop into the water for a little swim. Check the body bag for some upgrade modules then look at the roof. See that giant zit up there? Shoot it with what ever weapon you've got ready. Now exit through either of the holes, it doesn't really matter which. You should now be back in the hall with the body. Head through the 3rd and final door in this hallway to continue onward.

Now watch the wall on your left. The first hole you pass leads to another small piece of the Rickenbacker with a few trinkets to pick up. The 2nd hole is more important, however, so make sure you head on down. The hole ends in some water, but before you jump in, put on the BioHazard suit, this is the part with the psychotic levels of Radiation I warned you about. If you don't have the BioHazard suit, I hope you have a lot of Rad Hypos to compensate, because that Radiation meter is going to fly. Once you've put on the BioHazard suit, jump into the water. Loot the first room if you want, then head on to the next. Loot this room, then head on to the next or check out the above water alcove for some goodies. The last room is sort of a half filled with water hallway. Kill the giant zit on the wall at the end of it then head back out of the water. Now that you're done with your swim, heal up and use any Rad Hypos necessary. Now head back out to the hallway and continue on your merry way. At the end of the hallway is another film thing. It looks like you can duck under it, but you can't so just bitch slap that thing out of the way with your wrench. This room is a giant circle, but there's some Upgrade Modules on a body down the right way, so head that way.

After you've looted the body, head down the small hallway filled with eggs and into the small section of the Rickenbacker to find a chemical storage room, a Recharge station and all 4 upgrade stations. Freshen up while you have a chance, then head back out to the circle room and enter the hole you passed on the way to the body with the Upgrade Modules, the sphincter room. Inside is another hole, head through it and into a room with a small pool of water and a huge tooth thing. Loot the bodies then into the hall on the other side of the tooth. Head to the end of this hall and oh boy! Guess what?! It's jumping puzzle time! Jump onto the tooth straight ahead, be careful not to get crushed by the tooth above you, then when you're high enough, jump into the room ahead and shoot the zit inside. With the zit gone, get to the ground floor and look for a body with some upgrade modules. (NOTE: At this point you'll have to go back to the room from earlier to upgrade because there are no further upgrade centers on this level.) Now jump into the alcove that contained the sphincter before as it will now be open.

Head through the sphincter and down the hall until you enter a new room. Head toward the small part of the Rickenbacker on the left side of this room first. Smash the skin out of the way, then clear the room. Check the trash can inside for some upgrade modules. There should now be only 2 unexplored exits in this room, head through the hole behind the desk and shanty first. There are 3 new exits. Check the room on the right for some upgrade modules then the rest. Head into the room with water when you're done. Swim through the water, then smash the film out of the way to enter into the Many's "womb". Head through the room of orifices and into some dark chambers. In these chambers are a lot of eggs, some upgrade modules, and some goodies. Grab what you want, then head back through everything to the room with the shanty. Now head through the final unexplored door. A short distance away is a room, loot it then head to the next hallway. At the end of this hallway is a film. Save before you smash it, then smash it and jump through. After a long fall you'll land in some water. Be ready, because a psi reaver is there to greet you. Unfortunately, there's only an apparition, so kill it and quickly move on, because it will simply respawn over and over. There's more psi reavers and a few rumblers down the hall, take them out and you continue onward. Finally, when you reach the end of the hall, you'll find what you've been looking for the entire time. The mind of the Many.

First things first, I strongly suggest you save before you enter that room. It's a death trap. The first thing you'll want to do is clear the reavers. Kill their apparitions first, they're stronger than usual, so make sure you compensate. The actual physical psi reavers are on alcoves on both sides on the Many's mind, so take them out next, then kill their last effort apparitions. With them out of the way, this fight will be much easier. Now take a took at the Many's mind. See those crystals orbiting it? Snipe them out first, then kill the actual mind in the middle. A nice explosion will result. Unfortunately, the Many's minions will continue attacking, so hop into the hole that the Many's mind was occupying for a short water ride. When you reach the end, you'll be back on the Rickenbacker. Now your mission is completed, right? Let's see what SHODAN has to say about that.

Ch 10: SHODAN - Evil Redecorator

You're on the Rickenbacker again, but pretty much everything has been blocked off. Walk up towards the bridge and listen to SHODAN reveal her plans, if you want. Use the upgrade stations, it's the last ones you'll see, then head onto the bridge. About now SHODAN should reveal that she's going to kill you. Time to miff that bitch. Enter the bridge and OMG!! WALL HACK!!! Pick up the transparent PDU if you want, then head head into the fruity techno colored Citadel Station. This part is really short, so you shouldn't get lost. Just keep and eye out for cameras, as there's quite a few of them. Eventually you should stumble across another transparent PDU. Pick it up as well then enter the spiral well next to it. Hop from platform to platform, until you reach a small vent, be careful not to fall as you'll hit the vacuum of space and die. At the end of the vent is another transparent PDU, pick it up, save your game, then jump down into the final battle of System Shock 2.

This final battle is so amazingly simple, it's an insult. Remember those ICE-Picks I told you to save? Simple drag and drop those onto the 3 terminals surrounding SHODAN's over bloated head and her shield will drop. Then cap her the head with a gun a few times and the game over. So much for a climactic ending, SHODAN is just too much of a wimp. Once she's gone, the final cinematic will load up, and you'll be booted to the Main Menu when it's over. Now you can go on eagerly anticipating System Shock 3 just like the rest of us crazy hacker guys. See you later, Mr. Hacker.


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