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Implants are very powerful. They're simple 1 space items that can drastically alter your skills, for free. You can only have a maximum of one Implant equipped until you get the Cybernetically Enhanced O/S upgrade. Once you've gotten that, you can install two Implants.

Basic Implants

BrawnBoost Implant BrawnBoost Implant - Raises STR by 1.

SwiftBoost Implant SwiftBoost Implant - Raises AGI by 1.

PsiBoost Implant PsiBoost Implant - Raises PSI by 1.

EnduranceBoost Implant EnduranceBoost Implant - Raises END by 1.

ExperTech Implant ExperTech Implant - Raises Hack, Repair, and Modify Skills by 1.

LabAssisstant Implant LabAssisstant Implant - Raises Research Ability by 1.

Researchable Implants

WormHeart Implant WormHeart Implant - Requires a research level of 5. Stops all toxin damage, heals 1 HP every 30 seconds. When removed, it fills your Toxin meter up. This implant is a complete waste.

WormBlood Implant WormBlood Implant - Requires a research level of 4. While equipped, you can right click on a worm pool and regain all your health while destroying the worm pool. This is a surprisingly good implant, but it only makes sense to have it equipped when you're actually using it, otherwise it's just a waste.

WormMind Implant WormMind Implant - Requires a research level of 3. While this implant is equipped, it converts 1 of every 4 damage you take to your PSI points. The most obvious use for this implant would be for PSI users who have 4 times as many Psi points as Hit Points. But this implant is also great for people who never even touch Psi. Why? Well, with this implant you'll finally have a use for all those unused Psi points and Psi hypos you've been collecting.

WormBlend Implant WormBlend Implant - Requires a research level of 2. Annelids won't be able to recognize you as an enemy at long range. At close range they'll still attack you.

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