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These are kept separate from the Easter Eggs for the simple reason that the Easter Eggs are intended, humorous tid-bits included by the programmers. Exploits, on the other hand, are bugs overlooked by the programmers that you can take advantage of for your own benefit.

The following exploits were taken from Daxim's FAQ with his permission.

  • The undo function of the upgrade units can be exploited in giving you temporary abilities without paying for it. In fact you pay the cyber modules, but get them eventually back. For example, let's assume you want to make proper use of maintenance tools. Stand next to an upgrade station and buy some MAINT skills, but don't leave inventory mode. Do now your weapon maintenance with the increased skill. Click undo to receive your CMs back. The same exploit also works with repair skills, psi abilities and lots of other interesting stuff.
  • When recycling implants while they are equipped, you keep their +1 bonus.
  • To make the laser pistol rapidly delivering overloaded shots, press the change mode key twice in quick succession after triggering a shot. You will be able to trigger another shot immediately without having to wait for the recharge sound to end.

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