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Side Quests

Emerald Island

Find the missing contestants on Emerald Island and bring back proof to Lord Markham.
Difficulty: 0Danger: 5XP: 1000Gold: 1000Other: None
Given by: Lord Markham in Lord Markham's headquarters.
The problem with this quest is one thing: There's a dragon loose in the cave you have to search. Enter Dragon's Cave at the Northeast part of the island, and the shield is right in front of you. Return it to Lord Markham for your reward.


Retrieve the Lantern of Light from the Barrow Downs and return it to Tarin Withern in Harmondale.
Difficulty: 8Danger: 5XP: 5000Gold: 1000Other: None
Given by: Tarin Withern in the WelNin Cathedral.
The problem here is that the Barrow Downs Catacombs is a maze. A SERIOUS maze. Full of Undead. Make sure you get a Turn Undead spell for your Priest/Paladin/Druid. In any case, the Lantern of Light is behind a secret door in Barrow II, at (4317, 617). You'll find the secret passage in the north wall of the middle room. That will lead to a waterway. Take a right then the next right you see and the chest is right in front of you. Return it to Tarin Withern for your reward. Oh, make sure you get the Barrow Keys. They will help.
Retrieve Davrik's Signet ring from the Bandit Caves in the northeast of Erathia and return it to Davrik Peladium in Harmondale.
Difficulty: 1Danger: 4XP: 5000Gold: 5000Other: None
Given by: Davrik Peladium in the On the House tavern.
First of all, you need to locate the Bandit's cave. It's just east of Erathia, across the river and north. You'll see a house-like structurn at approximately 19102, 6972. Be careful, because there are enemies all over the place. Inside the cave follow the path, and when you reach an intersection, turh left, and then left again. It's not hard to find. The ring is inside one of the chests. Return it to Davrik and you're done!
Find the fate of Darron's brother in White Cliff Caves, then return to Darron Temper in Harmondale.
Difficulty: 0Danger: 5XP: 2000Gold: 750Other: Arcomage Deck
Given by: Darron Temper in the Temper Residence.
This is a relatively simple quest, with a very valuable return. Take the road out of Harmondale and follow it south. Once you reach the small village, go south. A bit down the path, there is a fork. Follow the fork to the bridges and cross both, the White Cliff Caves will be on your left. This cave is filled with Oozes and Troglodytes. The Trogs are easy enough, but the Oozes are immune to physical, so watch out for them. Once in the cave, take the left fork and follow it all the way, ignoring the other forks. You'll find a skeleton with an Arcomage Deck and Message scroll near it. Once you have them, go back to the Temper residence for your reward.

Tularean Forest

Retrieve the three statuettes and place them on the shrines in the Bracada Desert, Tatalia, and Avlee, then return to Thom Lumbra in the Tularean Forest.
Difficulty: 7Danger: 9XP: 50000Gold: 50000Other: None
Given by: Thom Lumbra in the Ottin House, on Pierpoint.
The main reason for the difficulty and the danger is because of the Angel Statuette. But we'll get to that later. The Eagle Statuette is in the Grand Temple of the Moon (8469, -3182). Take the door on the right and go upstairs, then go right as soon as you leave the stairs. You'll find a secret door in the wall, where you'll find a chest (3819, 1993) with the statuette. This statuette goes to the shrine in Tatalia (-12751, 22195). The Knight Statuette is in the Grand Temple of the Sun (-7166, 11033). Once inside, take the left door. The chest with the statuette is right in front of you (-981, 1904). This goes to the shrine in Avlee (-16815, -4618). Finally, the Angel Statuette is in The Maze in northwestern Nighon (-11779, 21398), in a chest at (3924, 15053) To get there, Take the middle door from the enterance and keep going north till you can't go any farther north (taking no turns unless nessecary), then go west as far as possible (Going south when possible, then back north). Take the first east passage you see and follow it (east, then north, then east again then south then east) until you reach a way north. Go west to the next north passageway and then go as far north as you can, crossing the bridge. Once you reach the rounder passages with the hydras, go northeast to the chamber with the chest. This statuette goes to the shrine in the FAR northwest of the Bracada Desert (-20544, 21505). Once all three statuettes have been placed, return to Thom Lumbra for your reward.
Take the sealed letter to the Faerie King in the Hall under the Hill in Avlee.
Difficulty: 0Danger: 0XP: 7000Gold: 1000Other: None
Given by: Johann Kerrid in the Kerrid Residence on Pierpoint.
This isn't any trouble at all. Follow the Hunter promotion quest and just talk to the Faerie King. It will cost you all of your food though. Return to Jerrid to complete the quest.


Take Sealed Letter to Lord Markham in Lord Markam's Manor in Tatalia for Collector Norbert Thrush.
Difficulty: 0Danger: 0XP: 5000Gold: 200Other: None
Given by: Norbert Thrush in the Thrush Residence.
Very simple. Just deliver the letter to Lord Markham in his manor in Tatalia, and return with the Parson's Quill to finish the quest.
Win a game of Arcomage in all thirteen taverns, then return to Gina Barnes in Erathia.
Difficulty: 5Danger: 10XP: 50000Gold: 100000Other: Random Artifacts
Given by Gina Barnes in the Barnes Home.
This quest isn't particularly difficult, but it is very dangerous, since you HAVE to get all 13 areas. And no matter which path you take, that means wandering into enemy territory. Once you racked up a win for each tavern (Harmondale, Erathia, Barrow Downs, Stone City, Tatalia, Bracada Desert, The Tularean Forest, Avlee, Deyja, Evenmorn Island, Mount Nighon, Celeste, and The Pit) return to Gina Barnes. Then check the chest beside the house for some VERY NICE loot.


Retrieve the three paintings and return them to Ferdinand Visconti in Tatalia.
Difficulty: 5Danger: 6XP: 50000Gold: 50000Other: None
Given by: Ferdinand Visconti in the Visconti Residence.
There are three paintings to find. Probably the easiest, the one of the Angel Statue, can be found at (-1386, -545) in the Haunted Mansion in Barrow Downs. The other two are in a logical place: Castle Gryphonheart, wife to King Roland of Enroth. Cast Invisiblity (So the guards dont' go insane on you) and don't open any chests or shelves. To get the portrait of Archibald, take the north path through the guards and then go all teh way west, where it's hanging on a wall (-9456, 5755). To get Roland's portrait, take the south path through the guards, take teh door west trhough the dining hall, then north then the next door west. Go through the next room, and you'll be in Queen Catherine's bedroom, I believe. The portrait is hanging on the wall (-10634, -2138). Return them to Ferdinand Visconti for your reward.

Stone City

Kill all the Troglodytes underneath Stone City and return to Spark Burnkindle in Stone City.
Difficulty: 1Danger: 3XP: 5000Gold: 2500Other: None
Given by: Spark Burnkindle in Spark's House.
This one is EASY. In the northern area of the city, you'll find a lift at the end of a passage by a temple (-3104, 2154). Go down, and then go down the next lift off to the right. All you have to do is wander through the passages (Wizard Eye will help), killing every Troglodyte you see. Once you've cleaned house, return to Spark Burnkindle for your reward.


Retrieve Haldar's Remains from the Maze in Nighon and return them to Mazim Dusk in Nighon.
Difficulty: 5Danger: 7XP: 50000Gold: 35000Other: None
Given by: Mazim Dusk in Dusk's Home.
You can do this along with the Statuette quest, if you don't have the Angel statuette. And I'm goign to use that as the starting point for this quest, seeing as it's not far away. Once at the Statuette chest, go south until you can go east, and follow the passageway, without taking any turnoffs. Eventually you'll reach a large chamber with a chest inside (11913, 10330). Within the chest is Haldar's Remains. Return them to Mazim Dusk for your reward.


Kill all the Griffins in Erathia and the Bracada Desert and return to Seth Drakkson in the Deyja Moors.
Difficulty: 7Danger: 3XP: 10000Gold: 5000Other: None
Given by: Seth Drakkson in Silcer's House.
You MUST follow the Path of the Dark to take this quest. This one is simple enough, but it's a pain finding them all. If you have Fly, cast it and go Griffin Hunting. Wizard Eye will be mandatory. Note that Seth means ALL the Griffins. North of and around Castle Gryphonheart and above Steadwick, the mountains south of Steadwick are places to look in Erathia. Look around the Red Dwarf Mines and in the center of the Bracada Desert to find their griffins. They should be easy enough to fight. Once you have them all killed (Gather thier bodies for good measure.), return to Seth Drakkson for your reward.

Bracada Desert

Retrieve the Seasons' Stole from the Hall of the Pit and return it to Gary Zimm in the Bracada Desert.
Difficulty: 2Danger: 3XP: 7500Gold: 7500Other: None
Given by: Gary Zimm in Zimm's House.
You MUST follow the Path of the Light to take this quest. That said, this one is an easy one. The Hall of the Pit is in the northeastern area of Deyja (18294, 6145). Just keep going forward: down the elevator, across the bridge and through the teleporter. By the door to the Pit is a chest with the Season's Stole (1008, 15505). Once you have it, return to Gary Zimm for your reward.

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