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Second Promotions (Light)

Note: The second Promotion Quests are worth 40000 XP for an Honorary Promotion. Those who are truly promoted (Say, from Initiate to Master) gain double the amount.

Initiate to Master

Go to the Temple of Baa in Avlee and kill the High Priest of Baa, then return to Bartholomew Hume in Harmondale.
Difficulty: 3Danger: 7Gold: 0Other: None.
Given By: Batholomew Hume in the Hume residence, in the village south of Harmondale.
The Temple of Baa is in the Southwestern area of Avlee, at (-9200, -19382). Now, as mentioned, your goal is to find the High Priest and kill him. (Anyone who's played Might and Magic 6 will know about the Temple of Baa, it seems that this is the remnants of the cult). Once inside, take the east ramp down, and be careful: if you fall, you'll have to make your way to the lift up, and have to deal with probably your first devils. Follow the pathway to a room with a load of spiders and devils (2238, 7041). This is where the High Priest is. Kill the High Priest, snag his cloak (Hey, it's pretty good on a warrior) and rethrn to Bartholmew Hume to become (Honorary) Masters.

Hunter to Ranger Lord

Calm the trees in the Tularean Forest by speaking to the Oldest Tree then return to Lysander Sweet in the Tularean Forest.
Difficulty: 3Danger: 9Gold: 0Other: None.
Given By: Lysander Sweet in the Sweet Residence in the Bracada Desert.
This is actually two quests. The first quest involves finding the Oldest Tree. The Oldest Tree can be found in the center of the southern island in the eastern part of the Tularean Forest (14879, -16035). Look for the tree with a face, and talk to it to recieve the next quest.
Find the Heart of the Forest in the Mercenary Guild in Tatalia and return it to the Oldest Tree in the Tularean Forest.
The Mercenary Guild of Tatalia in Tatalia is in the village to the northeast (17900, 16782), the large building to the far north. If you've been stuck with Stantley's Quest, finish it or clear out Harmondale first. Now, the main danger here are the Knights: Initiates, Champions and Masters of the Sword. I suggest using guerailla tactics against them. Dont' be afraid to leave if you must, but all the monsters heal when you come back. Once in, hit teh button on the side of teh door to open it, and then take the door to the right. Go down the passageway to the threeway intersection (beware the floor trap) and go through the door. A lot of Knights are here, along with a Master of the Sword. Be careful. Clear out the room if you want, but make your way to the back and click on the bookcase to open a secret passageway. The chest right in front of you (2341, 6060) holds the Heart of the Wood. Return it to the Oldest Tree to pacify the forest (no more trees shooting at you, YAY!) and they return to Lysander Sweet to become (Honorary) Ranger Lords. You also get a bonus 5000 XP for the Heart quest.

Great Druid to Arch Druid

Retrieve the bones of the Dwarf King from the tunnels between Stone City and Nighon and place them in their proper resting place in the Barrow Downs, then return to Anthony Green in the Tularean Forest.
Difficulty: 5Danger: 4Gold: 0Other: None.
Given By: Anthony Green in the Green House behind Hu's Stallions in the Tularean Forest.
Once you get this quest, go to Stone City in the Barrow Downs. If you've cleared out the troglodytes under the city, you will have noticed a large door (-7766, 7703). This is the enterance to the Nighon Tunnels. From the enterance, drop down the pit and go as far north as possible. Once you find the three-way interesection (Just past the ledge, use Jump to climb it), go east and then north at the first opportunity. Drop into the watery area and go west, following the passage. Watch out for the poison spray traps. Keep following the passage, past the passages until you can go no farther east, then go through the passage to the north. There, you'll find the remains of Zokarr IV (18879, 14572). Click on them to get the skull. Leave the Tunnels through Stone City and go to the Dwarven Barrows. If you've done the Monk promoption quest, you should know how to get to the tombs. Zokarr IV's tomb is the first door you see when you make the first turn. Click on it to return the remains, then return to Anthony Green to become (Honorary) Arch Druids.

Warrior Mage to Master Archer

Retrieve the Perfect Bow from the Titan's Stronghold in Avlee and return it to Lawrence Mark in Harmondale.
Difficulty: 4Danger: 6Gold: 0Other: The Perfect Bow
Given By: Lawrence Mark in the Mark Manor in Harmondale.
The Titan's Stronghold is located in the southwestern corner of Avlee, at (18660, -17436), and there are a lot of Water Elementals around it. I suggest Invisiblity (Grandmaster if possible), because the place is chock full of Titans (of course) and Dragons. Once inside, go up the stairs and west, dodging the Titans, then west again at the first change. Follow this corridor, and go east at the first opportunity. In the chamber will be a chest (-11642, -9246) with The Perfect Bow. Except... that it isn't quite so perfect. Once you have it, return it to Lawrence Mark to bring it to it's full potential and become (Honorary) Master Archers. (This quest is identical to the Sniper Quest.)

Cavalier to Champion

Win five arena challenges then return to Leda Rowan in the Bracada Desert.
Difficulty: 0Danger: 9Gold: 0Other: None.
Given By: Leda Rowan in Rowan's House in the Bracada Desert.
This is an easy one to figure out. You need to win five Knight-level arena challenges in the Arena. The Arena can be accessed on Sundays from the J.V.C Corral in Harmondale. Also, you can only visit the Arena once a week (With the trips, it's about every two weeks) so this isn't something you can complete in a game day. Before you talk to the Arena Master (the door right behind where you start out) make sure to set up any spells you need. Spells such as Berserk and Enslave can be useful too. The ramp can provide some decent cover, and so do the moving blocks. Once you win five Knight challenges overall, return to Leda Rown to become (Honorary) Champions.

Crusader to Hero

Rescue Alice Hargreaves from William's Tower in the Deyja Moors then talk to Sir Charles Quixote.
Difficulty: 3Danger: 7Gold: 0Other: None.
Given By: Sir Charles Quixote in the Quixote Residence in Erathia.
Compared to the Crusader quest, this can actually be pretty easy. William Setag's tower can be found at (-5170, -20048) in Deyja, just southwest of the town. The magor danger here is the Knights, otherwie, it's pretty simple. once inside, take out the Initiates, and stand on the little square on the map. A button to the north will raise the platform. At the top you'll find William Setag. Kill him and search his body to get his Tower Key. Put the key on your active character, and open the northern door to find Alice Hargreaves (1945, 403). Return her to Charles Quixote to becaome (Honorary) Heroes.

Priest to Priest of the Light

Purify the Altar of Evil in the Temple of the Moon on Evernmorn Isle then return to Rebecca Devine in Celete.
Difficulty: 2Danger: 3Gold: 10000Other: None.
Given By: Rebecca Divine in House Devine in Celeste.
This is so easy it's not funny. The enterance to the Temple of the Moon is at (8469, -3182) Clear out the Acolytes and undead and go to the first door you see, straight across from the enterance. At the far end of the room is the Altar of Evil (3129, 5090). Make your way through the undead and the Priest of the Moon, and click on the Altar to purify it. Once it's purified (the top will turn white), return to Rebecca Devine to become (Honorary) Priests of the Light.

Rogue to Spy

Go to Watchtower 6 in the Deyja Moors, and move the weight from the top of the tower to the bottom of the tower. Then return to William Lasker in the Erathian Sewers.
Difficulty: 4Danger: 8Gold: 15000Other: None.
Given By: William Lasker in the Erathian Sewers.
Alright. Watchtwoer 6 is in the far southwest of Deyja, at (-16449, -18181). Invisiblity, as always will be useful, but not nessecary. Once inside, just go straight through the monsters to the end of the hall, and onto the raised platform, hitting the switch to lower the lift. Go past the door to the east (This is if you take the side passage into Watchtower 6, just west of the building at (-20388, 17503)), and go into the large alcove and hit this switch to raise the lift. Once on top, you want to hit the SOUTH switch (The north will lower the lift again and retract all bridges) repeatedly until the south bridge is extended. Once it's extended, cross the bridge and go down the stairs. At the southwest corner of the room (-1396, -406) is the switch that controls the counterweight (You can see it through a small windoe in the alcove.) Hit the switch and return to William Lasker to become (Honorary) Spies.

Wizard to Arch Mage

Find the Book of Divine Intervention in the Breeding Zone in the Pit and return it to Thomas Grey in the School of Sorcery.
Difficulty: 7 Danger: 10 Gold: 10000 Other: Learning Book of Divine Intervention
Given By: Thomas Grey in the School of Sorcery in the Bracada Desert.
Now, I'm assuming you know how to get to The Pit, but if not: The Hall of the Pit is in the northeastern area of Deyja (18294, 6145). Pass through the Hall of the Pit. Once in the Pit itself (Cast Invisiblity beforehand, or the monsters will waste you) you can cross the lava and not risk discovery, or you can dodge the monsters on the paths. Go forward to the T-intersection and turn right. Continue on, jumping (use the X key) over the break in the path. Then take the first right. Just to your left will be the path to the Breeding Zone (-5333, 403). You probably want to be VERY quick, seeing as you probably don't have a lot of time on Invisiblity. Now, once inside, follow the path and jump down into the chasm (watch out for the Behemoths!) turning left and taking the path to the left. Across from the fountain is a secret passage, open that up and enter (Watch out for the trap right in front), going left. Take a left at the next fork and follow the passage to a button (-7239, 1116). Hit that button, then go back down and take the right fork. Follow that path and you'll find a secret passage opened with chest inside (-7077, 2283). Inside is the Book of Divine Intervention. Don't use it yet. Now escape should be your next priority. Return to the fountain and go south. At the end is a secret door going back to the enterance of the Breeding Zone. Now return to Thomas Grey to become (Honorary) Arch Mages. Also, you can find Books of Divine Intervention in the Illumination Guilds.

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