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Second Promotions (Dark)

Note: The second Promotion Quests are worth 40000 XP for an Honorary Promotion. Those who are truly promoted (Say, from Initiate to Ninja) gain double the amount.

Initiate to Ninja

Crack the code in the School of Sorcery in the Bracada Desert to reveal the Tomb of Ashwar Nog'Nogoth. Discover the tomb's location, enter it, and the return it to Stephan Sand in the Pit.
Difficulty: 9Danger: 8Gold: 0Other: None.
Given By: Stephan Sand in the Sand Residence in The Pit.
Alright, the first thing you want to do is go to the School of Sorcery. While the creatures in the school are friendly, they become instantly hostile if you take the door in front of you. However, it won't open normally. Remember where Eric Swarrel, the keeper of the Book Shop was? Behind his counter is a cabinet you can open that hides the switch that opens the door (, ). He's usually blocking it though, but you can flip it when he moves away if you don't want to kill him. Once the door's open, go east and north. At the end of the hallway, just to your east, is a bookcase with the Scroll of Waves (1569, 1709). Now, if you need help figuring out the code, you might have heard that there was a reference to ciphers in the castle library: Not Gloaming's, but Harmondale's. However, you need to have completed the Breeding Zone Quest to access the library. Stephan Sand said the third word was the key... Basically, you subtract the third word of the Scroll of Waves, "PATTERN" from the message, letter by letter, and repeat the word as many times as needed. If it's easier, replace the letters with thier corresponding number in the alphabet (A-1, B-2, C-3, etc.) If the number is beliow 1, add 26. It's a simple code. Thus translated:

Y iupj xckox nmw henv ik eoiuyl pwzmjh usv vqwy xjvisfx nmw qeey zwga xjm htlsi. Jn cx fchub yfkh iponm osiu uhi usduyl. Rq xec cm igbu bhx yzs tfvn uswt. Hiii disl.
I have found the tomb of Master Kelwin and have deduced the code from his notes. It is north east south west and center. My job is done and the debt paid. Good luck.

Now, another scroll in Castle Harmondale, specifically in the prisons in below the southwest area, would give you the general location of the Tomb: Southern Erathia. The specific location is (14217, 21573). Now there are five buttons by the door. Treat it like a compass: Hit the top, right, bottom, left and center buttons in that order. Once you open the tomb, enter and clear it out, then return to Stephan Sand to become (Honorary) Ninjas.

Hunter to Bounty Hunter

Collect 10,000 gold worth of bounties from the Bounty Hunts in the town halls, then return to Ebednezer Sower in the Tularean Forest.
Difficulty: 7Danger: VariesGold: 0Other: None.
Given By: Ebednezer Sower in the Sower Residence, on Pierpoint in the Tularean Forest.
This one is pretty striaghtforward. Go to any town hall and find out what the bounty of the month is, then go to an area with that monster and kill it. Go back to the Town Hall for your reward. The difficulty comes from the inherently random nature of the bounty hunts. Once you have collected 10000 Gold in bounties, return to Ebenezier Sower to become (Honorary) Bounty Hunters.

Great Druid to Warlock

Retrieve the dragon egg from the Dragon Cave in the Land of the Giants and return it to Tor Anwyn in Mount Nighon.
Difficulty: 4Danger: 9Gold: 0Other: Dragon Familiar.
Given By: Tor Anwyn in the Anwyn Residence in Nighon.
There are two separate caves in this dungeion: One located in the crater on the mountain to the northwest, and on the side of the mountain just to the east. Now, if you're confident in dealing with dragons, you could probably Fly and Jump up the mountains, but if you're not, you can cast Invisibility and try to approach the mountain to the south. The cave you want is the eastern cave (-7752, 15880). It's actually rather straightforward, just follow the cave to the end. At the end is a large chamber with the dragon eggs littered all over the floor. Snag 'em and return them to Tor Anwyn to become (Honorary) Warlocks. Do note that while the Baby Dragon raises all Spell Skills of any Warlocks in your party by 3, and allows them to regenerate SP, you need to feed it, so resting costs an additional food.

Warrior Mage to Sniper

Retrieve the Perfect Bow from the Titan's Stronghold in Avlee and return it to Steagal Snick in Avlee.
Difficulty: 4Danger: 5Gold: 0Other: The Perfect Bow.
Given By: Steagal Snick in the Snick House in Avlee.
The Titan's Stronghold is located in the southwestern corner of Avlee, at (18660, -17436), and there are a lot of Water Elementals around it. I suggest Invisiblity (Grandmaster if possible), because the place is chock full of Titans (of course) and Dragons. Once inside, go up the stairs and west, dodging the Titans, then west again at the first change. Follow this corridor, and go east at the first opportunity. In the chamber will be a chest (-11642, -9246) with The Perfect Bow. Except... that it isn't quite so perfect. Once you have it, return it to Steagal Snick to bring it to it's full potential and become (Honorary) Snipers. (This quest is identical to the Master Archer Quest.)

Cavalier to Black Knight

Raid the Elven Treasury at Castle Navan in the Tularean Forest and return to Fredrick Org in Erathia.
Difficulty: 5Danger: 5Gold: 0Other: None.
Given By: Fredrick Org in the Org House in Erathia.
Castle Navan is on the far west of Pierpoint in the southwest area of the Tularean Forest (-18532, -10251). You should know where it is. Once you take this quest, all the guards will be hostile, so think about using Invisibility. Once inside, go north and take the lift down, then go north and east. At the end of the hallway, on the west side, is a secret passage (3082, 10242) in the floor that leads to the Castle Navan treasury. Take anything and everything you want that's not nailed down, then return to Fredrick Org to become (Honorary) Black Knights.

Crusader to Villain

Capture Alice Hargreaves from her residence in Castle Gryphonheart and return her to William Setag's Tower in the Deyja Moors.
Difficulty: 2Danger: 7Gold: 10000Other: None.
Given By: William Setag in Setag's Tower in Deyja.
Castle Gryphonheart is in northern Erathia, at (-486, 9984). You should know where it is. Once you take this quest, all of the guards in Castle Gryphonheart will be hostile. That's a lot of Knights, so you might want Invisibility. That said, go west, then south, past the guards. Go up the stairs and then go west, until you see a doorway with two guards beside it. This is the room with Alice Hargreaves (). Talk to her and you'll have her captured. Then return her to William Setag to become (Honorary) Villains.

Priest to Priest of the Dark

Deface the Altar of Good in the Temple of the Sun in Evenmorn Isle and return to Daedalus Falk in the Deyja Moors.
Difficulty: 3Danger: 5Gold: 10000Other: None.
Given By: Daedalus Falk in the Falk Residence in Deyja.
The Grand Temple of the Sun (-7166, 11033) is in the northwest part of the Evenmorn Islands. You don't need anything special really unless you plan on fighting (and why not?). Once inside, the altar is past the double doors in front of you. In the center of the room lies the altar (51, 562). Click on it to desecrate it, then return to Daedalus Falk to become (Honorary) Priests of the Dark.

Rogue to Assassin

Go to the Celestial Court in Celeste and kill Lady Eleanor Carmine. Return with proof to Seknit Undershadow in the Deyja Moors.
Difficulty: 3Danger: 5Gold: 15000Other: Lady Carmine's dagger.
Given By: Seknit Undershadow in Undershadow's Home in Deyja.
Assuming that you know where Celeste is, it's not very hard. The problem might lie within escaping once you've killed Lady Carmine. Once inside Celeste (Invisiblity advised), right click on any female peasant you see. I found Lady Carmine in front of Castle Lambent. She's quite easy to kill, so you can take her out in one hit, and then teleport or haul ass out of there without taking TOO much damage. This is a very easy one. Make sure you have her dagger as proof of your success. Bring it back to Seknit Undershadow to become (Honorary) Assassins.

Wizard to Lich

Retrieve the lich jars from the Proving Grounds in Celeste and bring them back to Halfgild Wynac in the Pit.
Difficulty: 8Danger: 9Gold: 0Other: Lich Jar.
Given By: Halfgild Wynac in the Darkenmore Residence in The Pit.
This is otherwise identical to the test quest Gavin Magnus gives you if you take the Light Path.And guess what: This quest is still a pain in the ass. Do yourself a favor and have get Invisiblity if you don't have it. Once you enter, you'll find three arches in the middle of the room, and three pillars at the far end. Each pillar needs a key, each arch is a teleporter takes you to the key. Let's start with the East Teleporter. Once in the teleporter, go north to the building and past the moving "wall". Inside is a lift, hit the button to go down. From there, follow the path to a room with three pools in the middle. The side rooms have to pools each with buttons on the rim. Hit all four buttons and return to the main room. The pool at the very far end will be empty. Jump (Not the spell) down and find to find a chest (24365, 12760) with the East Pillar Key. Take the passage north and open the secret wall at the end to return to the pool room. From there, retrace your steps back to the teleporter. To get the Center Pillar Key, enter the teleporter and jump or walk down. In the southeast area of the room, you'll find a platform that moves up when you step on it. Enter the room to find a chest with the key (6126, -23898). Climb back up to the teleporter to leave. In the west archway there is a large room and a passage north leading to a west and east wing. On ledges (facing the room) of each wing are three buttons and a lever. To get the West Pillar Key, you must find the correct combination of levers and buttons. I heard the solution was random, but I've used this one: Press the middle buttons on each side and then pull either lever (I pulled the one on the last button I pushed). If it doesn't work, another solution I heard was to push all three buttons on the east, and the middle button on the west, then pull the west lever. If it works, you'll hear the "opening sound" and a platform will lower in the center of the main room, revealing a chest (-11471, 12131) with the key. Once you have all three keys, give them to one person (to speed things up) and have that character be the active character when pressing the buttons on the pillars in the main room. Once all three buttons are hit, a secret door will open up in the north wall. On the far end is the exit. A chest next to it holds the Lich Jars. Make sure to give one to each character in your party, and then return them to Hallfgild Wynac to become (Honorary) Liches. By the way, an intersting note about Liches is that they are immune to (harmful) Body and Mind Magic, and constantly regenerate Spell Points. They are harmed by sunlight though. They count as undead.

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