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First Promotions

Note: The first Promotion Quests are worth 15000 XP for an Honorary Promotion. Those who are truly promoted (Say, from Monk to Initiate) gain double the amount.

Monk to Initiate

Find the lost meditation spot in the Dwarven Barrows.
Difficulty: 8Danger: 5Gold: 0Other: None.
Given By: Batholomew Hume in the Hume residence, in the village south of Harmondale.
The first thing you need to do is find the Dwarven Barrows. The easiest is Barrow IX, located at (16689, 12617), on the hill south of the tavern. Make sure to bring Turn Undead with you, it's going to be useful. The Barrows are one hell of a maze, so you'll probably be lost. To get a decent map, get the Barrow Keys. IX is at (2165, 1993), behind two secret doors (the bookcase, and the small wall far from the tunnel exit). VII is at (1158, 215). You'll need to find the button on one of the crypts. The chest is on a ledge where you need the Jump spell. Finally, X is plain sight, in a chest in (2195, -185). With the map, you want to find Zokarr's Tomb. The fastest way to go is from Barrow IX, to Barrow VII, then to Barrow X, then Barrow III, then Barrow IV, then the Tomb. In the tomb will be a pool. Click on it, and Bartholomew Hume will contact you, and make your characters (Honorary) Initiates.

Ranger to Hunter

Solve the secret to the entrance of the Faerie Mound in Avlee and speak to the Faerie King.
Difficulty: 1Danger: 0Gold: 0Other: None.
Given By: Ebednezer Sower in the Sower Residence, on Pierpoint in the Tularean Forest.
This one is simple. The Faerie Mound, or the Hall under the Hill, is located in the way north part of Avlee, just northwest of the town. The approximate coordinates are 1494, 20956. In any case, enter the mound (it looks like a house on the map, and then walk clockwise (to your right) around the mound inside three times to find the enterance to the mound. The Faerie King with make you all (Honorary) Hunters.

Druid to Great Druid

Visit the three stonehenge monoliths in Tatalia, the Evenmorn Islands, and Avlee, then return to Anthony Green in the Tularean Forest.
Difficulty: 4Danger: 7Gold:Other: None.
Given By: Anthony Green in the Green House behind Hu's Stallions in the Tularean Forest.
The main problem with this quest is that you have to go ALL OVER THE PLACE. You'll probably find Fly very useful here. Anyway, what you are looking for is a gruop of stones (Not unlike the Stonehenge, surrounding an altar with a pool of water in it. The Evenmorn Island shrine is on a far western island, not far southwest of the Grand Temple of the Sun (-13402, 4513). The one in Tatalia is on a cliff near the water, a ways north-northwest of the ship (-4608, 4834). The final one is in Avlee, on the tip of the "horn" near the center of the map (-5471, -4340). Once you visit all three, return to Anthony Green to become (Honorary) Great Druids.

Archer to Warrior Mage

Sabotage the lift in the Red Dwarf Mines in the Bracada Desert then return to Steagal Snick in Avlee.
Difficulty: 4Danger: 8Gold: 0Other: None.
Given By: Steagal Snick in the Snick House in Avlee.
You can do this one with the "Rescue the Dwarves" Quest from Hothfarr IX. This one is fairly simple, although the Medusas will give you trouble. The Red Dwarf Mines are in the Bracada Desert, at (21088,14663). Cure Paralysis and Protection from Magic are big helps, so do the Priest Quest first. Once in the mines, watch out for the Physical Immune Oozes (I suggest Flame Aura on your bows), and take the second passage to the left, and keep straight. Once you're at the lift, find the lever and pull it to go down. Now you have Magic Immune Medusas. Avoiding or kill them, but be careful, they can paralyze, and Queens and Empresses can Petrify. From the Lift, go as far east as possible, and don't take any forks. In the far eastern chamber is the lift belt (18256, -11668). Click on it to use the Worn Belt from Steagal Snick, and then get back to the lift and go back up as soon as you can: you have an hour before it breaks. Then return to Steagal Snick to become (Honorary) Warrior Mages.

Knight to Cavalier

Destroy all the undead in the Haunted House in the Barrow Downs and return to Fredrick Org in Erathia.
Difficulty: 4Danger: 6Gold: 0Other: None.
Given By: Fredrick Org in the Org House in Erathia.
This one is pretty simple: Go to the Haunted House, and kill anything that moves. The Haunted House is located at (-19207, 12339) in the Barrow Downs. Once you're inside, clear out the obvious rooms, and then go to the library. If you check the western bookcase carefully, you'll open a secret passage in the north wall of the library. Make sure you kill EVERYTHING, then return to Fredrick Org to become (Honorary) Cavaliers.

Paladin to Crusader

Kill Wromthrax the Heartless in his cave in Tatalia, then talk to Sir Charles Quixote.
Difficulty: 4Danger: 9Gold: 0Other: Random Relic.
Given By: Sir Charles Quixote in the Quixote Residence in Erathia.
Sir Charles Quixote will become a follower once you take this quest, so once you kill the dragon, just talk to him for your promotion. Otherwise he's no help. That said, this is a straightforward, if tough quest. Find the dragon and kill it dead. Mandatory spells include Water Resistance, Regeneration, and Preservation (Wromthrax certainly does enough damage to warrant it). Stock up on potions too. Wromthrax's cave is on the northern edge of Tatalia, near the center (-1021, 21031). All you have to do is find it, kill it, and talk to Sir Charles Quixote to become (Honorary) Crusaders.

Cleric to Priest

Find the lost pirate map in the Tidewater Caverns in Tatalia and return to Daedalus Falk in the Deyja Moors.
Difficulty: 7Danger: 6Gold: 5000Other: Ship passage to Evenmorn Islands.
Given By: Daedalus Falk in the Falk Residence in Deyja.
For this quest, you are going to need Water Walk or Fly. Turn Undead might be useful too, with all the undead you will meet. Tidewater Caverns is located at (-19381, 2357), on an island not for northwest from the docks. Enter the cave, and then go north into the building. When you go upstairs, you'll find that you're in a part of a ship. Out on the deck there is a passage downstairs. Take that and turn aroudn and head for the back. Where you want to look is a secret door, so unles syou have a high Perception skill, you're reduced to walking along the wall tapping the spacebar. The exact location is (658, 5612), just east of the hole leading down. Make sure you're healed up, because you can bet your life the chests will be trapped. Once you have the map, return to Daedalus Falk to become (Honorary) Priests.

Thief to Rogue

Go to Lord Markham's estate in Tatalia, steal the vase there, and return it to William Lasker in the Erathian Sewers.
Difficulty: 3Danger: 9Gold: 5000Other: None.
Given By: William Lasker in the Erathian Sewers.
Well now, a chance to screw over Lord Markham. Not bad. Make sure you have invisibility for this one. You'll need it. Markham's Manor is located at (11069, -14932), it's south and apart from the main town. Once inside, take the left door: but be careful, everybody becomes hostile if you open the door. You might want to do Norbert Thrush's quest first, also. Unless you're quite high level, I suggest doing your best to sneak around the guards (Zooming in the blue minimap can help you in this. Make sure you have Wizard Eye.) Berserk might help also, but that's if you MUST fight. You'll find it over the fire at (-1184, 935). Careful though, it is trapped. Once you ahve the vase, GET THE HELL OUT of there and take the vase back to Lasker to become (Honorary) Rogues.

Sorceror to Wizard

Collect the six golem pieces and construct a complete golem, then return to Thomas Grey in the School of Sorcery.
Difficulty: 8Danger: 5Gold: 0Other: Golem Follower for Castle Harmondale.
Given By: Thomas Grey in the School of Sorcery in the Bracada Desert.
There are six parts to look for: Two arms, two legs, a torso and a head. Problem: one of the heads is a bad head, and a golem made with that head will attack you. Fortunately a hint is nearby. Near the teleporters is a chest with the bad head and giving the specific maps to search. You can find the locations marked here, you'll find the golem parts in a chest. Once you have the golem assembled, return to Thomas Grey to animate it and become (Honorary) Wizards. One thing of note: strangely, after I completed the golem and told Judge Grey in the Arbiter's Hut in Harmondale "I lost it", he gave me the Bad Golem Head. Perhaps he can help you with Golem Parts you somehow lost?

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