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Indoor Maps

This is a listing of all the indoor maps in the game. In this case, red squares mark exits from the map: click on it to move to that map. A purple line indicates a secret door, and a blue like indicates the beginning of a restricted area: the X marks which side is restricted. You'll generally get ONE warning if you try to cross, and if you continue, all the guards will be hostile to you. You can bypass this (and keep them friendly) with invisibilty... usually. In this key, highlighted areas mark indoor cities.

Castle GloamingCastle GryphonheartCastle Harmondale
Castle LambentCastle NavanCeleste
Clanker's LabColony ZodDwarven Barrows
Erathian SewersFort RiverstrideGrand Temple of the Moon
Grand Temple of the SunHall of the PitHall Under the Hill
Haunted MansionMarkham ManorMercenary Guild
Nighon TunnelsRed Dwarf MinesStone City
Temple of BaaTemple of DarkTemple of Light
Temple of the Moon
(Emerald Island)
The ArenaThe Breeding Zone
The Dragon CavesThe Dragon's LairThe Hidden Tomb
The LincolnThe MazeThe Pit
The Small HouseThe Strange TempleThunderfist Tunnels
Tidewater CavernsTitan's StrongholdTularean Caves
Tunnels to EeofolWalls of MistWatchtower 6
White Cliff CavesWilliam Setag's TowerWine Cellar

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