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Your party starts in Middlegate at level 1 with little in the way of weapons or gold. Before you can hope to begin to save the troubled land of CRON, you must find a way to gain strength. The quests noted in this walkthrough are not recommended until you are at least level 20. An easy way to jump start your party on their way to save CRON is to level up until you have reached level 7-10. Then purchase as many skill potions as you can afford, then, before each fight for the black ticket battles, drink your skill potions. This will raise each character in level by about 25 or so for the duration of one fight. Most of the enemies you fight will run away and give your party an easy victory. Repeat this for each of the arena battles (see below) and then purchase a black key from the Classic Key Shoppe in Atlantium 3,10. Then free the Black Bishop by heading to Luxus Palace Royale (D2 14,14) and then head to 14,14 in the palace and free the Black Bishop. This will net you a very useful 500,000 experience points which should enable your charcters to level up 5 levels or so. You can repeat this as much as you like until you are satisfied with your level.

In order to discover your purpose in the world of CRON, you must read the clues left by the ancients in the forms of "messages". These are coded sequences of letters that bestow some of the wisdom of the ancients upon those wise enough to decode them. The messages are ordered in increasing importance (green, yellow and red).

Green messages(2-1-3-4):

(To decode, read the text vertically)
F e iuteeustj ceetuF i virs ri sAb aaoritrs
o a ivaoc eehu whss na eTeno aoacs bciltsth k
r c nil ot,eer h i Mtr wrl uopptl.Readlh het.
  h dd bmr y irdao v .a gpfprea orn ew ia

The translation:
For each individual to become true, see the jury which resides at Mount Farview. Travel in groups of appropriate class. A Robber can aid all others with their task.

Yellow message(9-5-6-1-7-4-2-8-3):

(Take the first two letters and then drop down a line, continue until all blocks of two have been decoded)
Ifti ecuul wbu. es md.wife t ye.In Ts conoed Came y
  pcsnhs d int Yoe an Hldd heou Dnehoacolw , iresstou
er yangata ddou to wiserby t arir ugid. thgocu tat t
sooucemekeumn'caysho hne a oy tnkLih , Wior bs o isru
na'd, es ab t n t cutss t , ip fmionnothouacanratily
l lwi y cprfeofo an i ire he frotscew tghk d iscs h
stikthouhaizelfean bn s e. gorm p iithilytople wat
ate c snces br oe thdw F iv fthoot irs s taythhied
istoirhoe., adthldhae aror esree l.was t athe gosch.

The translation:
If personal statistics you'd like to enhance, with circus games you should take a chance. win dumb prizes, but don't feel bad. You can offer these toys to an old man who can be had. His hut in the wilderness is dwarfed by a tree. For the toy, he gives you a tip for free. Drink from the Inner Limits pool. Though, once it was acid, now it is cool. With thirst now thoroughly sated, go back to the Circus and play games to raise those statistics which you truly hated.

Red message(8-5-2-6-1-3-9-7-4):

(Read the first line vertically down. Then take the nest two letters of the first line and contunue down, taking the next 3 letters and continuing down etc.)
Tane seCre d Con.lidch ay. encCe avenb.ingtswthe tomus
ociolu owoneBol Neiuamayl R e whcal ts S fr or lap tt h
  entioTn , woosxt,tll fu eq ithon hro avom ahaurr
rt n irmuithwse th y lfidue thsbeughae desh Tgeost ied
iwrs vist Arlume pisoll est e Qe s tinthtruehemetswhly
goneryp fena tartn tthes a ueeneeme de cti n ricaicfix
hgs lolir, Mao y mdhair tn n s n.wit deon pvis tgh. J
t, ng.estonsnbeustit periau o tO h TOadandasio feyoVC
  th Th bterd w spveasonndi he nTralor K gest ind u

The translation:
To right ancient wrongs, the solution is very long. The Triple Crown must first be done, with Arena, Monster Bowl and Colosseum to be won. Next, the party must split individually so that each may fulfill their personal destiny. Request an audience with the Queen so the Chosen One can be seen. Travel through time with Talons and Orb. Save the dead King from destruction and get the password. Then visit the lake geometrics to find passage to that which you must hurriedly fix.

All characters must first win the Black Triple Crown Quest. In order to do this, your party must win a battle in each of the three main arenas:

The Arena in Middlegate
The Monster Bowl in Sandsobar
The Colossium in Atlantium

These battles can be activated by walking on the relevent squares(Middlegate 13,2, Sandsobar 13,8 and Atlantium 7,9) while having a black ticket in your backpack (purchased at the Atlantium blacksmith, misc items section). Once all party members have won a black ticket battle at each of the arenas they are considered winners of the Black Triple Crown. This renders them eligible to recieve the later game critical quests. The next mission that your party must accomplish is the Juror Quests which must be completed for each of your characters.

The completion of the Juror quests earns your character a "+" and gives him 5,000,000 experience points. Only when everyone in your party has completed these quests can you begin the final quests to complete the game. Robbers gain their "+" by completing assisting in the completing (ie. in the party) another class's quest. All Juror Quests are given by the Jurors of Mount Fairview. They can be found on Mount Fairview (D2 7,0).

Title: The Dread Knight
How to Solve: *Knights Only* The party must slay the Dread Knight who is located at B3 5,14. He only has one attack and is on his own, so if everyone has healing items stocked in their pack, he can be defeated. Remember to use skill potions before the fight. He is the easiest of all the Juror Quests.

Title: Slaying the Frost Dragon
How to Solve: *Paladins Only* The party must slay the Frost Dragon who resides in the Forbidden Forest Cavern(B1, 4,13) at 8,8. He is a difficult enemy and the path to him is tough. Once again Skill potions will assist the under-powered party.

Title: Archery Showdown
How to Solve: *Archers Only* The party must defeat the detestable Baron Wilfrey in combat. He can be found at B2 11,2. He is the second easiest monster to defeat in the Juror Quests. Once again Skill potions will be one of your best friends.

Title: The Restoration of Corak
How to Solve: *Clerics only* The party must first collect Corak's soul which is guarded by many ghosts. The use of the Holy Word spell will assist greatly in this fight. The soul is located in C1 10,15. An admit-8 pass is needed to gain access to the deeper section of Corak's Cavern. This pass can be located in the Sandsobar Cavern 14,14. With this pass you must then travel to Coraks Cavern 13,3 and press the button. This will lower the forcefield that will allow you access to the body at 8,0 in the same dungeon. Bringing the soul to this location will solve the quest.

Title: Free the Northlands!
How to Solve: *Barbarians only* The evil Barbarian king must be slain to free the Northlands from his tyrannical rule. He can be found in C4 0,15. Once again, Skill potions are your best friend.

Title: Assasinate Dawn
How to Solve: *While this is the Ninja's quest, anyone can join the party!* The ninja Dawn has to be slain to end her rule of fear. She can be found at Dawn's Mist Cavern(D4 3,8) 8,9. All party members can attend as this quests is also part of the Murray quest. This makes it one of the hardest juror quests. Remember, bring lots of healing items and Skill potions.

Title: Free the Wizards
How to Solve: *Sorcerers only* This quest is split into two parts. One half is located in the Dark Keep and one in the Tower of Mercy. The walls of each keep hold the keys to walking the halls unmolested. For those of you who do not wish to solve the puzzles on your own, here is the correct set of doors to walk through to avoid most combat.

Dark Keep: 1-3-1-(3 or 7)-9-11-A-C-G-I
The answer to the question on the left side of Ybmug is 23, the right is 46.

Tower of Mercy: 2-2-4-6-6-12-A-D-F-I
The answer to the question on the left side of Yekop is 64, the right is 32.

Once these are both freed from stasis, the task is complete.

The Radicon, Fluxer, Capitor, and Todilor must be located. The Radicon is found in Castle Woodhaven (2,11), the Fluxer in Castle Pinehurst (7,6), the Capitor in Castle Hillstone (3,13) and the Todilor in Castle Luxus (0,6).

The hireling Sherman must be in the party as you visit the Throne Room of Castle Pinehurst. Lord Peabody will then grant you access to the time machine. Use the time machine to return to the 800's. Head to Castle Xabran once in the 800's. It is located in C2 14,8. Inside are the four elemental discs. These will need to be located in order to compete the game. They are at the following locations:
Fire 6,14
Water 15,0
Air 15,15
Earth 6,2

Upon the collection of these items you will now have to find the elemental talons for each of the elements. These are located in their corresponding elemental plane (The fire talon is located in the the Elemental Plane of Fire etc) The locations of the Talons is as follows:
Fire 4,4
Water 10,10
Air 11,7
Earth 8,8

The Orb must now be reclaimed! To do so one must head to Dawn's Mist Cavern(D4 3,7). The orb itself is located at 7,12 in Dawn's Mist Cavern. There are a lot of tough fights and magic can not be used in the fight against the orb guardians. A hireling should be given the orb. Dismiss the hireling with the orb in order to be able to escape from this terrible place. After collecting the hireling that you dismissed, head to the 9th century. Head to C4 14,5 and give King Kalohn the orb to change the history of CRON. Return to the 900's and see Kalohn at Luxus Palace Royale. Head to Square Lake Dungeon (C2 10,7) and remember the password WAFE! Defeat Sheltem and head into the dungeon. The dungeon is tough work; keep at it! There is no easy way to complete this dungeon. A timed puzzle will then be given. You have 14 minutes to solve the puzzle. The rules are simple, with the lower case letters, construct a word that describes the whole paragraph.

The Puzzle:


The answer is Preamble (Case sensitive)
Upon entering this answer, you will have completed the game, congratulations!

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