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Assorted Clues

Ability Enhancement

To enhance any statistic perform the following steps:
Find the Circus between day 140 and day 170 at B2 14,4.
Bring a Cupie Doll to the old man at A3 7,13.
Go to Inner Limits E3 10,12 and drink the water.
Return to the circus at B2 14,4 and select the ability of your choice to raise.

Other ways to improve statistics include:
Improve your accuracy at the Dungeon under Castle Pinehurst (Level 1) 14,13.
Heighten Speed in Nomads Highway(E3 4,5) at 0,15.
Maximizing Might can be achieved by visiting Druids Point Cavern at 1,15.
Magnify your Intelligence by visiting the Caven below Atlantium at 11,15.
To imporve Personality, visit the Ice Cave at 15,8(males only) or 15,7(females only).
Enhancing your Endurance can be achieved by visiting the Carvern below Vulcania at 15,14.
To learn to become truely Lucky you should visit 12,7 in Dawns Mist Cavern.

All attributes can only be increased a finite amount. You can leave the map and re-enter to boost the stats again, although after a certain point this will give no returns.

Experience Catalysts

An even exchange between gold and experience can be found in Lord Slayers Dungeon(Level 1) at 11,5.
A 2:1 exchange between gold and experience can be found at Lord Slayers Dungeon(Level 2) at 9.15.
An exchange between gems and experience is located in Hordall's Dungeon(Level 2) at 4,4.

Alignment Modification

To become Neutral, visit Hordall's Dungeon(Level 2) at 7,8.
To become Good, visit Peabody's Dungeon(Level 2) at 5,1.
To become Evil, visit Lamanda's Dungeon(Level 2) at 5,11.

Sex Change

To turn into all manly blokes, head to Slayer's Dungeon(Level 2) 0,8.
For a party of sexy vixens, head to Lamanda's Dungeon(Level 2) 4,8.

Age Reduction

There are 2 ways to reduce the aging effect on your party, The free way is to visit Sarakin's Mine at 1,15. Alternativly, you can book passage to Murray's Resort Isle and visit the Hot Springs at B4 2,3.

Assorted Clues

The guardian pegasus is in Area B1 at 9,9.
To learn his name, bring a Linguist to C3 0,7, (His name is Meenu)
Seek out the Horvath in the Druids Point Cavern at 1,6.
Satisfy his requirements and then visit Murray in Murrays Cavern 1,8.
Power Oil aids those low in HP. Find the storeroom in Murrays Cavern at 6,15.
Goofy Juice can really boost your power, It can be found in Murrays Cavern 0,9.
To Rescue the elemental Orb from its Guardians, try the dismiss option :)
A useful password to know when adventuring in Square Lake is WAFE
Need HP fast? Then visit 0,0 in the Dragons Dominion. If you need a crazy amount of HP for a crazy party, try slaying the Ancient Dragon at 15,8!

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