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* Note that this is a walkthrough. It's not a faq or anything else like that. This was not written to entertain, it's just a bare-bones guide telling you how to quickly get through Sweet Home. I recommend you not to read this. I also recommend you to know how to play the game before consulting this walkthrough, because all this walkthrough does is tell you what to do and when. It will not guide you to the best weapons, nor will it tell you how to do anything other than the basic steps on how to get through the game. I once again urge you NOT to use this walkthrough. Not only because it tells you exactly what to do, and when, but also because it only tells you what you have to do. If you want all the fun of reading the frescoes and discovering what they say, and figuring out what to do, then don't read this. Use this walkthrough as a last resort only, please. That said...enjoy!

Start out by forming some parties. Use Asuka's Vacuum to get past the glass. Use Emi's key to open the door on the right. Use Kazuo's Lighter to burn the rope. Grab a piece of wood. Return to the open area and lie the wood down on the gap. Cross the gap. Go to the room on the far right and unlock it with Emi's key. Burn down the rope and unlock the door in the middle at the top of the main area. This is the dining room. Vacuum up the glass shards on the stairs, and there is a hidden mallet on the upper-right corner of the table. Take it as you would any other item

Return to the main area of the 1st Floor. On the way back, grab a Wax Candle from the Dining Room. Go into the upper-right door on the top. Use the Wax Candle so you can see. Use the mallet to break the rocks that block your path. Go down the hall and you'll be in a new room. On the far right wall there are three doors. Use Emi's key to unlock the middle door. Go in it, and go up a room. Grab the wood on the table and cross the gaps to the right to reach the F-Lite. Go back to the room on the left. Go up and use the F-Lite to get rid of the Odd Shadows. Go right without going up the steps. Vacuum the pieces of glass, and go down when you reach another staircase. Vacuum up another piece of glass and use Emi's key to unlock the door.

Grab the FireX, and enter the first door on the left. When the room fills with fire, use the FireX. Go to the left until you see the knight. Pray using at least 7 Pray Points (you must be at least at level 3). You'll receive the Armor Spear. Go to the room on the right and examine the Knight. Give it the Spear. Then pray using at least 12 Pray Points (you must be at least at level 4). The wall will crumble and you'll be able to proceed to the Garden.

Head to the room on the far right of the Garden. Grab the Gas. Go back to the room on the left end of the garden (you'll have to break some rocks, vacuum some glass and use Emi's key). In the center of the room is a generator. Use the Gas on it. The Look at it and turn it on. The lights will return. Grab the Rope in the back of this room. Go back into the mansion, and go down when you reach the first hallway. Use the Lighter to burn down the rope, and unlock the door. Make your way back to the room where you got the mallet. Unlock the door to the north.

Continue going north until you reach a wide chasm with posts on both sides. Use your rope to cross. Make your way to the door on the upper left. Unlock and enter it You'll then be on the veranda. Go down, and unlock the next door. From this next room, go through either door and you'll be in a large room covered in a sticky substance. Be sure not to take 4 consecutive steps in the sticky substance or you'll be stuck. Make your way to the right end of the room (you can either go up and around, or go through the room in the middle). Once you're at the far right, go down, unlock the door, and grab the ladder. Return to the room with the hole, and use the ladder on the two pegs on the right side. Go down the ladder to reach the courtyard.

Go to the western end of the courtyard, and you'll see two mirrors on the upper wall. Approach the one on the right and fight it. Once it's defeated, use the mallet to smash it and reveal a hidden room. In this hidden room, Look at the fountain. The LOOK at it twice, and when it asks you if you want to drink, say yes. The fountain will turn to blood. Then go into the room below the fountain and grab the pail. Use the pail on the fountain to fill it. Go to the room above the fountain, and hidden in the lower-right hand corner is a pair of gloves. Take these and use them. Also in this room, the room with the fountain, and the room where you found the pail, are logs. Take these three logs with you. Go to the room where you got the pail and use the pail on the green statue. It'll melt, and it will lead you to a hall that leads you to the Lake.

Make sure you're using the gloves, and walk through the thorns to get the ax. This will allow you to chop up the wood piles you encounter. Go north and use a log right next to where you see the bush across the water. Walk through the thorns and go left. Go to the little underhang and use another log while facing upwards. Then go left a little more, and then down, and use your last log. You should be at some boats. Get in a party of two and go in a boat. Go to the southern end of the lake and get the shovel. Go to the memorial in the center of the lake. If you try to use the shovel now, you'll fail. You have to pray. Make sure you're at level 7, because you have to use 28 pray points. When you've dug a hole, LOOK at it twice to get the Low Key. Return to the mansion.

Return to the room where you got the Pail. A man named Yamamura will then lead your lead character through the Northern Courtyard, pushing statues in his wake. He takes you back to the Courtyard entrance before he is taken out by a shadow. Retrace your steps and get your party members back. Push the first statue Yamamura pushed into the fountain. It'll turn into the Tool. Take the Tool. When you reach the rubble filled room, take the Bow, and leave your Rope. Go to the four stones near the Courtyard entrance and use the Tool. The path to the Basement will be opened.

Go into the basement. Go to the top of the screen, and take a couple of steps in the fire, and go up again. You'll end up in a room with a man. Give him your shovel. Reassemble your party after the fire is doused. Grab the piece of wood that's sitting near the entrance. Go into the third room from the bottom near the western end of the wall (You should get a message saying that the statue is gone when you reach the door.) In this room, take the northern branch, use the wood, and grab the Gem. Take the Gem to the Northeastern section of the basement and use it on the blue flame. Then unlock that door with the Low Key. Go in that room, it's the incinerator room. Head the far right and unlock the door leading down with the Low Key. Check the coffins for the Diary Key (it's usually in the second coffin from the right). Once you have the key, go through the door on the left. Go down the hallway and unlock the door using Emi's key. Go back to the Courtyard, and up the ladder and enter the diary room at the top of the screen. Use the Diary Key on the diary and read it. Then go on the veranda and push the statues at the bottom. Use the Bow to reach the other side, and unlock that door with the Low Key. You're now in the Inner Sanctuary.

Head to the right (you'll be hit by boulders, but it won't hurt you too much. If you must not get hit, send one character and dodge in the nooks and crannies of the corridors). When you're at the far right, you should see a staircase leading left. Enter the door to the right of that staircase (you have to unlock it with Emi's key). If you have a Pick, use it, it'll prevent you from slipping on the ice. If not, slide down the ice to one of the islands, reassemble your party and use your bow to get to the left. Unlock another door with Emi's key and follow the path. You should reach the servant's quarters. Head down the staircase and follow the path to get the Two Keys. Return to the main room (the first room in the Inner Sanctuary) and head to the lower-right corner. Enter it.

Go into the room in the center of the screen at the bottom. It is filled with cats and mice. Go down the stairs and grab the Ruby Ring. Leave that area and go to the top of the screen. There should be a door facing downwards. Open this door with the Two Keys and enter. If you have a pick you'll be alright, but if you don't, when you hit the ice, move the first character to the left, switch characters and move him/her to the left. Do this until all your characters are safe. Reassemble your party and unlock the door at the bottom with Emi's key. You'll be in Ichirou's study. Grab the Jade Ring (and a pick if you don't have one). Exit this room and go back to the main area of the Inner Sanctuary. Unlock the door in the lower right area with the Two Keys. Put both rings in your lead character's inventory. Look at the man. Use both rings and then pray. You must use at least 43 pray points, so you'll need to be at least at level 11. You can then pass. Continue the path, and you'll reach Mamiya's room. After a little scene, you'll be in the dining room. Go back to Mamiya's room and grab the Gold Key. Also, on her bed is her dress (it's invisible). Grab that, as it will refill your party's pray points an infinite number of times.

You can open many doors with the Gold Key. Open the door at the bottom of Mamiya's room with it, and then use it to unlock the door to the northwest of where you exit Mamiya's room. You'll be back on the 2nd Floor. First, go into the dining room and into the fireplace. There should be a Slide in plain view. Take it. Next head to the far east hall of the East Wing. Unlock the middle door on the left with the Gold Key. Go in it and grab another Slide. Go back to the 1st Floor. In the middle of it, there should be a door leading down. Go into it. You should be in a room with an underground river. Go to the upper right hand section (use gloves if you need to) and grab another slide. Exit this room and unlock the room directly to the north of it with the Gold Key. Look at the projector and use all three slides on it. Then pray with at least 71 Pray Points (you must be at least at level 14). A passage will open up. Go in the passage and continue until you reach a door. Unlock this door with the Two Key. Continue until you reach the Iron Key.

Once you have the Iron Key, Go into the Fireplace again. This area is the dungeon. Go down, and unlock the gate leading left with the Iron Key. Go up the stairs. You'll end up in the Courtyard. Unlock the first door you reach with the Two Key. In this room is a Blue Candle. Take it. Go back to the Inner Sanctuary. Remember the patch of ice you had to navigate while getting the Two Key? On one of the islands on that ice was another Blue Candle. Grab it. Return to the room with the cats and mice that you went through on the way to the Ruby Ring (it's in the eastern part of the Inner Sanctuary). In that room is another Blue Candle. Once you have all three Blue Candles, go to the upper-right corner of the Inner Sanctuary. There should be three statues there. Look at them. Use each Blue Candle on them. Then use Kazuo's lighter (or matches) on them to light the candles. Pray using at least 82 Pray points (you must be at least at level 16). This new area this uncovers is the final area, but we're not ready to face it yet.

You need four items to defeat Mamiya: the Tool, the Diary, the Photo, and the Coffin. To get the Diary, simply return to the room where you read the diary. To get the Tool, just go back to wherever you left it. The photo is in the room in the Courtyard where you found the Blue Candle. Getting the coffin is a bit difficult though. Return to the Dungeon, and this time, explore the northern area. The dungeon is tricky to get around in, the best way to do it is to break your parties up so that it's just individuals in each party. In other words, all your characters should go solo. First, cross the flowing red liquid and get to the north side. Then head left, but don't go in the door. When you're to the far left, cross the liquid and be at the south side again. You should see some more flowing liquid, but a different color. Step in this liquid and go to the north side of it before you hit the spikes. Keep doing this, making your way north. When you make it all the way through, you should see a staircase. Reunite your party and go up the stairs. The coffin is the upper right coffin in this room (pick it up like any other item). Grab the mallet and smash the mirror for a shortcut out. Before you go to the final area, one more item should be obtained: the pulley. Go to the Inner Sanctuary. In the western part of the Inner Sanctuary, there should be a small room (you'll have to go up some stairs and down some more stairs to reach it. It almost looks like a donut. Unlock this room with Emi's key, and go in it. The pulley is in the lower-right corner of this room (it's invisible). Using this item increases your foot speed.

Head to the final area. Make sure you're using the Pulley (so you can outrun the shadows) and be sure you have the Diary, Photo, Tool, and Coffin in your inventory. It might be helpful for you to make your way through this area solo, so the shadows are easier to dodge. With the Pulley though, it's not that necessary. Also, if you hide under an overhang, the shadows can't get you. Head north and go up two staircases and then head east (you'll know you're on the right track if you hear clues shouted out to you). Go as far as you can, and then go up two more staircases. You'll then have to fight a clone of Akiko. Defeat her, and continue along the path. You'll have to fight a clone of Taro and one of Asuka on the way. Defeat them and you'll make it to Mamiya.

Attack Mamiya until she threatens to kill you. Then use the Tool. Then continue to attack until she says to "be gone from here" or something. Use the Photo at this point. Then pray and she'll transform. When she's in her new form, attack until it flashes and then use the Diary. Then pray using at least 50 Pray Points. Then attack until it flashes again and use the Coffin and pray again, using at least 80 Pray Points. She'll be defeated. The game gives different endings depending on how many survivors there were. Enjoy.

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