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Hacking List

This is a list of the codes used for hacking save states in Sweet Home on NESticle version x.xx. (This list also works for the SRAM Viewer in NNNesterJ, as well as others, I'm sure)  If you want to see a list SPECIFICALLY for NESten, go to GameFAQs, and search for "Sweet Home", and go to Skrybe's guide for inventory hacking. If you do not yet know how to hack save states with a hex editor, it's easy. Just open one up, load a NESticle save state, go to the place where you want to give somebody an item, and just plug in the value of that item in the corresponding place.

Hacking stats in this game is a headache! It uses the same hexadecimal format as most games, and for values that use 3 digits, it reverses the first two digits and the last two digits, like most games, but in Sweet Home, those split digits aren't consecutive. Basically, the first two digits are at one offset, and the next two digits are in another place. In addition, characters always have exactly one more HP and Pray Point more than the hex indicates. No wonder it took me so long to figure it all out. Oh well...



194, 199 - Kazuo's HP
195, 19A - Akiko's HP
196, 19B - Taro's HP
197, 19C - Asuka's HP
198, 19D - Emi's HP

1C6, 1CB - Kazuo's Pray Points
1C7, 1CC - Akiko's Pray Points
1C8, 1CD - Taro's Pray Points
1C9, 1CE - Asuka's Pray Points
1CA, 1CF - Emi's Pray Points

1DA, 1DF - Kazuo's Experience
1DB, 1E0 - Akiko's Experience
1DC, 1E1 - Taro's Experience
1DD, 1E2 - Asuka's Experience
1DE, 1E3 - Emi's Experience


25A Kazuo's 1st Item
25F Kazuo's 2nd Item
264 Kazuo's Weapon

25B Akiko's 1st Item
260 Akiko's 2nd Item
265 Akiko's Weapon

25C Taro's 1st Item
261 Taro's 2nd Item
266 Taro's Weapon

25D Asuka's 1st Item
262 Asuka's 2nd Item
267 Asuka's Weapon

25E Emi's 1st Item
263 Emi's 2nd Item
268 Emi's Weapon



* Items with asterisks were dummied out (or I haven't found them in the game yet). The first five items are the character's "innate items", and aren't meant to played around with

00 Nothing
01 Camera
02 Vaccuum
03 Key
04 +Kit
05 Lighter
06 Camera
07 Broom
08 Wire
09 Pills
0A Match
0B Wood
0C Wood (2)
0D Rope
0E Torch*
0F Light*
10 Mallet
11 Boots
12 Bow
13 Pail
14 Pick
15 Log
16 Pipe
17 Shovel
18 Gem
19 Jade Ring
1A Two Keys
1B Gold Key
1C Low Key
1D Dirk*
1E Magnet*
1F Pulley
20 Box*
21 Tool
22 Iron Key
23 Armor Spear
24 Slide
25 Gas
26 Wax Candle
27 Ladder
28 Diary Key
29 Gloves
2A Ax
2B Coffin
2C FireX
2D Photo
2E Dress
2F F-Lite
30 Ruby Ring
31 Blue Candle
32 Tonic
33 Diary


* The Old Spear doesn't appear to be in the game, and may have been dummied out

34 Fruit Knife
35 Shiv
36 Flash Knife
37 Silver Knife
38 Oak Spear
39 Old Spear*
3A Shiny Spear
3B Rune Spear
3C Rune Ax
3D Heavy Ax
3E Cut Ax
3F Silver Ax
40 Old Sword
41 Long Sword
42 Silver Sword
43 Soul Sword
44 Club
45 Mace
46 Pitct Fork
47 Fork

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