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Hacking List

This is a list of the codes used for hacking Nesticle save states in Glory of Heracles II. If you do not yet know how to hack save states, click here for an explanation.

* For numerical values that can take more than two hexadecimal digits (numbers over 255), to enter in a number lower than 255, use the first two spots listed. For a number between 256 and 65535 (That is, numbers that would take between 3 and 4 digits to enter), you have to put in the first two digits in the second spot, and the last two in the first. For numbers taking 5 or 6, the first two digits go in the third spot, next two in second spot, and last two in third spot
For example, let's say you want 1,000,000G in the bank. That would be F4240 in hexadecimal. There is room for 6 digits to put in the money. But you must put the first two digits in the last two places, the first two digits of the hexadecimal are 0F (You must think of all these to be an even number of digits). Then 42, then 40. So, to get $1,000,000, you'd enter 40420F. It's complicated, and takes some getting used to.


1736-1738 Money
1739 Money in bank (in multiples of 1,000. For example, enter a 09 here for 9,000G)
173B-179A Items in storage

For the 1st Character (add 20 for the 2nd Char., 20 more for the 3rd Char., and 20 more for 4th Char. unless otherwise noted):
1660 Level
1661-1662 Current HP
1663-1664 Current MP
1665-1666 Power
1667-1668 Agility
1669-166A Vigour
166B-166C Luck
166D-166E Attack
166F-1670 Defense
1671-1672 Maximum HP
1673-1674 Maximum MP
1675-1677 Experience (Changing this has no effect)
1678-167A Experience Needed to Level Up
179B-17A6 Items (17A7-17B2 for 2nd Char., 17B3-17BE for 3rd Char., 17BF-17CA for 4th Char.)

For the equipped items, you enter in a number from that characters inventory. The items are "numbered" in the order they are listed. The 1st Character's items are numbered 00-0B, the 2nd Character's are 0C-17, the 3rd Character's are 18-23, and the 4th Character's are 24-2F)

17CB Equipped Weapon (17D1 for 2nd Char., 17D7 for 3rd Char., 17DD for 4th Char.)
17CC Equipped Shield (17D2 for 2nd Char., 17D8 for 3rd Char., 17DE for 4th Char.)
17CD Equipped Armor (17D3 for 2nd Char., 17D9 for 3rd Char., 17DF for 4th Char.)
17CE Equipped Helmet (17D4 for 2nd Char., 17DA for 3rd Char., 17E0 for 4th Char.)
17CF Equipped Gloves (17D5 for 2nd Char., 17DB for 3rd Char., 17E1 for 4th Char.)
17D0 Equipped Boots (17D6 for 2nd Char., 17DC for 3rd Char., 17E2 for 4th Char.)
1800-1813 Magic (1814-1827 for 2nd Char., 1828-183B for 3rd Char., 183C-184F for 4th Char.) 16EB Status (16EC for 2nd Char., 16ED for 3rd Char., and 16EE for 4th Char.

For first monster (add 10 for each additional monster)
0240-0241 HP
0242-0243 MP
0244 Agility
0245-0246 Attack
0249 Evade


Items and Equipment

FF Nothing


00 Flail
01 Dagger
02 Rusty Sword
03 Cane
04 Wooden Bow
05 Lumber Axe
06 Sword
07 Hf. Moon
08 Spear
09 Guard Axe
0A Halberd
0B Spiked Axe
0C Silver Bow
0D Battle Sword
0E Golden Bow
0F Sharp Staff
10 Hades Dagger
11 Adoris Spear
12 Lone Sword
13 Argus Spear
14 Ares Bow
15 Summon Staff
16 Jewel Sword
17 Death Sword
18 Dk. Moon
19 Hemp Staff
1A Thorn Whip
1B Roar Sword
1C Flare Bow
1D Minos Axe
1E Flame Whip
1F Zeus Sword


20 Tunic
21 Hide Armor
22 Linen Clothes
23 Chain Mail
24 Leathr Armor
25 Iron Armor
26 Trick Clothes
27 Steel Armor
28 Silk Clothes
29 Copper Armor
2A Coral Armor
2B Isis Clothes
2C Deadly Armor
2D Holy Armor
2E Wither Armor
2F Spring Clothes
30 Lunar Clothes
31 Zeus Armor
32 Dragon Armor
33 Funky Clothes


34 Rusty Shield
35 Hide Shield
36 Iron Shield
37 Scaly Shield
38 Burn Shield
39 Mirror Shield
3A Ebony Shield
3B Stone Shield
3C Bright Shield
3D Hephae Shield
3E Royal Shield
3F Zeus Shield


40 Hide Helmet
41 Steel Helmet
42 Guard Helmet
43 WaterCr
44 Chain Helmet
45 Deadly Helmet
46 Ogre Helmet
47 Clinger Helmet


48 Linen Gloves
49 Steel Gloves
4A Silver Gloves
4B Lead Gloves
4C Foolish Gloves
4D Brave Gloves


4E Suede Boots
4F Iron Boots
50 Thief Boots
51 Eagle Boots
52 Thorn Boots
53 Life Boots


54 Hades Ring
55 Charm Ring
56 AresBon
57 Death Ring


58 WaterSc
59 MastBall
5A Hairpin
5B Letter
5C MagSack
5D RedCord
5E CoalAsh
5F BalocBl
60 MedHerb
61 AntHerb
62 Carrot
63 Torrent
64 Wings
65 TornPtl
66 IrScrap
67 WoodAsh
68 NtCurtn
69 Trumpet
6A SmallKite
6B Shovel
6C Giant's Key
6D CutTool
6E Tree Key
6F IceBowl
70 Wooden Key
71 Stone Key
72 Golden Key
73 Ghost Key
74 Chaos Axe
75 Pallos Ring
76 Minos Key
77 LifePip
78 RobrEye
79 PallosFl
7A SilkRein
7B Jade
7C Hatred Zhi
7D Sorrow Zhi
7E Chaos Zhi


You just enter in the values for the magic. If it's a battle spell, it'll automatically show up there, if it's a field spell, it'll show up there, and if it's both, it'll show up both.


00 Paras
01 Para2
02 Para3
03 Param
04 For
05 For-2
06 For-3
07 Pago
08 Pago2
09 Pago3
0A Buzz
0B Buzma
0C Buzdn
0D Chaos
0E Nectr
0F Trello
10 Daste
11 Dastr
12 Thana
13 Prnam
14 Molsi
15 Exis
16 Dspim
17 Aku
18 Akros
19 Balisd
1A Spim
1B Miu
1C Miura
1D Spara


1E Pow
1F Powra
20 Powte
21 Illuma
22 Kmisu
23 Kpara
24 Kston
25 Ktrell


26 Kshin
27 Powma
28 Imake
29 Iruin
2A Dakep
2B Noarn
2C Cultm
2D Deltm
2E Ramip

Status Ailments

If you want to edit a character's status ailment, you'll need to know the codes for all the status ailments. they are.

00 Nothing
01 Dead
02 Poison
04 Numb
08 Stone
10 Confused
20 Sleep

If you want multiple ailments, simply add the values of the ailments you want. For example, if you want your character to be poisoned, numb, confused, and asleep, add 02 + 04 + 10 + 20 = 36. Put 36 in, and you character will have all those ailments.

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