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Playable Characters

The Hero - He's the silent protagonist of the game. He is well-rounded in battle. He can equip most equipment, and is an offensive force. He also learns some useful spells.

The Centaur - You can find this cowardly centaur being picked on by kids in Minoa. Help him out and he will join your party. He attacks with a bow, but his true strength is his excellent healing ability.

The Statue - You can find her stuck to the ground in the Temple North of Aros. If you use the CutTool on her, you'll free her and she'll join you. She is weak offensively and has low defense, but she is proficient in offensive magic.

Heracles - Heracles will join your party late in the game after you get the Chaos Axe. He learns no magic, but his physical strength is incredible.


The Girl - This girl lives in your hometown of Nana. You name her, and she plays a significant role in the story.

Grandma - She's your grandma. She loves you.

The Queen of Nana - The wise and benevalent leader of Nana. She helps you out a couple of times in your quest.

Homer - A traveling bard. Talk to him in the various towns and he'll excrete nuggets of wisdom.

Daedalus - The gravekeeper of Selen. Although his son, Icarus, is ill, Daedalus continues searching for the legendary items which will allow him to take flight.

Icarus - The son of Daedalus. Although he is gravely ill, Daedalus is too busy trying to attain flight than see his son.

Allegros - Laos' strongest warrior. He gets his ass kicked trying to get the Sorrow Zhi.

Zeus - He's the main dude up in heaven. He provides insight when you see him.

Cronos - Evil-type dude. You know you'll have to fight him somewhere down the line...

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