Carrying a Rock

In this game, after a bunch of text, you will be presented with an option. The top option is two play the game using the Attack number (the Dragonball number) or the Defense number (The number in the lower right-hand corner [the symbol, but you might not know Japanese].). If you choose Attack (I recommend choosing attack if you can't interpret Japanese symbols), you will have to meet or beat the card that is chosen. For example, if the card that pops up is a Dragonball with 7 stars, you can choose either (from your hand) a card with 7 stars or a card with a Z on it. If you cross all five white squares, you get some BP, but if you don't get them all (even if you get 4 out of 5), you don't get any BP. This game is good for building BP when you have a high Level number.

Speed Training

In this game, you see your character punching and kicking over to the left. Pick the option with two letters and you will play. If you pick the other option (no), you won't play and you will exit the game. Here's how to play the game: You have to match either the symbol in the middle, the symbol in the bottom-right, or the Dragonball in the top- left. You play this game either until you press B to quit or until you mess up. If I am not mistaken, the number of BP you get for each match is determined by your level divided by 2. That means if you are on Level 4 and you get 50 mathces, you get 100 BP. If you are on Level 10 and you get 20 matches, you get 100 BP. This is even more helpful than all of the other minigamess.

Split-form Battling

In this game, your HP is split in half, your KI is split in half, and you have to battle yourself. If you win, you get a large amount of BP, and if you lose, you get to leave this place with low HP and KI. I don't recommend this game unless you have some decent cards, because you can easily earn higher amounts of BP doing other training.

Card Matching

In this game, you select one of your own cards. Select the card with the highest number Dragonball on it. This is how many chances you get at this game. For those of us who have played the Memory game, where you flip one card and flip another to see if there is a match, you will be alarmed at the similarity between this game and Memory. When you make a match, you get to keep the card that you matched. If you match all of the cards, you get to select any card out of the list of cards they give you. This game is very useful when you need specific cards, if you can do the game correctly. You can get great item cards like Shenlon or Old Man.

Speed Roulette

To win in this game, you have to pick the same card three times. In this picture, Shenlon is picked three times, and therefore the player gets to have the Shenlon card. This game isn't as good as the first matching game, but if you don't have any high cards, than you should give it a try. You also have a 50% chance each time of getting the right card.

Catch Bubbles (Goku Only)

In this game, you have to chase Bubbles around King Kai's planetoid. You are in a square ring around Bubbles' head and whenever you land on a square with a training symbol on it, you get your chance to try and catch Bubbles. It is nearly impossible to catch him the first time, but that's okay because he doesn't lose distance the second time or the third time that you play to catch him. This game is just like the game where you are carryign rocks. You have to get any number higher or equal to the Dragonball that pops out. If you can do it, you get closer to Bubbles. Otherwise you fall on your face and he gets distance on you. When you win you will get 400 BP.

Hit Gregory (Goku Only)

This game is very similar to the Catch Bubbles game. You walk around in circles until you land on a training symbol and then you try to hit Gregory with a mallet. Try to get a number (on the Dragonball) that is higher to the number that Gregory picks or equal to the number that Gregory picks. If you are succesful you will get closer to whacking him on the head. If you do it perfectly, you will get him on the second round and you will get 1600 BP. Otherwise, keep trying and you will hit him eventually.

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