Card Items

Kame Restores some HP
Bulma Restores some HP
Bubbles Makes Goku invisible
Mr. Popo Restore BE
Escape Moves the user to Princess Snake's House of Healing
Allows users to fly over obstacles when on top of cloud tiles.
Oolong Gives you a new set of cards
Baba Makes the Defense of one of your cards a "Z"
1 Star A Dragonball with 1 star
2 Star A Dragonball with 2 stars
3 Star A Dragonball with 3 stars
4 Star A Dragonball with 4 stars
5 Star A Dragonball with 5 stars
6 Star A Dragonball with 6 stars
7 Star A Dragonball with 7 stars
Radar Tracks the Dragonballs
Yajirobe Yajirobe lends a helping hand and attacks
Shenlon Completely restores HP and BE for party
Kalin Restores HP
Grandpa Gohan Temporarily paralyzes one enemy
King Kai Temporary raises power level (as if it
were a matching symbol to that fighter).
Chichi Transforms the symbol of a card into a KI card.

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