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Here I'll post all the tips and tricks I can think of, if you have any that aren't here, send them to me.

General Tips:

  • Always have herbs with you. This is not a suggestion, it's a command (just kidding). The more herbs you have on you, the lesser your chance of dying.
  • Try out all the battle formations; although I won't list them all here, they are simple to figure out, and most of them are self-explanitory.
  • Just because I say raise to level 9 doesn't mean that you have to; you can keep on with a lower level, or take more time to level up even higher.
  • When levelling up, make sure you follow these suggestions: make a mental note of the cities with a church so you know where to get revived if need be; instead of wandering randomly, circle around the city you are closest to so that you can enter and heal on a moments notice.

The Battle Engine

  • I know most people don't call it an engine, but I'm a programmer at heart and I'll always call it that. Here is a list of random tips for said engine:
    • When a battle starts, you have three options:
      • Fight: Starts the battle.
      • Plan: Selecting this opens a new menu eith two choices:
        • Order: Let's you arrange your party; the first person is the one that'll get hit the most and the last one the least, so position accordingly.
        • Formation: Lets you change your formation; formations are a key part of battles, but since I'm so lazy, I won't post them all. Just experiment with them and you'll be fine.
      • Flee: Select this to run from the battle, netting you 0g and 0 exp.
    • Once you press Fight, there's no turning back, so make sure you're comfortable with your formation and order before you go on.
    • I like the assault formation, it lets my mages attack/heal and gives my fighters a lot of power, so that's the formation I sugest.
    • I know it should be in the tips section, but here are some party suggestions:
      • Thief, Knight, Priest, Mage: This is my party and I'm comfortable with it. The knight and thief supply the power, while the priest heals and the mage hits hard with magic.
    • Since I've always played with this party, I don't have anymore suggestions except for maybe trade the thief for a fighter, and you could also trade the priest for a Bishop for a little more versatility.
    • Send me your pasrties and I'll post them here.


  • Here are all the glitches in the game, that I know of so far:
    • When you first start the game, you'll see a lady in the northwestern part of town in the graveyard. Talking to her starts a horribly difficult battle that you have no chance of winning. This only lasts until you kill the slug in the castle basement. I'll post pics later.
    • After the people in Rarm are infected and healed, talking to the man at the entrance of the town starts a battle with Michenu, that you'll probably lose. If you come back a little later, this battle is a nice way to earn exp. Note: When you defeat her, she drops an item (possibly the Michenu staff) that you cannot sell or drop, effectively taking up a space in your inventory, so don't abuse this glitch. (Submitted by Darkstar Ripclaw)
    • As far as I know, the above glitches are inadvertant affects of the translation process. They will not appear in the original version, and AGTP will surely correct them in future updates.

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