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The Guild:

  • The guild can be a frightening place for those of you who don't know what to do there; that's why I have compiled all this info into one neat section that you'll want to read before finishing section 1 of the game (actually all I did was type it, no compiling was involved):
    • You can choose the following things when at the guild:
      • Change: Change lets you arrange your party, by switching inactive characters for the active ones. After section 1 I never used this again.
      • Recruit: Almost every town has certain characters to recruit, some come at once, others won't until you do a certain task. There are 14 playable characters in the game.
      • Job: Selecting this lets you see a list of available jobs. Jobs are easy to do and their rewards vary from money to items to making certain tasks easier; and only select characters can perform certain jobs (some require a knight, while some only allow females).
      • Call: When you recruit a character and don't put him/her into your party, they stay at the city they were recruited in. This would be a bad thing if it weren't for the Call option. Call let's you summon a character from another town to the one you are in; depending on the distance, it might take quite a while for them to get there.
    • The first thing you should do when you enter a new town is to go into the guild. Recruit anyone you can, do any jobs you can, and call anyone you need to fight ot for a job. This way by the time you are done levelling up, all your guild work will be done and you won't have to wait around.

Guild Location Requirements Job Name Reward
Dolgis F/K/W Dragon Slaying Spring
Emrond T/W/P Cleaning the Arsenal Flint Key
Faltesis P/S/W Memorial Service Thunder
Faltesis K/T/S Search for Father Key of Temptation
Faltesis F/K/W Trainer Needed Wind
Izaruro K/T/S Floodgate Guard Aero
Nazaal Males Only Forest Development N/A
Rodetia Females Only Waitress Needed 200g
Rodetia F/K/W Food Delivery 500g
Rodetia T/S/B Rainbow Flower Quest N/A
Ruval Males Only Revival of the City Lies Emblem
Ruval Males Only Repairing The Church 20g
Ruval Female P/B Looking for a Nurse Cure
Ryuita Males Only Soldiers Needed L-Volt
Ryuita P/S/B The Ancient Book Blast
Ryuita P/B Adan's Funeral Dragon

*Note: All of the info contained in this table was donated by Darkstar Ripclaw (thanks, man ^_^)


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