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I'd like to thank the following people who made getting this award possible.... oh wait... anyways:

* Darkstar Ripclaw, for the Magic info, the job info, one glitch, and a few tips along the way. Also, for his support when I wanted to commit suicide, while making maps for this shrine.

* RedComet, a butt load of the maps, for tips on map making, advising me to change the enemy pic column background to black, for his general support, and for pointing out a lot of mistakes I made.

* Cid, and Cless, who let me use their walkthrough format, even though I haven't used it yet ^_^

* Natsume for making this awesome game.

* And finally, AGTP for translating this game into English so we can all have a try at this one of a kind RPG.


Here are a few things I want to do with the shrine:

* Start the game with a knight (named Baran) to see who I recruit in Rarm (submitted by Darkstar Ripclaw) Update: You recruit a Fighter named Leon (the default character).

* Find out what the max level is in this game, although I'm fairly certain it's 50, technically it's 255, though.

Update Archive:

Not wanting to clog up the index page with the updates, I decided to put them here:

April 04, 2007: Yeah, I've updated once again, this time with a desperately-needed revision on the walkthrough. I got tired at the end and basically did a bad job, so I've reworded some, changed some level suggestions, and added some new info. This'll probably be the last update.

June 15: The shrine is completely done!

March ??: Uploaded the final versions of all the pages.

March 9: Uploaded sections 5 and 6 of the walkthrough and the updated versions of all the other pages. Will add the map page, thanks page, and miscellaneous page next update.

February 27: Wow. Uploaded the third and fourth sections of the walkthrough, and the updated versions of the other pages. 

December 3: Uploaded the second section of the walkthrough and the updated version of the first section, also uploaded the work-in-progress versions of the other pages.

November 18: Uploaded the first section of the walkthrough and the home page. (Also, today is my birthday!)

Random Facts:

Here is a list of completely random facts about CW:

* Rarm is the only city with a pub, but without a guild.

* Every "sage" that you meet dies, except for one: your uncle.

* The last boss in the game, Chaos, is a tree.

New Game +:

If you've beaten the game, I can edit a savestate for you, enabling you to play through the game once again with your finished game's character's stats. As far as I know, this has no effect whatsoever on the game, but it does indirectly affect what level the guild-recruited characters are (not Baran, only those recruited at the guild).

What you need:

* To beat the game, obviously. I don't want to make a save for a cheater.

* That's it, realy.

What I need:

* Your character's stats. First of all, unequip all you character's weapons, and fill out the following character sheet:

Name:  The name you want for your character.
Sex: Male or female
EXP: Put the exact number, and I'll get as close as I can.
Next:  Just for refrence.

HP: Max HP, I'll start you out with full HP.
MP: Max MP, I'll start you out with full MP.

ATK: Just for refrence.
DEF: Just for refrence.

Place: Give me the 3 cities and times you've been there. Not really neccesary, but it fells more like a new game + this way.

* E-mail me that character sheet, along with anything else you might need to add. If you want to start out with gold, magic, or weapons, just let me know.

* Make sure you let me know what emulator you prefer; I can do a savestate for NNNesterj and Fceu.

Example character sheet:

This is a character sheet I put together, just for refrence.

Name:  Vexx
Sex:   Male
Class: Thief
Level: 40
EXP:   64,926
Next:  3,079

HP:    364
MP:    22

STR:   86
AGI:   122
CHA:   24
INT:   71
MAG:   59
ATK:   126
DEF:   101

Place: 191, 98, 88  

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