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Name Picture Icon Class Information
Geryon Lord Geryon was the baddy who led the attack on Baltia at the beginning of the game.
Malvese Shaman Malvese is the leader of the thieves who attack the city of Sulras by surprise.
Momus Fighter Momus is the commander who leads the charge on the Anzal Fortress.
Pythion Kaiser Pythion is the Emperor of the Dalsis Empire and is the one who ordered the attack on Baltia.
Great Dragon Great Dragon The Great Dragon was created by the evil for one sole purpose. To retrieve Warsong.
Naxos Conjurer Naxos is the person who controls the Golems and guards the castle of Saneferia.
Mortimus Conjurer Mortimus seeks revenge on Garett for killing Naxos. Mortimus is supposidly the leader of Saneferia.
Ganelon Wight Ganelon is the ancient Magic Knight that the tablet the Great Dragon guarded talked about. He was revived by the evil.
Chaos Chaos Chaos is the evil that was created by the world to hold the balance of Chaos and Order. This final boss is misunderstood until it is defeated.

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