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How to Play

Warsong is probably one of the most confusing and difficult RPGs to play. This is how to play the game.

Once you read the scenarion, you end up here. Here is where you pick your troops and items. Each character can take 1 type fot troop and up to 8 troops of 10. Once you get some items, you can take some items. Each character can take 1 item at a time. Once you get everything set up, press Start to start the scenario.

You then have to set each character's possition. Pick something that is best to the character's ability. Weaker persons should be kept in back, while stronger ones should be kept up front. Once you have everything set, press End to start the battle.

Go to a troop or a commander to bring up a menu. You can Move (moveable spaces will be colored), Attack (only if there is something near you), cast Spells (only if you can use magic), Treat wounds (only if you have 9 HP or less), or Command your troops to either concentrate on Moving, Attacking, or Defending. The info at the bottom shows the commander, what item it has, Level, attack, defense, HP, MP, experience (that green colored bar), and terran (the pic on the left). You want to look for high defense marks, but remember that higer defense means lower movement.

This is the battle screen. The defending group will be on the left while the attacking will be on the right. The large #s are how many troops or HP are left. The picture is who the commander is (if it says out of range, then the commander cannot command, meaning your troops are weaker). The middle part shows troop comparison, the swords shows how many troops you have killed, or HP you have taken away, and the green bar is the experience bar. When that fills up, you gain a level. When you reach Level 10, you can get a promotion.

And that is pretty much it. Have fun!

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