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Name Picture Information Recommendation
Garett The hero of the game. You lose him to death, the game is over. He is the Prince of Baltia and son of Alfador. As a Prince, people, for story reasons, like to make Garett a King. He can use Healing 1 and Magic Arrows. Big deal! Magic Arrows do about 1 HP damage in the late game and at the end, you should have 4 strong healers anyways. Garett should take the strength road and become a Knight, then a Grand Knight.
Alfador The king of Baltia and father to Garett. He is only in the first fight, and supposidly dies in the battle. Cannot be promoted.
Baldarov He is Garett's bodyguard. He cannot gain exp, so he is stuck as a Sword Master. Cannot be promoted.
Mina Garett meets her as a traveling Cleric. She later joins the group. Mina is definately the healer you want to keep. Leveling her up takes a bit of time and patience, but it eventually works out. Don't take the Warlock route with her. Take the Priestess route and then make her a Saint. A Saint can cast my favorite spell in the game, Tornado. Plus, a Saint can cast Healing 2, and use an occasional Fireball when needed.
Thorne He is a person guard to Duke Carleon. Nothing is great about him, but he is a good fighter. I find the Knights to be very hard to handle, especially against Archers. I usually make Thorne a Lord which brings him to a Magic Knight. By doing so, Thorne will end up with a Healing Spell, plus the 2nd best spell in the game, Thunder.
Sabra She is a commander of Baltian troops. Besides Garett, she is probably your best fighter. If you happen to ignore my advice with Garett and make him a King (shame on you for doing so), take the Knight route and make Sabra a Grand Knight. But, if you did listen to my advice with Garett and made him a Grand Knight, then do yourself a favor, make Sabra a Lord and then a Dragon Knight. By doing so, Sabra can fly, control Gryphons, and can cast Blizzard. Oh, and don't forget of her good attack power.
Calais She is a mage to Baltia. Her magic is the best in the game, if you take a Wizard route. Some people would recommend that you have Calais take the long route and end up becoming a Saint. It takes too long for her to do this. Some make her an Magic Knight just to become a Ranger. It takes too long for that too, so I stick her with being an Arch Mage. It doesn't give the attack power the other two classes do, but at least her movement is better at the end with an Arch Mage then with a Magic Knight.
Tiberon A former sea pirate. Tiberon works better on water in early stages of the game. For the love of pete, don't make him a Serpent Knight. After Scenario 9, there is hardly any more water, so a Serpent Knight would be useless after that. You'll have no choice but to make him a Knight and then a Knight Master
Bayard He is the commander of the Anzel Castle. Not a bad fighter, but a lot like Thorne. Do the same thing with him as you did with Thorne, make him a Magic Knight. You'll get the same benefits, which include Healing 1 and Thunder.
Carleon This is Duke Carleon, friend of Alfador and Baltia. Like Bayard, Carleon is a lot like Thorne. Yes, make Carleon a Magic Knight as well. This will give you 4 healers and 3 Bolts of Lightning at a time.
Lance He is an enemy in the beginning, but near the end, becomes an ally as the only other Dragon Knight in the game. Cannot be promoted.

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