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Scenarios 6-10

Scenario 6: Battle for the Castle of Baltia

After defeating Lance and his Army, Garett arrives back to the Castle of Baltia.

Win: Defeating the Enemy's leader -Geryon Lose: Death of Garett
Control: Enemies: x2 x6 x6 x8 x8 x6
Take: , , ,

Garett and the rest finally make it back to Baltia. Garett wishes that Baldarov could have seen it, but it is too late for him. And without Baldarov, this is going to be a lot harder. The best way I found to beat this level was to set Garett, Mina (without any troop, because those Guardsmen are so worthless), and Sabra on the right, and Thorne on the high left side. Have Thorne relay over to the right side, stopping at nothing to get there. If you send Garett's horsemen into fight the horsemen, they will just go into a suicide mission and both sides will die. Defeat the Horsemen with your Commanders, and have your troops wait outside. And do not send the horsemen against the Dark Elves. That is just plain suicide. Wipe out the commanders in the castle, and slowly make your way to the throneroom (By this time, I promoted Sabra to a Lord). Kill the 2 Royal Soldiers and let Geryon come to you. When he steps off his throne, go immediatly and take the spot (Defense +40%!!). After you defeat Geryon, he dies out (of course), and Calais and Tiberon come out. Calais says that Emperor Pythion has stole the sacred sword, Warsong. Calais then tells the secret of Warsong as it having an evil spirit inside of it, which gave Warsong its power. Garett then says that they must get Warsong back. You then recieve a Magic Shield.


Scenario 7: A Brave Man of the Fortress

Baltia's defense Fortress, Anzel, was attacked by Pythion's Army. Garett Advances to save his men.

Win: Bayard's Rescue - Defeating Momus Lose: Death of Bayard or Garett
Control: Enemies: x8 x8 x8 x6 x8 x8
Take: , , , , ,

Bayard is in the fort surrounded. One of the blue fighters (the one surrounding the fort) is Momus. This fight can be rather frustrating (then again, they all can be). Let the Serpent Knights and Lizard Men come to land. DO NOT fight them on water. Have Garett's group, first thing, cross the bridge and go straight for the Fort. If you have Garett as a Lord, then his Archers might be a better choice, but I suffered, and had my soldiers pay dearly against the Horsemen. The answer is to keep your troops behind Garett when crossing the bridge. Garett can handle the Horsemen by himself. Also, Sabra's Archers are good against almost anything in this battle. One team will try to cross the water. Ignore them, and head for the fort once the Lizardmen and Serpent Knights are killed. After 12 turns, Lance will show up again, wanting revenge. Hopefully by then, Garett's team will already have stormed the fort. Make quick work of Lance and Momus and finish them off. After the fight, Garett will call for Bayard, who will answer and join the group. A Soldier informs them that the enemy has withdrawn, but Garett commands that they go after him.


Scenario 8: The Follow-Up Attack

The enemy failing their attack of Anzel, withdraws. Garett immediatly orders a follow-up attack to finish them.

Win: Defeating the Enemy's leader -Chief Commander Lose: Escape of the enemy, Death of Garett
Control: Enemies: x2 x8 x8 x8 x8
Take: , , , , , ,

Ok, the object of this is to prevent the enemy from escaping. This battle is rediculously easy. Place Tiberon by the northern lake, and have Thorne near the edge of the south Lake. Load him up with Soldiers and head around the lake on the west side and cut off the enemy from moving any futher. The Soldiers are a great help against the Dark Elves and the enemy Soldiers. Make quick work and go right for the Lord (Chief Commander). After 5 turns, Lance will show up to ruin the fun (again). Don't worry about Lance. he is too far away to do any damage. Weaken the Lord with Calais' Magic Arrows first, then have your commanders go for him. I had Tiberon promoted to a Knight this round (a Serpent Knight is as useless as a Crocodile Knight). I killed the Lord before Lance even got a chance to attack. After the fight, Lance will run, saying to Garett the he will not forget this. Just then, a Soldier says that they have recieved word that Baltia is ready to attack Dalsis.


Scenario 9: The Torrents of Worth

Finally, Garett starts his advance on Dalsis. However, Pythion placed a defensive army along the river Worth, to arrive the arrival of Garett's men.

Win: Garett's Escape Lose: Death of Garett
Control: Enemies: x8 x8 x8 x8 x8
Take: , , , , , ,

This battle can be tough. Unless you haven't gotten Tiberon promoted (meaning he is still a Croc. Knight). The first thing you want to do is the the Lizardmen to land. Once they are on land, you can defeat them easily. After about 6 rounds, 2 Krakens, and many Leviathans will show up. One thing, the Krakens will either help you, or destroy you. Since I stayed on my side of the waters, the Krakens didn't bother me. And they fight pretty strong (even off land). Let them do some of the work for you. Then, after another round, Lance shows up again. Looks like the odds are against us again. Well, what I did (this will take a while, by the way) is wait for them to attack. Get them on land (but if you still have Tiberon as a Croc. Knight, go after them and fight on the water). If the Krakens should happen to attack, get the Archers out and drag them out of water and attack. When the side is clear, and there is nothing else attacking, make your way to the other side (only Lance should be left on that side). By the time I got to the other side, the Kraken had totally wiped out Lance and his team, and it was up to my team against his. Of course, you could just go to the top and end the battle, but what is the fun in that? By now, I promoted Garett to become a Grand Knight, and he took out the Kraken in no time.


Scenario 10: Castle on the Water

One after another, Garett has defeated the relentless attacks by Pythion's armies. Finally, surrounds the castle of Valk, the last fortress of the enemy.

Win: Defeating the Enemy's Leader -Chief Commander Lose: Death of Garett
Control: Enemies: x4 x8 x8 x8 x8 x8
Take: , , , , , ,

First things first. STAY AWAY FROM THE WATER! Back up a bit and let the first wave of attackers come to you, making sure that you are away from the waters. Keep the enemy Soldiers away from the Archers. That could spell trouble. After the first round, Garett will ask if the enemy has any Wizards (they have an Arch Mage and a Bishop, which is even worse). Anyways, keep away from the water until the first wave has been destroyed. I consider the Arch Mage pretty easy, but deadly. When I say pretty easy, I mean that you can send in 10 Archers to shoot at it, kill the Arch Mage, and still have 7 or 8 Archers left (at least that was my case). After you rid of the Arch Mage (or the 1st wave), storm the castle. However, after 10 turns, reinforcements come (and for once, it is not Lance). Get rid of them (you might need the experience). Try to have it so that you can level everybody still in first class up, and that Sabra can become a Dragon Knight. After you get rid of them, re-storm the castle. Get rid of the first group quickly (watch out for the spell the Bishop casts). The Bishop is the hardest part when inside the castle. Go after the Lord and get rid of him. After the fight, Duke Carleon will show up and offer his assistance, along with a Wand.

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